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CV Endercan ÖZEN

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CV Endercan ÖZEN

  1. 1. ENDERCAN OZEN TEL : 506 3541221 EMAIL : endercanozen@gmail.com ADRESS : Maltepe / Istanbul EDUCATION UNIVERSITY Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Education Language: English 2006 June 2011 February WORK EXPERIENCES Tüpraş Izmıt Refinery ProjectChief 2012- Projects:  OWS-GSD Project  4000 m Piperack Project  Modernization of 3 Ports of Izmıt Refinery.(Includes strengthening and Quick release hooks)  Karsıyaka High School Building Project  5000 m3 Propane Tank (Pile and All Civil work including work plans)  O2 Stripper Project (Civil works)  Strengthening projects of 7 building  Flare Gas Recovery System (Civil Works) My current works are, *Develop and approve project documents such as, cost estimates, plans, drawings, briefs, progress reports, schedule and cash flow submitted by Consultant and make suggestions on behalf of Client *Controlling all of the statics projects, certificate of materials and project standarts. *Preparing and Coordineting the tender process. *All site responsibilities * Coordination with subcontractor * Preparation of progress reports
  2. 2. YDA-Turkuaz JV Civil Engineer 2011 -2012 Project: Kazakhstan NationalMuseum of History The Projectis beingbuiltbyYDA-TurkuazJV in Astana/KAZAKHSTAN. This is the one of the most prestige project in Astana and the budget of project is $230M. Museum complex contains five reinforced concrete blocks and two structural steel blocks. Total construction area is over 66 000 m2. Inside of the buildingthereare sevenhigh-decorated exhibition halls, conference hall, administiration offices.Facade coveringwill be GRFCand Alumunium-Glass facade system. The project is scheduled to complete on July 2012. My current works are,  Coordinatingemployersandschedulingof the facade system.  32.000 m2 Gfrc and 22.000 m2 Alumunium-Glassfacade system are inmycontroll.  Coordinatingdesignandconstructionof the outside areaof building.  Facade progress reports.  Steel andconcrete Works. YTS İNŞAAT Civil Engineer 2011  Controllingandinspectionof all reinforcedconcrete about4constructions. UsedPrograms;  Ms Office Tools  Excel  Sta4 CAD  AutoCAD  Archicad  Sketchup INTERNSHIPS OMEGA CONSEPT Trainee Dizayn Office (Practising dizayn structure,By using Sta4) SONER TEMEL MÜH.(TUNNEL) Traniee Site Engineer PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS ACI Concrete Cube Competition (New Orleans 2009) World’s 6. European 1. ACI Pervious Concrete Competition (Chicago 2010) World’s 8. ACI Concrete Bowling Ball Competition (Chicago 2010) World’s 13.
  3. 3. LANGUAGES English - Profficent User ( Speaking, Reading, Writing) Russian - Speaker SOCIAL ACTIVITIES and MEMBERSHIPS CIVIL ENGINEERING - Board Member SOCIETY BASKETBALL - Tekel Sports Club AMATEUR LEAGUE - Amateur League Basketball Licence ITU SWIMMING - Board Member CLUB PERSONAL INFORMATION Maritial Statues: Married Nationality : Turkish Experience: 4 year Skills Driving License Yes Computer Skills MS Office Works,AutoCAD,Excell, STA4 REFERENCES Oguzhan Karadurmuş -oguzhankaradurmus@gmail.com Ant Yapı Tech. Office Chief Erçin Kılıç -kilicercin@outlook.com Ant Yapı Tech. Office Chief Taner Ataeri -taner.ataeri@yda.com.tr Const. Manager YDA-Turkuaz JV. Boran Guney - boran_guney@yahoo.com Project Manager
  4. 4. Ellez TOSUN -+9 0533 764 5608 Civil Engineer-Owner YTS İnşaat