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QRIOSITY 2018: Etymology and Origins

An open written quiz on the etymology and origins by Sumantra Sarathi Datta and Reesoom Pal.

Here are the standings:
First - Samanway Banerjee, Anirudh Chari
Second - Sreshth Shah, Shaswat Sinai Salgaocar
Third - Debanjan Bose, Arindam Dutta
Best U-25 Team - Piyush Kedia, Soumya Majumdar

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QRIOSITY 2018: Etymology and Origins

  1. 1. Tapas Kumar Nag Tirthankar Nag Kunal Mandal Sayantan Bose (Puplu da) Bedbyas Datta Sukalyan Sen Anik Dasgupta Krishnadev Roy Robin Dey Arindam Dutta Prithwish Datta (Boss) Raktim Kumar Nag Sumantra Sarathi Datta (Central) Titash Banerjea Debanjan Bose Sarbajit Mitra Pratyoy Das Baneswar Sarker Siddhant Aggarwal Acknowledgements..
  2. 2. - Arka Panda - Aryapriya Ganguly - Sachin Deshpande - Subhalakshmi Dasgupta - Fellow Quiz Masters - Enquiryfolk: Ananyo, Arunava, Bala, Banu, Ishan, Pratyoy, Rushati & co. - Jadavpur University Acknowledgements
  3. 3. House Rules.. • 40 Questions • 8 starred questions: Multiples of 5 • 10 two-pointers marked as 2P • Total Play: 30x1 + 10x2 = 50 points • No 0.5’s or fractions awarded anywhere • Best first-streak rule applies to ties unbroken by stars • Please switch off all electronic devices
  4. 4. QRIOSITY 2018 Coming up.. Subhankar Nag Memorial Trophy The JU Open General Quiz (4) 4:30 PM NERD Stereotype The U-25 MELA Quiz (3) 10:00 AM Calcutta Kedgeree The Open Kolkata Quiz (W) (2) 1:30 PM Picture AV Baaki Hai The Open A/V Quiz (3) 3:30 PM
  5. 5. 1. • William Dimond’s 1816 play The Broken Sword, A Grand Melo-drama Interspersed with Songs, Choruses, &c. is credited with bringing the term X into popular usage. These lines from Act 1, Scene 2 is cited as the origin of the term: ZAVIOR…When suddenly from the thick boughs of a cork tree— PABLO.(Jumping up) A X, Captain, a X…Captain, this is the twenty-seventh time I have heard you relate this story, and you invariably said, a X, until now. • What 2-word term of interest are we talking about?
  6. 6. Old Chestnut
  7. 7. 2. (2P) • St. Isidore (c. 560-636), who served as the Archbishop of ___X___, is considered as "the last scholar of the ancient world“. (picture next slide) • Published in 636, his 20-book opus called Etymologiae was for centuries considered the encyclopedia of all human knowledge. • Since Jan 1, 2000, The Order of St. Isidore honours him as the patron saint of ___Y___, as nominated for the role by the late Pope John Paul II, although the Vatican has yet to make it official. • The X football club, oldest in the country (e.1890), has the following image of Isidore, his brother Leander and Ferdinand III depicted on their crest. • What is St. Isidore the patron saint of? Which football club?
  8. 8. Internet | Seville
  9. 9. 3. • What is the ancient Greek crane’s divine contribution to solving seemingly unsolvable problems better known as? • (bigger picture depicting the mechanics next slide)
  10. 10. Deus ex machina or God on a machine
  11. 11. 4. •What non-educational institution was founded by 6 young men in 1878, in a weekly format, declaring in its first editorial that it would pursue fairness, justice and promotion of harmony and unity among the unfree people?
  12. 12. The Hindu
  13. 13. 5.** • X is a surname meaning ‘long stride’ in Konkani and is attributed to a certain Bodke whose brisk strides were something of a novelty in the region and his house was promptly named ______ghar. • It was registered as a clerical mistake at the birth registration office where, instead of registering the family name, the whimsical nickname came to be recorded. As the family gained in importance with the Europeans, the name became Romanized to its present form. • Identify this apt surname with a sporting connect.
  14. 14. Dempo (from the Konkani Dhemp)
  15. 15. 6. • The swamps of Italy smelled pretty bad, and the people who wandered off there caught this disease, naming it "bad air," after how they thought they caught it. • Venice was founded by refugees fleeing from the invading Huns,. The town survived because any Huns who tried attacking it tended to go through the wrong part of the swamp and get affected, suffering crippling losses. Venice thereby grew because it was so easy to defend, thanks to X. • The term entered English in early 18th century, initially with reference to the conditions in Rome, as the word existing in English for the disease since 14th century was ague. Horace Walpole wrote in 1740 of ‘A horrid thing called the X, that comes to Rome every summer and kills one’. • What is this Draconian evil?
  16. 16. Malaria
  17. 17. 7. • X is a term that, originally derived from Latin, means to ‘fill out’, linguistically though it is a word or a phrase that is inserted into a sentence and is unnecessary to express the meaning of the sentence. Though it acquired a negative connotation much earlier it wasn’t till the Watergate Scandal that it captured the public’s imagination when the heavily censored transcripts were released and much publicized that the word gained a wider audience and cemented its present negative connotation even though not all that was omitted was negative. What is this often used term?
  18. 18. Expletive
  19. 19. 8. (2P) • _____ ____ : A Bicycle Built For Two is an 1892 song by Harry Dacre, inspired by _____ Grenville, Countess of Warwick. • The fact that the song was historically sung in 1961 thanks to musical accompaniment from Max Matthews (picture next slide) is the reason for a protagonist of a seminal 1968 movie, X, to sing the same song. • What is the name of the song? • Who sings it? OR Identify the movie, X.
  20. 20. Daisy Bell | HAL 9000 OR 2001: A Space Odyssey
  21. 21. 9. • X’s name is derived from the Sanskrit name of a mythological creature and is also part of the zodiac. The second largest of its species, this marsh dweller’s name amounts to a redundancy in English. • The British backformation is a reference to the creature’s habit of snatching hunting dogs or already captured prey. • What is this marsh dweller, X?
  22. 22. Mugger Crocodile from makara
  23. 23. 10.** (2P) • Two food items X and Y get their names from the root word “turn” in the respective languages of their origins. • The corresponding countries are separated from each other by the Aegean Sea. • Which 2 food items? • Which 2 countries? • 1 point for getting 2-3 parts right
  24. 24. Shawarma/Doner – Turkey/Lebanon | Gyro – Greece
  25. 25. 11. • Initially termed “Weird Sensation Feels Good” and “Attention Induced Head Orgasm” X is a term coined in 2010 by Jennifer Allen, she says she chose the term for being ‘more objective, comfortable, and clinical than alternative terms, X is a relaxing, often sedative feeling that begins on the scalp and moves down the body and is a major Youtube trend with performers called ____tists. • What is this popularly known as?
  26. 26. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)
  27. 27. 12. • In 1920, the East India _______ Committee chaired by Sir William Acworth recommended the need for unified management of the entire _______ system in India. • Based on this, the colonial government took steps such as taking over the actual management of all _______. • Now, the Acworth Committee also put forward what is known as the ‘Separation Convention’, which explained a peculiar practice in India until a year or so ago. • What annual practice that was recently brought to end after 92 years?
  28. 28. Railway & Union Budgets
  29. 29. 13. • X is a foam based dessert from Lucknow named after the unit of measurement which has been calculated to be one eighth of a second. • A winter delicacy, it is said to be concocted when unboiled, sweetened and aromatized milk is left outside in an earthen pan, overnight under moonlight, and dew condenses on it giving X it’s characteristic texture and incredibly short shelf life. (picture next slide) • Identify this dessert.
  30. 30. Nimish (or Daulat ki chaat)
  31. 31. 14. • The word comes from John X Scotus (c.1266–1308), the Scottish Franciscan scholar who, with Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham, was one of the leading Scholastic philosopher-theologians of the High Middle Ages. X’s treatises were widely influential throughout West Europe, earning him the papal accolade Doctor Subtilis (Subtle Teacher) and posthumous beatification from Pope John Paul II in 1993. • However, with the advent of Renaissance, the New Learning, and then the Protestant Reformation, many of X's theories were challenged or rejected by scholars, who used the term X in a pejorative sense to denote those who foolishly clung on to outmoded doctrine. Gradually X-man or X was used more widely for anyone stupid or dull-witted. • What is the derogatory term, X? HINT: The quizmaster
  32. 32. Dunce
  33. 33. 15.** • An Acte for the punishment of the vice of Buggerie was passed by an Act of Parliament in 1533 under the reign of Henry VIII and was subsequently introduced to the colonies. In India it was introduced and enforced after the Mutiny though another Act replaced it and made certain changes to speed up justice for some crimes while also making lives tougher for an accused of a certain crime. • How do we know this piece of law on the subcontinent?
  34. 34. Section 377
  35. 35. 16. • After Werner von Siemens introduced his electric-powered tramway in Paris 1881, it made its US debut 7 years later. • Electric trolleys had already proven to be dangerous in other cities since they could travel at speeds of up to 15 mph, about 3 times faster than horse-drawn ones. The high speeds, combined with chaotic traffic patterns of the time, made life more dangerous in the streets and trying to evade them became almost an art form. • What sporting entity that later shifted states in 1958 owes its nickname to this act of survival by the residents of this town?
  36. 36. Brooklyn/LA Dodgers from Trolley Dodgers
  37. 37. 17. (2P) • X is a geographical term meaning ‘reef’, popularized by Darwin in his theory of coral formation, it originates in the Dhivehi language and is used in the country Y to refer to an administrative block and is a distinctive feature of the country whose name is derived from its capital city or alternately from it’s ornate geographical appearance. • What is this unique formation? Also, which country are we talking about?
  38. 38. X - Atoll (from ‘atholu’) | Y - Maldives
  39. 39. 18. • According to popular etymology, this town in Hoshangabad gets its name from its two former major produces: bricks and rope. • While neither industry is a major employer now, it is well known for being a major railway junction in its state. • Which Indian town is being talked about?
  40. 40. Itarsi, MP
  41. 41. 19. • X is the penultimate work created by a Dutch artist escaping WWII Europe. He settled in a former Dutch settlement and was mesmerized by the architecture and cultural scene. • He created an iconic work to honour his new home where he omitted his trademark black thus creating a different vibe more in tune with the pulse of the city, and a particular kind of music started in the 20s that he fancied in his new home to give a new flow to his characteristic style. • Identify this work immortalizing a culturally rich street where he was introduced to this kind of music, which is also a slang for dance. (picture next slide)
  42. 42. Broadway Boogie Woogie
  43. 43. 20.** (2P) • Louis Volant’s (inset) services as a French corporal in WWI earned him the Légion d'honneur. Little did he know that almost a century later, one of his great grandchildren X would become the second member of the family to win the same. • This French connection came into light when a primary character in the great grandchild’s literary work owed its name to the French for “flight of death”. • What is French for “flight of death”? • Also, who is the great grandchild, X?
  44. 44. Vol de mort | JK Rowling
  45. 45. 21. • X is a 44 year old perpetual 3rd grader who lives outside London and is part of the second highest grossing franchise of all time and even has 2 dedicated theme parks. X’s first name is a reference to the company’s motto of social communication (ironic considering the character is noted by the absence of a mouth) and the last name is inspired from a playful scene in Through the Looking Glass. • How do we better know X?
  46. 46. Hello Kitty
  47. 47. 22. • This edible product originally referred to the ‘brine of pickled fish, known in the Amoy Chinese dialect as _______ [a portmantreau of ___ (a kind of fish), and _____ (‘juice’)]. This was borrowed into Malay and then into English ultimately into the form we know today. • Which food taste enhancer?
  48. 48. Ketchup from (koe & chiap)
  49. 49. 23. • X means ‘the religious king’ or ‘the king who rules with righteousness’ and is a prophesied ruler that was predicted by the ‘lotus-born’ patron saint of the region. He foretold of four wise men coming to meet from the cardinal directions to crown the man from the East. • When the event came to pass only three men showed up and debated on who should be crowned king but one of them recalled the prophecy that the one from the East would be crowned the king but alas he had not arrived. This led to a manhunt in the East until one worthy man fitting the description was placed on the throne. • What the head of this monarchy ending in 1975 known as?
  50. 50. Chogyal
  51. 51. 24. • The plant was originally grown for animal fodder and for its seed, which was used as a vegetable. The Romans called it __X__-um, derived from __X__-us, meaning ‘wolf-like’. • Ancient belief held that, just as the wolf was a greedy, ravenous creature, so the __X__ destroyed the soil, sucking out all the goodness. • Which plant is being shown here?
  52. 52. Lupin
  53. 53. 25.** • X was developed in the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy but as antiepileptic drugs became more widely available its popularity declined. It was highly effective at the time and is especially prescribed for children, and even been documented in First Do No Harm (1997), a made-for-TV film starring Meryl Streep. It was found that it mimics a state of near starvation, a state found to decrease fits. • What is X that has recently had a revival for a whole another benefit? • HINT: Has become quite the fad amongst people now
  54. 54. Ketogenic Diet
  55. 55. 26. •What club, that counts amongst its ranks - Lasith Malinga, Upul Tharanga, Farveez Maharoof, Kumar Sangakkara and Aravinda de Silva, was named so as it was open to people of all denominations on its foundation in 1888, compared to the ethnic clubs like Sinhalese SC and Tamil Union C&AC that existed?
  56. 56. Nondescripts Cricket Club, Colombo
  57. 57. 27. (2P) • X is an English word derived from the Latin for ‘traveller’ or ‘wanderer’ and became synonymous with ‘foreigner’ as they had to take long journeys to foreign lands. • The Latin name lives on in one of the most widespread and adaptive species- Y is highly prized for a certain sport and has been used for over 3000 years, but with a penchant for high places they were notoriously difficult to get hold of and the practitioner had to take long arduous journeys to find young inexperienced ones wandering from their nest and thus gained the moniker Y, meaning X. • Who are X and thus what is Y?
  58. 58. X - Pilgrim | Y - Peregrine (Falcon)
  59. 59. 28. • In Old English, mainly Old Northumbrian, _____ meant “an institution”, literally something which is contained in (another thing), and perhaps a loan- translation of the source of institution. • The German variant also means to use, employ; institute, begin; install. • What is this good word, used very commonly in news articles or books?
  60. 60. Inset (a setting in)
  61. 61. 29. (2P) •X is a derogatory term derived from the Italian for ‘baby’. •It was originally used to insult men but the rise of the bohemian unladylike attitude in the 20s transferred the epithet onto women and has remained so ever since and tragically a male equivalent was coined in the 80s. •What is X? What is the Italian for ‘baby’?
  62. 62. Bimbo | Bambino
  63. 63. 30.** (2P) • So it is known that the Bengali calendar, despite having started way before the Gregorian calendar, still runs behind it due to a certain adjustment that was made a few centuries back. • The calculation is as follows: • Current Bengali year = Current Gregorian year + 963 - 1556 • What are the values 963 and 1556 used to signify? • HINT: They both signify the same thing, but in different forms
  64. 64. Akbar’s ascent to the throne as per Muslim Hijri calendar Akbar’s ascent to the throne as per Gregorian calendar
  65. 65. 31. •X is a gemstone formed out of decaying wood, which gives X its characteristic colour and was popularized by Queen Victoria as a mourning accessory and gives rise to the term X-Y which refers to the extreme aspect of it. •What is this chromatic term? • HINT: Y is the colour it takes when the decay becomes extreme
  66. 66. Jet Black
  67. 67. 32. • This term is used in Chinese to refer to the act of deep respect shown by prostration. • Borrowed from Cantonese in the early 19th century to describe the bow itself, its meaning soon shifted to describe any act of submission or grovelling. • The term is still commonly used in English with this meaning, disconnected from the physical act and the East Asian context. • Which 1 or 2-word term is this?
  68. 68. Kow tow
  69. 69. 33. • X is a real life Biblical location meaning ‘hill of testimony’ and is home to a Biblical cure we all know as the Balm of X. • X, now in Jordan, has gained a notorious reputation due to a recent small screen adaptation of an iconic work of feminist fiction. • What location are we talking about?
  70. 70. Gilead
  71. 71. 34. • In the 16th century, visitors from country X came to Gandaulim, Old Goa and created a small legacy by building the Church of Sao Braz (picture next slide), a smaller version of the Sveti Vlaho Church in the city called the Pearl of the Adriatic. • On April 1, 1999, the first official delegation from X arrived to explore the links between Goa and X. Historians opine that the Portuguese may have brought them to build ships (since their expertise was respected) or they may have simply arrived as merchants. • Identify the country X, which grabbed headlines for something that happened 5560 kms away from Goa 2 months ago.
  72. 72. Croatia (Dubrovnik)
  73. 73. 35.** (2P) • X and Y are two terms meaning left and right respectively, derived from Latin. X stems from the belief that left-handed people were crippled and not fitting the ideal of the perfect man they were ill-natured and deceitful thus came to be associated with evil and malicious; whereas Y stands for the correct way to do things as most people were right-handed and came to signify readiness, adeptness and skillfulness, and might remind you of a well-intentioned serial killer. • What are X and Y?
  74. 74. X - Sinister | Y - Dexter
  75. 75. 36. • This honour was initially proposed by Sophus Lie and was to have started in the 1st decade of the 20th century, only for the dissolution of Union between Sweden and Norway to scupper the plans. It was finally awarded for the first time in 2002, on the bicentenary of the person the prize is named after. • Which honour?
  76. 76. Abel Prize in Mathematics
  77. 77. 37. • X is a Japanese term meaning ‘haze’ or ‘blur’ coined in the 90s and has grown immensely popular with the availability of specialized tech to artificially recreate the effect, especially for phones. It describes an aesthetic way to render a background using a shallow depth of field and not just something out of focus. • What technique are we talking about?
  78. 78. Bokeh
  79. 79. 38. • The town of Jachymov, situated in the Erzgebirge Mountains, Czech Republic, was known as Sankt Joachimsthal (‘valley of St Joachim’). • In 1519, large coins were minted there under the direction of the Count of Schlick, using silver extracted from a nearby mine which had opened in 1516. A single coin was known as a Joachimstaler. This was soon shortened in High German and became X in Low German and Dutch. Denmark and Sweden in imitation took rigsdcUer and riks-X respectively for their coins. (picture next slide) • 16th century English took the Low German version and it took until 1785 for X to be officially adopted. What is X?
  80. 80. Dollar
  81. 81. 39. • X is the stage name for a multi talented performer when he sings. He is much influenced by the Wu Tang Clan, a hip hop group renowned for the elaborate back stories to their names, that imitate old masters of the martial discipline of Wudang quan. He was influenced so much so that when it came to finding a stage name that he relied on a Wu-Tang name generator that he chanced upon in a Reddit thread. • Who is this performer and what is the name X?
  82. 82. Childish Gambino from Donald Glover
  83. 83. 40.** (2P) • As to how the word has come to be associated with disaster, some have suggested that an empty wine bottle never pleases anyone. Others have turned to the skillful Venetian glass makers for inspiration. They advance the theory that whenever a glitch was discovered in the bulb of a piece of glassware, the blower would simply turn it into an ordinary bottle, a ___X___ (6) and, therefore, a disaster. • ___X___ derives from Late Latin word which stems from the Old French flacon and Middle English flagon (15th cent). • Since the act of ___X___ was said to be that of bottling, it became __Y__ (5) in Old French which ultimately led to the English synonym for a bottle. (14th cent). • Give both X and Y (synonyms for a failure and bottle, respectively).
  84. 84. Fiasco | Flask
  85. 85. QRIOSITY 2018 Coming up.. JU Open General The Subhankar Nag Memorial Quiz 5:00 PM NERD Stereotype The U-25 MELA Quiz 10:30 AM Kolkata Ache Kolkata Tei The Open Kolkata Quiz (W) 1:30 PM Sights & Sounds The Open A/V Quiz 3:30 PM
  86. 86. Thank You!!
  87. 87. Tie Breakers
  88. 88. 1 •Which largely destructive pop icon with a star on the Walk of Fame is a portmanteau of the largest living ape and a marine mammal?
  89. 89. Godzilla from the Japanese gorira, “gorilla” and kujira, “whale”.
  90. 90. 2 •X is a France based franchise founded in 1969, and is named after the wife of Moses, who was famed for her beauty, and is Hebrew for ‘bird’. Identify this aptly named iconic franchise.
  91. 91. Sephora from Zipporah
  92. 92. 3. • When King Rama I founded this capital city, he named it such that it translated to: • “The city of angels, the great city, the residence of the Emerald Buddha, the impregnable city (of Ayutthaya) of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarn”. • Locals just call it “Krung Tep” and ultimately they started calling it _______, a word which means “village of wild plums” and refers to the original site of the Siamese capital west of the Chao Phyra. • Which capital city is thus being referred?
  93. 93. Bangkok
  94. 94. 4. • The name of this fragrant plant, a native of southern Europe was known as ‘sea dew’ in Latin (from ___ ‘dew’, and _______, ‘of the sea’ ( from ____, ‘sea’), supposedly because the plant grew profusely on the coast. • The word came into Middle English from Old French and Late Latin variants, but its form was soon altered because of the elements’ similarity to another flower and certain holy figure. • Which plant is being talked about?
  95. 95. Rosemary
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An open written quiz on the etymology and origins by Sumantra Sarathi Datta and Reesoom Pal. Here are the standings: First - Samanway Banerjee, Anirudh Chari Second - Sreshth Shah, Shaswat Sinai Salgaocar Third - Debanjan Bose, Arindam Dutta Best U-25 Team - Piyush Kedia, Soumya Majumdar


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