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ANTH 202 Meeting 1

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ANTH 202 Meeting 1

  1. 1. ANTH202 – MEETING 1 January 3, 2011
  2. 2. “Intro. to Culture”What do you think culture is?What do you expect from this course?Did you take similar courses?
  3. 3. AlexAnthro backgroundEthnographic DisciplinesInformalOutside Ivory TowerGeek culture, social mediaalex@informalethnographer.com
  4. 4. Teaching ApproachFlexibilityConstructivismTreat as adults
  5. 5. CommitmentWorking with textbookExercises Teamwork Individual exercisesVariety in time spentGym analogy
  6. 6. PoliciesContributionsNo extra creditTeaching assistantOnline submissionsLate penalty
  7. 7. Course RequirementsContributions (20%)Team exercises (20%)Exams (60%)
  8. 8. ContributionsWhat each of you brings to the course“How different would it be if you weren’t there?”Diverse ways (classroom, online, exercises, communication)Self-assessed and evaluatedCan keep journal
  9. 9. ExamsMid-Term (March 3) From “Using This Book” through Chapter 7 (pp. xiii–276)Final (Exam Period) Partly “comprehensive” Mostly on second part (Chapter 8 through Afterword)
  10. 10. Thinking QuestionsNo “True or False”No “All/None of the Above”Multiple choiceMatchingShort answers (sentence or two)Open Questions (paragraph or two)
  11. 11. ExercisesPractical approachVaried (scope, procedure, difficulty, time commitment…)Weighed by difficultyIndividual exercises (voluntary, ungraded)Team exercises (required, graded)
  12. 12. TeamworkReplace semester-long projectChange teams before midtermPut together at end of each sectionMay assign weeksAssigned arbitrarily after drop/addIcebreakers
  13. 13. OnlineMoodle (currently in guest access)LearningTwo.org (private)Blended learningOnline contributions
  14. 14. TextbookOmohundro’s Thinking Like an Anthropologist (83$/62$)Practical approach Ethnographic Exercise-basedQuirky
  15. 15. For Wednesday“Who Are You? A Cultural Self-Survey”Book Preface Using This Book