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Ventilation décentralisée et les poutres climatiques

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  • The purpose of this presentation is to:
    Define Free Cooling,
    Discuss the different types of free cooling systems that have, and are being used, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each,
    Walk thru the design of a typical free cooling system while developing an understanding of the factors affecting performance and cost, and
    Go thru “tips” for successful operation.
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    1. 1. Ventilation décentralisée et les poutres climatiques (chilled beams)
    2. 2. 2 Sommaire de la présentation • Principe et opération des poutres climatique • Conception et analyse énergetique • Avantages et désavantages • Contrôles • Installation et mise en service
    3. 3. Opération
    4. 4. Réduction de la consomation totale du bâtiment Conventional HVAC System Radiant Cooling & Chilled Beams* Other Loads Air Transport load Load From Lights Fan & Motor 100% Peak Power 57.7% 37.5% 18.8% 9.3% 34.4% 34.4% 1.9% 9.4% 7.5% 1.5% Pumps Chiller 62.5% Percentages relative to overall peak power for the conventional system Figure from: Centre For Building Science News, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, “Hydronic Radiant Cooling Systems”, Fall 1994. * Figure does not include additional fan energy associated with developing pressure for active chilled beam operation.
    5. 5. Installation & Opération Installation • Easy mounting with hanging rails and brackets • No moving parts • Very little maintenance • Easy access from the front for coil cleaning. • No electrical connections • Inexpensive terminal controls Operation • High chilled water temperature 14- 16°C (57-61°F) • Primary ‘fresh’ air quantity tailored to suit ventilation requirements. • Self regulating • VAV for tight temperature control
    6. 6. Pour la présentation complète, communiquez avec votre représentant. 514-738-9865