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Cloud managed services Enimbos in english

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We are experts in managing and optimizing the cloud.

Take advantage of all the potential the Public Clouds oer
with the best cloud experts and the most potent tools to control
and optimize

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Cloud managed services Enimbos in english

  1. 1. Offiices Control CIO CFO Organization IT SW HW operation Datacenter Client Linux VMWare Openstack Windows Hyper-V Client Compass Sailor Proactive operation of systems and resolution of incidences 24/7. Cloud System Administration Depending on the recommendations, migration of uploads and applications will proceed. Workload Migration Associated costs monito- ring and allocation, allowing a budgetary control. Cost Management Multi cloud infrastructure and hybrid setting manage- ment, that allows applica- tion auto scaling. Cloud Orchestration Capacity, achievement and use of infrastructure´s management, integrating alert management. Cloud Governance Effiicient architecture definition, settings defini- tion and applications migration to the cloud. Cloud Advisory Enimbos offers Compass and Sailor services, through wich you will be able to enjoy the following characteristics: Take advantage of all the potential the Public Clouds offer with the best cloud experts and the most potent tools to control and optimize We are experts in managing and optimizing the cloud Cloud Managed Services
  2. 2. We are the first point of contact for technical issues, ideas and obstacles you may find. We work with your team, sharing our knowledge and the best practices that should be applied for AWS and Azure. We coordinate and solve the incidents with AWS and Azure; the scaling and the solution. Together with your company, we develop your cloud strategy, planning the following steps. An executive tracking of your cloud services state is done. giving recommendations to optimize resources and costs. Specific tools for an effiicient cost and cloud resources management, by business units, departments and projects, accompaigned by policies of control through alarms and personalized reports. TAM Client Escaling and foloow up of incidences Minimize costs and maximize investment revenues that the cloud services model gives. Ease to your team access to AWS and Azure´s best practices. Accelerate the benefit for your business with the innovations the new technolo- gies provide. Improve the availability and perfomance of your IT platforms thanks to a single point of contact for the petitions, incidents and problem solving with the cloud providers. We offer the best technical knowledge to align the cloud infrastructure with your business´ needs. You will benefit from a TAM that will work as part of your team to ensure the success in the development of appli- cations and services upon AWS and Azure. Not only we offer a tool that will enable a simplified overview of your cloud´s cost; but together with recommendationsof the increasing usage of services and optimization costs. Our TAM will help you answering to strategic problems, project planning and giving operational problem solutions, always acting as the single point of contact between your company and AWS and Azure. Guaranteeing in every mo- ment that the cloud providers´best practices are applied. A Technical Account Manager (TAM) will accompaign your technical team of develop- ment and operation integrating the most modern tool for monitoring the multi cloud environment. Compass
  3. 3. Continuous architecture design: our certified architectures will design and implement the cloud infrastructure according to your present specific needs evolving with you in the future. Security: certified experts, tools and technologies to ensure access to your cloud environment, with automatic verifications of the recommended practices fulfilment in terms of security. Recurrent optimization: we constantly evaluate how your needs are changing as well as the new AWS and Azure functionalitites to identify improvements. We guarantee a continuous optimization in the effiicient use of resources and the subsequent saving in costs. 24x7 opertaions: AWS and Azure ceritifed engineers in charge of the operative needs of your cloud environment, including patching, updating, monitoring, management and alarm resolution. TAM Client Scaling and incidences following 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 administration We facilitate you a team of experts 100% cer- tified by AWS and Azure who will use their experience to ensure that your business appli- cation is constantly optimized with all the funcionalities that AWS and Azure launch every year and your user´s needs. Managing internally and on your own your cloud operation means locating, hiring and maintaining AWS and Azure experts that are constantly available to ensure that your business does not suffer from interruptions. In addition of having to be aware of the newst innovations that AWS and Azure launch every year, to evaluate the impact that these innovations have uppon the architecture of your applications. Having experts that manage your cloud infra- structure operations every day allows you to maintain the focus on your business core. Operation focused: a reliable infrastructure is our top priority. Our monitoring and metrics analytics ensure that you get proper alerting and performance insight for your cloud servers. Cooperative spirit: our managed cloud services are always designed and delivered with input from your IT department and development teams, who are kept aware of the action plan and desired deliverables and have the option to be involved as much as you like. Innovative technologies: our engineers will support you from the installation and problem solving to your scaling and creation of the adequate working flows according to DevOps. Through certified experts, we manage completely your Cloud platform, monitoring the services, implementing alerts and automatizing the administration and applications deployment. Sailor
  4. 4. Parque Científico de Madrid Calle Faraday 7 Campus Cantoblanco 28049 I Madrid I Spain World Trade Center Edificio Sur - 2ª Planta Muelle de Barcelona 08039 I Barcelona I Spain www.enimbos.com T +34 918 006 951 info@enimbos.com @enimbos UNE-ISO/IE 27001 UNE-EN ISO 22301:2015 UNE-ISO/IE 20000 If you are interested in an immediate proposal of these services: www.enimbos.com/es/cloud-managed-services-l9 or in the following QR code optional optional optional optional - Surveillance and adquacy of AWS and Azure roadmaps to the business needs. - Definition of a high-level system and application architecture. - Recommendations for using Saas solutions and its inte- gration within the company´s situation. - Advisory in the tools selection for exploitation and automation of uploads. - Definition of security policies of cloud environments. - Management of POC´s in public clouds (VDI, CDN, DNS, DRP,...). - Definition and execution of the cloud migration project. Compass Sailor ITAdvisory optional optional - Definition and tracking of the cloud strategy. - Identification strategy of Cost Centres and business areas. - Budget monthly tracking vs. attributed costs. - Implementation of SaaS tool of cloud consumption and monitoring. - SaaS optimization tool implementation. - Recommendation analyses of cloud usage (Resizing and reserved instances acquisition). - Costs comparison among public clouds. - Projects and strategy review. - Validation of costs allocation by Cost Centre. ITGovernance optional - SPoC for coordinating incidences with AWS and Azure. - Level 1 support for petitions during labour schedule (08-18h). - Level 1 support for incidences 24/7. - Management, configuration, optimization, parch and updating: - Operative systems (Windows, Linux,...). - Database as a service (AWS, RDS, Azure, SQL,...). - Core applications (Apache, NGINX,...). - Snapshots automatization: backup and recovery to volume level. - Alerts, triggers and notifications configurations. - CPU monitoring, memory, storage... - On-premise/hybrid environment´s operation. CloudSysOps - Monthly reports of the Cloud resources: computing, networks, databases and storage. - Management of capacity and availability. - SLA management: agreement´s monitoring. CloudService Management Detailed scope of Compass and Sailor services