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2017 Planning for Account Based Success

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Webinar featuring Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, and Andy Wright, CMO of Skytap on planning for Account Based success.

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2017 Planning for Account Based Success

  1. 1. 2017 Planning for Account Based Success Copyright ©2016, Engagio Inc. @jonmiller
  2. 2. Your Speakers Andy Wright Chief Marketing Officer @andywrightsf Jon Miller CEO and Co-Founder @jonmiller
  3. 3. Agenda Andy Wright, Skytap Framework for ABM Planning Why is Planning for ABM Different?
  4. 4. Why Planning for ABM is Different
  5. 5. Nets versus Spears Demand Generation Account Based
  6. 6. Account Based is Different Demand Generation Account Based Quantity Quality Days and Weeks Months and Years Create Pipeline Influence Pipeline New Business Land and Expand Planning
  7. 7. Framework for ABM Planning
  8. 8. • Scale – How many accounts will be in your program? How big are the deals? What resources are available? • Scope – Will you start with a small pilot? Will this be an intensive, high-touch approach for a few big accounts or a more scalable effort targeting more • Strategy – Is this mostly about growing existing accounts, winning new logos or both? Scale / Scope / Strategy
  9. 9. Benefits of ABM Pilots • Learn how ABM works for your specific kinds of accounts • Lower the risk of your early efforts • Iron out any issues before you scale • Earn stronger executive and stakeholder support • Lessen the change management challenge • Ways to structure pilots: – One sales rep and one marketer targeting five accounts – Three reps and a marketer targeting one industry sector – A full ABM commitment but in one territory or region – A full ABM program for one product line 9
  10. 10. 1. Pilot – test ABM for a few accounts 2. Hybrid – focus existing marketing programs programs onto target accounts 3. Transfer all or some – declining returns on on inbound Account Based Marketing is a marathon.That That means you need to get proper funding and 10 Getting Budget for ABM
  11. 11. Role Sample Responsibilities ABM Marketer • Spearheads the ABM project • Helps collect insight • Develops customized value propositions, messaging docs and playbooks • Tracks the metrics and communicates the program’s successes Account Executives • Drives the plan forward with the team and at the account • Helps shape the ABE strategy and each account plan Sales Development Reps • Helps research the account and build contacts • Reaches out to the account to build relationships • Crafts account-specific emails and messages • Nurtures relationships over time • Supports the account executive as needed Field Marketer • Works with the ABM marketers to execute plays at the local level Coach • Designs ABE Plays • Orchestrates sales and marketing interactions 11 Your Core ABE Team
  12. 12. Process What do we want to say? (offers) Who should we say it to? (segments) Who are we trying to reach? (accounts) What should we say? (message) Where should we say it? (channels) Where should we say it? (channels) DemandGen Account Based Everything
  13. 13. Who 13
  14. 14. Styles of ABE 5-50 accounts (“tens”) Rich account plans Every touch personalized 50-1,000 accounts (“hundreds”) Light research + data build out Personalized touches to key personas 1,000+ accounts (“thousands”) Automated touches OK Industry and persona customization Hybrid Lite Classic
  15. 15. 15 Land and Expand
  16. 16. Data It’s important to have up-to-date data On companies And people… Millenial
  17. 17. What 17
  18. 18. Account Plan: Research The Market  Industry Dynamics  Key Trends  Competitors  Growth Drivers & Inhibitors Relationships & Connections  Key Contact Profiles  Relationships to Each other  Relationships to Your Company  Attitudes, Preferences & Biases The Company  Financial Health  Growth Areas vs “Cash Cows”  Renewal Risk  SWOT  Initiatives & Organizational Priorities  Triggers (Funding, Acquisitions, Personnel change, etc.) The Buying Centers  Org. Chart  Key Buying Centers  Whitespace & Buying Center Analysis Define account Objectives and Key Results
  19. 19. Where 19
  20. 20. Account Planning BUYING CENTERS JOURNEYS PLAYS TACTICS Accounts have one or more buying centers Buying centers go on Journeys towards a Goal Plays synchronize Tactics and activities into coordinated plans to achieve Goals Tactics are specific marketing programs or activities
  21. 21. Channels for Outbound Account Based Everything Marketing • Events • Direct mail • Online advertising • Social ads • Web personalization Sales / Sales Development • Human Email • Phone • Social Tactics / Channels
  22. 22. A series of steps that orchestrates interactions across departments and channels to achieve a business purpose for one or more buying centers at target accounts
  23. 23. Sample Plays • Handoff Plays • Deal Acceleration Plays • Executive Alignment Plays • Upsell/Cross-Sell Plays • Conference Meeting Plays • User Onboarding Plays • Customer Marketing Plays • Customer Renewal Plays • Accounts Receivable Plays • Trigger Event Plays • “Shake the Tree” Play • Churn Play Tip: avoid random acts of ABM
  24. 24. “Kindle” Campaign Here’s the play: • Day 0: Package sent + Email • Day 2: Package delivered + Email • Day 4: Phone call • Day 6: Phone call • Day 7: Phone call + LVM • Day 10: Email from Jon cc’ing play • Day 11: LinkedIn view from Jon • Day 13: Email • Day 15+ FU’s to other 5 personas ABE Play: Kindle
  25. 25. Unwrapping the Package ABE Play: Kindle For Pamela x6 x1 Download the guides: engagio.com/guide x1
  26. 26. A/B Test Using Cohorts ABE Play: Kindle Example Awareness Ad:
  27. 27. Skytap is a global cloud provider designed to run complex enterprise software. Most public clouds like AWS and Azure are focused on helping companies build and run new applications. Skytap is focused on helping companies deliver and modernize their existing applications. Skytap  Selling to large corporate enterprises is complex and hard  We are trying to grow as fast as possible and we know which accounts are ideal Why Account Based Marketing?  New logo pipeline  Customer up-sell and cross-sell  Overall number of accounts have decreased while revenue has doubled each year since implementation  Sales and marketing are completely aligned on priorities and focus Where have we applied ABM? What benefits have we seen 2006 Year Founded Software Vendors, Large Corporate Enterprise $50-$100M, 170 Employees Target Markets Company Size 27
  28. 28. Skytap Campaigns / Plays* 28 ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE VENDORS CORPORATE ENTERPRISE Engineering / Ops Sales Training / Services Support Line of Business Applications Central IT Buying Centers Development / QA Application Delivery Sales Demo POC Environments Instructor-Lead Training Self-Paced Training Product Support Application Development & Delivery Agile / DevOps Transformation Legacy Modernization Data Center Efficiency / Consolidation DevOps Transformation Multi-Cloud Strategy Plays Buying Centers Plays * 2 of our 4 GTM campaigns
  29. 29. Skytap Campaign Execution 29 Andy Wright: Sales Account Executive SDR: Ben Story Named Accounts: 20 Focus: Software Vendor / Corp Enterprise Account Plays Account Plays IBM Development / QA x-sell T-Mobile Application Development & Delivery Application Modernization CA Development / QA x-sell Sales Demo x-sell Costco Application Development & Delivery Application Modernization Cisco Development / QA x-sell NetApp Development / QA x-sell Sutter Health Agile / DevOps Transformation Informatica Sales Demo x-sell MGM Agile / DevOps Transformation Visa Application Development & Delivery Agile / DevOps Transformation Nike Agile / DevOps Transformation Legacy Modernization McKesson Development / QA Training Williams-Sonoma Agile / DevOps Transformation FICO Development / QA Application Delivery AT&T Multi-Cloud Strategy Legacy Modernization Disney Multi-Cloud Strategy Legacy Modernization Genesys Development / QA Training Guitar Center Application Development & Delivery Application Modernization Alaska Airlines Agile / DevOps Transformation Legacy Modernization Live Nation Agile / DevOps Transformation Legacy Modernization
  30. 30. Tactics ~800 Named Accounts (Top 100 Software Vendors, Largest Enterprise in Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, M&E, Healthcare) 280 Rep-Owned Named Accounts
  31. 31. Where do you start? 31 1. Why are you choosing an account-based approach?  Complex sales motion – e.g. selling to a committee  Large deal size  Faster deal cycle 2. Where do you plan new revenue to come from?  Small set of named accounts  Broad set of named accounts  Land and expand  Customer cross-sell Communicating this will help you gain support for your program
  32. 32. Questions to ask 32  For a given account, what is the prospecting motion? What is the estimated cost to that motion?  CXO personalized direct mail: $400  5 telesales set appointments: $3,000  5x coverage ratio: $17,000 in marketing investment for a new logo  How many accounts will you be actively targeting? Passively targeting?  Passive: 800 target accounts  Active pursuit: 280 focus accounts  Do you have the team in place to support?  280 active pursuits * 5 contacts = 1,400 running outbound campaigns!  Use software to help your team scale
  33. 33. How much now? 33  Skytap went all-in on ABM  But you don’t have to take that leap of faith. Some ideas:  Start with current customer white space. Those campaigns may cost less to execute.  Start with a single BDR + Rep and Learn > Optimize > Scale  Keep your original purpose, hypothesis and goals in mind
  34. 34. Technology for ABM
  35. 35. Data Vendors Predictive Who: Selection What: Insight Account Insight Where: Interaction Ads Infrastructure Lead to Account match (L2a); Routing; ABM Analytics Website Orchestration Direct / Physical Events Human Email Phone / Dialer Social Other Intent & Technographics Attribution Person Insight CRMAccount Planning Synchronize Interactions into coordinated Plays Complementary
  36. 36. engagio.com/Guide Get your free copies today! The Clear and Complete Guides to Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales Development
  37. 37.  Get senior executive buy-in.Your ABE team will need their understanding and protection.  Position the program as a new, collaborative and ongoing approach to acquire and expand big accounts, not as ‘the next big marketing campaign’.  Make sure the account execs, SDRs and marketers are 100% committed to this strategy. Anything less is a recipe for friction.  Target account list defined  Don’t just agree on the accounts to target, agree on the criteria for choosing accounts and the governance about when to add or remove accounts.  Agree on the fraction of all resources that will go to your ABM accounts, perhaps starting with a pilot program.  Lead-to-account mapping inside the CRM  Agree on short- medium- and long-term metrics that everyone will track together. And agree on the metrics that don’t matter. Document this.  Account engagement tracking in place 37 Checklist