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Ethics by design - English version

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What's role of Ethics by Design? Beyond design, the ethics of digital technology is also connected
to its uses. Therefore, we need to anticipate them. More precisely,
we must predict how these tools will change individuals and
make new behaviors appear.

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Ethics by design - English version

  1. 1. bien vivre Designed by by Sources : The State of Ethics in Design, Maheen Sohail - medium.muz.li • Du design thinking au design éthique : redonner du sens à l’innovation / Ethics by design : comment penser l’éthique en technologie ? - maisouvaleweb.fr Qu'est-ce que le Design Éthique ? - vuxe.fr • Le design numérique peut-il être responsable et social ?, Karl Pineau - usbeketrica.com Holberton-Turing Oath - holbertonturingoath.org • Collectif BAM - collectifbam.fr • Ethical OS - ethicalos.org ethics by design MADE WITH LOVE BY Morality focuses on good and evil. It defines what’s forbidden, accepted or encouraged. It also establishes rules and norms. They can be explicit or implicit, depending on the context (social, religious...). morality ethics by design Ethics is the part of philosophy dealing with the foundations of morality and is based on reason. It varies according to cultures and individuals, and essentially concerns how to live well with our fellow human beings. ethics forbidden permitted encouraged live better Design, in this case, refers to all types of tangible and intangible "projects" or "concepts". Nevertheless, many of the ethical issues it raises deal with digital technologies. Their sudden appearance, in addition to the fact that those technologies are in a virtual, non-physical, world, left a legal and moral void. Finally, business ethics, without a legal framework, often doesn’t change much, as long as consumers accept the product/service as it is. Beyond design, the ethics of digital technology is also connected to its uses. Therefore, we need to anticipate them. More precisely, we must predict how these tools will change individuals and make new behaviors appear. it refers to many subjects Transparency towards customers Digital divide Tracking ... Infobesity inclusiveness Predictive algorithms and free will Big Data and personal data protection Boundaries in private and pro. lives ethics design business Dark mode Search engine that doesn’t track its users’ data A practice of interface design (web page, mobile application, software, etc.) considered as highly unethical. It intends to mislead the user to obtain the desired action from them. The dark UX can be used, for example, to trigger a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter, or to cause an unintentional click on an ad. We also need to know if digital key-players would be able to legislate their own creations. Ethical conflicts, like the one raging between the GAFAs and the European Union, raise issues around the governance on the virtual world. Mobile phone manufacturers with replaceable parts Some applications offer a dark mode that saves battery power and reduces eye damage WITH AN ETHICAL DIMENSION WITHOUT AN ETHICAL DIMENSION products and services example of a design concept dark pattern ALMOST FREE Do not uncheck this box if you want to receive by email our special offers, news... Acheter maintenant S A L E SNOT TO MISS A strand of hair on my screen? where is the ethics by design? Many charters, rules and oaths were created to fill the void. Holberton-Turing Oath Like the doctors' Hyppocratic oath, AI specialists created the Holberton-Turing oath. ethical design according to the Bam Collective OS Ethical Guide COMPRENSIBLE: A service whose design is comprehensible means that one can understand the way it was created. to anticipate technological impacts, 8 risk zones: 1. Truth, Disinformation, Propaganda 2. Addiction & the Dopamine Economy 3. Economic & Asset Inequalities 4. Machine Ethics & Algorithmic Biases 5. Surveillance State 6. Data Control & Monetization 7. Implicit Trust & User Understanding 8. Hateful & Criminal Actors Design methodologies, such as design thinking, perceive the consumer’s need (or desire), thus propose a framework that tells the it works. But it hardly addresses the difficult question of the it should work in a certain way. USABLE: An usable design is ta design on which one can intervene to modify, repair, improve or hijack its initial use. As a member of the data science and artificial intelligence profession, I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to the service of Humanity what’s next? Is my personal desire viable for the planet and the beings that compose it, as well as applicable to all individuals and future generations? FOLLOW US ON TWITTER