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RTI Infographic - Smart emailing is now !

Marketing increasingly needs to interact in real time with its customers, whether it is to send it information or to push the offer that best suits (in relation to its profile, current navigation, weather...)
The ability to offer the right offer in real time stems either from a predefined decision tree, from a learning model, or from a combination of both.

The goal is to determine the best offer on the best channel at the best time for a customer by combining decision trees, learning models and marketing objectives to optimize.

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RTI Infographic - Smart emailing is now !

  1. 1. A CONTEXTUALIZED COMMUNICATION « ONE TO ONE » * * Device Location Weather Time of day etc... Behavioural data (purchases, itinerary...) Appetence API etc... Counted Cards Templating Crop etc... RealTime testing Behavioural profiling etc... REAL TIME PERSONALIZATION WITH DYNAMIC CONTENT GENERATE A SCENARIO RealTime testing : The content that works best will be displayed to future openers or visitors. Templating : A contents template whose datas are updated with real-time data. 1 2 OPTIMIZED BOOSTED CUSTOMIZED CONTEXTUALIZED I CHOOSE CONTEXTUALIZED CONTENT AS A RESULT OF THE TRIGGER’S VALUE I CHOOSE THE TRIGGER COMPONENT(S) OF THE SCENARIO I INTEGRATE THIS SCENARIO ON ALL THE RELEVANT CHANNELS A BACKDROP A NEED / CLIENT’S EXPECTATIONS= = AN INTERACTION via a contextualized message in form as well in substance (editorial, media, channel) Email Live TV Web Mobil App iBeacon Terminal Smart watch SMSCall Reading on a device Time of day Repeated moments Time stayed on a specific place on a web page Click on a CTA (site/ email /push / ...) Buzz / News Geolocalisation The actions of a group of people profiles Open data Going near iBeacon terminal An image A card with a recommended itinerary A custom image with CRM data or from another external source A countdown Obscuring Content Another page’s content at specific time Etc... Etc...Etc... A Twitter feed's content Weather Date Reading on an OS by (Example: default content, contentif iOS, content if Android...) Some reasons you’ll be crazy about it! SMART EMAILING