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Taco LoadMatch System

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This presentation will cover the principle of LoadMatch System, an advanced hydronic heating and cooling system. It will also present the basic of the HSS Design Suite, a software by Taco, which is a free collection of tools that takes the “time-consuming” out of hydronic system design.

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Taco LoadMatch System

  1. 1. LoadMatch® System
  2. 2. Presentation Summary • Description of LoadMatch® System • Why Use Hydronic instead of Forced Air? • Why Use LoadMatch® Instead of Other Hydronic Systems? • How to Design a LoadMatch® System? • Taco HSS Software
  3. 3. What is LoadMatch® System? • Single Pipe System • Independent Decoupled Secondary Circuits for all Terminal Units • Use Reliable Circulators Instead of Valves • No Control Valves • Control Zone Temperature with Circulators Only • On/Off or Variable Speed • No Balance Valves • Self Balancing
  4. 4. Why LoadMatch® System? • Superior Comfort • Lower First Cost • Lower Operating Costs • Lower Maintenance Costs • Reduced Design, Construction, Start-up and Commissioning Schedules • Green HVAC System
  5. 5. Heart of the LoadMatch® System Wet Rotor Circulator • Water Lubricated • Maintenance Free • Highly Reliable and Durable • Integral Flow Check • Eliminates Gravity Circulation • Integral Condensate Baffle • Eliminates Condensation in Motor Housing in Chilled Water System • More then 10’s of Millions in Operation! PG: 55
  6. 6. Reduced Design, Construction, Start-up and Commissioning Time • Single Pipe Primary Loop – Simplified layout and design using HS2 software • Self Balancing System – Eliminate almost all balancing – Reduce start-up and commissioning time • Utilize System Diversity – Diversity available to all units without variable speed drives – Built-in safety factor – Reduce risk and eliminate call backs
  7. 7. Taco Hydronic System Solutions
  8. 8. For the complete presentation, please contact your sales representative at 514-738-9865