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Humres Building Envelope Brochure

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Humres Building Envelope Brochure

  1. 1. Email us: info@humres.co.uk Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Building Envelope Recruitment HR humres Solutions www.humresconstruction.co.uk 5th Floor. Block A. Tavistock House North. Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9HR
  2. 2. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Humres Recruitment Limited Expert Recruitment Solutions for the Building Envelope Sector. A Leading Figure in Building Envelope Recruitment Humres have been recruiting for the Building Envelope Sector for nearly 15 years and we have established ourselves as a key player in the field with a fantastic record of placement success. Our growing candidate database currently contains in excess of 6000 candidates, who have been selected with a variety of skills, expertise and qualifications across the whole of the Building Envelope Sector. A Long-Term Partner At Humres we strive to build successful, long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, so we work hard to ensure that we provide consistently high quality service. We believe that a great recruitment company should work in partnership with their clients, striving towards the common goal of a successful placement. By using Humres, all the hard work is done for you, so that you are left to get on with the day to day running of your business knowing that your role is being filled efficiently, with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. High Calibre Candidates We know that the employing the right people can be your greatest asset, so our focus is always to find you the best person for the job. Our reputation is built on the quality of the candidates we deliver and this is why we carefully scout for, select and work with the best candidates across the construction industry. We can deliver candidates across a range of different skills levels from trainees to the most senior roles. Delivering Excellence We have many clients who come back to work with us time and again knowing that we will do our utmost to find the best candidates for their vacancies in the most time and cost effective ways. All of our consultants are extensively trained in their recruitment field so that they can best understand your recruitment needs and respond with appropriate and dependable advice about the current market.
  3. 3. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Construction Recruitment Solutions Humres Building Envelope Division Humres have been recruiting within the Building Envelope Sector for almost 15 years and we consider ourselves to be industry experts. We have a dedicated Building Envelope Team made up of three experienced consultants and a resourcer, it is this focus, experience and understanding of such a niche market that allows Humres to off er clients an unrivalled service. Some of the specialist areas we are able to recruit for are: ● Unitised Curtain Walling ● Stick Curtain Walling ● Steel & Glass ● Rainscreen Cladding ● Stone ● Metal Roofi ng & Cladding ● Flat Roofi ng ● Pitched Roofi ng ● Glazing ● External Wall Insulation ● Façade Consultancies ● Building Envelope Manufacturers We work from a candidate database which has been built over time from our activities in the market and we currently have in excess of over 6000 candidate records specifi c to the Building Envelope Sector at our disposal. We believe that many of the best candidates are already employed within the market, so we take a proactive approach to helping our clients to fi ll vacancies by headhunting and networking across the industry. In the last 12 months our dedicated team have successfully placed over 100 candidates in permanent roles within the Building Envelope Sector. When you choose to work with Humres you will only work with a consultant that has an in-depth knowledge of the Building Envelope Sector, and is able to offer reliable advice and information about the current market.
  4. 4. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Our Recruitment Procedure We have crafted a robust recruitment procedure that is both thorough and effective at securing the right construction candidates. Our approach has been developed to fulfil three main criteria: ●● Save you time ●● Save you money ●● Deliver Excellency
  5. 5. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Construction Recruitment Solutions Our Recruitment Procedure - Steps Step 1: Assessment Where you tell us what you need and we take a detailed brief. Due to our signifi cant recruitment and construction sector experience we know the questions to ask to make sure this doesn’t take up too much of your time. Step 2: Specifi cation and Research Here we will drill into the specifi cs of your vacancy, your business and your goals. We will prepare a written job description, adverts, and the criteria needed for the ideal candidate. Step 3: Identifi cation We will pro-actively scout the market for suitable candidates using our close industry ties, personal contacts and extensive database and candidate sourcing techniques. You will be kept informed of progress with regular status updates. Step 4: Evaluation Our consultants will gather a short list of suitable candidates and conduct initial screening interviews. They will be evaluated on the basis of their experience and their potential to fi t within your organisation. Step 5: Presentation You will be presented with confi dential written reports on the candidates that we feel are best suited to your company and project. You will only receive 3 or 4 candidates who most closely fi t your specifi cation to save you time. Step 6: Interviews A mutually convenient time for a meeting between you and each of your chosen candidates will be arranged so that you can assess their suitability for yourself. After the interviews, we will contact each candidate for feedback and report back to you with their comments. Step 7: Hire Once all interview stages have been completed and you have chosen your preferred candidate we will deal with the job offering stage. Upon acceptance we will ensure they are successfully on-boarded into your organisation. HR humres
  6. 6. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Our Recruitment Services We offer a number of different services to ensure you get the high performing professionals you require. Contingency service We offer a contingency-based recruitment service whereby you only pay for the successful placement of a candidate. This is the traditional recruitment model you are probably used to. We conduct a detailed search of our database, personal networks and other resources to find the right candidate for your vacancy. Before any candidates are submitted we make sure that they closely match the details given by the client. We have a large database of skilled, experienced construction professionals and our commitment is to fill your vacancy with the very best candidate. Managed Advertising Campaign This recruitment solution will generate candidates for your vacancy by advertising on your behalf in pre-agreed media. The adverts can be branded with your company logo as well as ours, or for confidentiality just branded under the Humres banner. This approach guarantees a coordinated, well organised administration of the advertising response together with an efficient and professional service for screening potential candidates. Retained Recruitment Service Humres Recruitment is able to act as a fully outsourced recruitment function for your construction company. After a detailed consultation we can conduct recruitment on your behalf and tailor the service to meet your specific recruitment needs. With a retained assignment we generally ask that you pay one-third of the fee at commencement of the assignment; one-third upon delivery of a short list; and the balance upon placement of the candidate. Bespoke Recruitment Service We are able to offer a bespoke service in conjunction with you that may incorporate elements of the above methodologies. This could be useful when looking at very hard to fill roles or multiple vacancies. HR humres
  7. 7. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Construction Recruitment Solutions Client Charter As a client of Humres Construction you are in a privileged position of working with one the UK’s leading construction recruitment consultancies. Despite our serving a large client base, all clients are treated as equals. Regardless of your size, turnover, or hiring frequency, we believe everyone is entitled to the benefi ts of partnering with an experienced recruitment consultancy. You’ll have access to all of our years of recruiting experience and fi rst-hand knowledge of the construction market. ● Our consultants will work in partnership with you to develop a detailed job specifi cation. ● We will deliver only the best and most relevant candidates. ● All candidate searches will be processed with the utmost confi dentiality. ● Our aim is to provide you with a short list of up to three quality candidate profi les for each vacancy. ● We will be more than CV providers, offering solutions to diffi cult recruiting scenarios. ● You will be fully aware of all terms, conditions and charges before we progress your vacancy. Candidate Charter As a candidate you are essentially our product. The reputation of our construction recruitment consultancy is built on the quality of the candidates we deliver. Without investing in helping our candidates achieve the goals they aspire towards, we can’t deliver for our clients. Therefore, whether you are fresh to the construction industry, or have extensive commercial experience, we will ensure you are fully prepared for every opportunity we present you. To attract the highest calibre of construction candidates we make the following promises: ● You will always be as important to us as our clients. ● Your CV and application will be treated with respect and confi dentiality. ● Our database now contains in excess of 70,000 candidates. ● Your name will not be released without express permission. ● You will only be put forward for a position once they have given us permission to do so. ● We will keep you fully informed of progress through all applications. ● We will be completely open and honest in all dealings with you. ● We will always seek to improve the service we offer you.
  8. 8. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Why Humres ●● We have an in depth knowledge of the markets that we operate in ●● We have teams who only work in particular construction niches ●● The consultants are rewarded based on the team’s performance ●● Our database is now in excess of 70,000 candidates ●● We look to submit a shortlist of no more than 3-4 candidates for each role ●● Humres is a proactive forward thinking recruiter ●● Very low turnover of staff ●● Search & selection experts ●● All consultants go through our extensive L&D programme ●● We employ trained consultants rather than sales people ●● For every role we work we look to take on a detailed job specification ●● Open honest approach to recruitment ●● Dedicated research team ●● We only send candidates CVs with their express permission and interest in the role ●● Due to the team environment we can turn projects round very quickly
  9. 9. Call us on: 020 3640 8989 Construction Recruitment Solutions HR humres Humres Recruitment Limited 5th Floor. Block A. Tavistock House North Tavistock Square London WC1H 9HR Telephone: 020 3640 8989 Fax: 020 7691 7368 Email: info@humres.co.uk Web: www.humresconstruction.co.uk