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THEC Talks #1 Presentation

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THEC Talks #1 was an opportunity for students to exchange experiences and insights about web-related technical subjects.

This event was organized *by* and *for* the students from HEC Paris. Some students talked about subjects they care about, dealing with various aspects of the web such as web languages, e-marketing, analytics, mobile development, cloud computing, etc.

These talks all had one common rule : practice over theory. That is why efforts have been made to be as much « hands-on » as possible, with lots of live demos and visuals.

This event was an initiative from Emiland De Cubber & Nicolas Mondollot, two students from Digital Business Strategy course of HEC Paris and Télécom ParisTech.

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THEC Talks #1 Presentation

  1. 1. THEC Talks 
  2. 2. Find us on Pearltrees
  3. 3. Seven Talks
  4. 4. David METGEThe Secure Network
  5. 5. Margaux PELENYour online reputation is CRRAP.
  6. 6. Nicolas MONDOLLOT Inside the App Store
  7. 7. Charles BEZARDThe Cheapest Way to Promote
  8. 8. Pauline DERRIEN Web for All
  9. 9. Pierre-Elie FAUCHECloudy with a chance of computing
  10. 10. Emiland DE CUBBER Pimp my Slide