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The Digital Revolution

  1. The Digital Revolution How technology evolved and became part of our life
  2. Internet is what started the digital revolution and made the impossible possible. It’s the main tool used to develop and create most of the amazing innovations we see these days and It has revolutionized the way we operate. Today internet is essential to our lives as it’s used by people to connect with each other, to buy/sell products online, or to research information. Introduction 1971 1969 1991 1975 1994 1995 1998 1997 2001 2004 2005 2007 2019
  3. Internet Users In 1990 only 0.5% (2.8 million) of the world population had access to the internet however the number went quickly up in the next decades bringing it to 59% (4.54 billion) in 2020. This number is destined to increase as many third-world countries are evolving and should soon be able to access the internet.
  4. Most Used Devices Tablets are preferred by 12% of the people making this the third most popular device in the UK. It is a great compromise between laptop and smartphone as it includes some functionalities of both. As per 2021, it is estimated that 60% of the people in the UK mostly use smartphones to access internet making this the most used device. People prefer smartphones because they are easy to carry and it can connect us wherever we are. With 16%, laptops are the second most used device in the UK and they are widely used in work environments. The difference in popularity is because they are quite heavy to carry and require a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to access the internet. #1 #2 #3
  5. How Customers Search for Information The main objective when people browse the internet is to search for information. Those information usually relate to work, a studying topic, a product or service we want to buy or general facts. Historically search engine websites have been the main channels used to search for information however, lately social media have evolved under this aspect providing general news and products reviews. Fac Yo Int We Tic 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 2740 2291 1221 1213 689 Active Users In Millions World Top 5 Social Media 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 91,86 2,71 1,46 1,13 0,87 % of Market Share World Top 5 Search Engine Websites
  6. What People Buy Online Every day thousands of people access the internet to buy a product or a service that they need. In the past decade shopping online has become widely popular and today people have more confidence when buying from the internet.
  7. World’s Top 5 Online Marketplaces The change in customers’ mentality and why today many people prefer to buy online can be explained with the below points: Convenience Online shops are generally more convenient than fiscal shops and customers can quickly compare prices by checking different websites. People are also more informed about the products they are buying and have a greater variety. Reliability Today it is a lot safer to buy online thanks to the introduction of secure payment systems (i.e. PayPal) and product reviews. Customers can read about a product and find out other customers’ opinions before purchasing something. Fast Deliveries Just a few years ago, people had to wait days if not weeks to receive an order. Today this has improved with many websites offering one-day delivery and even same-day delivery.
  8. Online video consumption Another aspect that characterizes the digital revolution is the huge increase in online video consumption. The creation of smart devices made online videos easy to access as people can now watch them almost everywhere. Some of the reasons why people watch online videos are to be entertained, to learn new skills, to peruse a hobby, or to find out information about a product. People generally think that online videos are easier to follow and provide quicker information compared to some traditional means like books, magazines, and radios. Online video consumption Number of UK Digital Video Viewers in 2020 47m UK Digital Video Penetration in 2020 69.9%
  9. With over 203 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is one of the world’s favourite entertainment platforms where people can stream thousands of movies and TV shows. One of the first websites created for online videos, YouTube is a platform where people can watch videos of almost any topic, and the 9 Billions viewers in 2020 are a great proof of its popularity. Some of the most popular video platforms This short-form video platform became increasingly popular among the younger generations with 50% of its audience below 34 years. Thinking of live games streaming platform would bring us automatically to this parent company of Amazon. Twitch has an average of 1.4 million users every day and 3 million broadcasters monthly. By collaborating with many recognized universities, Coursera offers a great variety of free online courses that every year help thousands of people to learn new things and improve their skills.
  10. 2015 2020 Number of Smartphone Users Worldwide 1,86bil. 3,8bil. Average daily time people use devices 2,8 hrs 3,8 hrs E-commerce sales worldwide $1.54tr $3.87tr Number of Gamers Worldwide 1,9bil. 2,7bil. Netflix subscribers 70,8 mln 203 mln Customers Trends
  11. The use of digital devices has drastically increased and today news travels a lot faster than in the past. It is more likely to be influenced by new trends or ways of thinking which impact the products we buy. Below we can see some of the most popular trends in recent times: Sustainability This is a widely discussed topic and we have seen huge campaigns launched to explain how important is to preserve our planet. Big corporations have committed themselves to make the world greener by launching different initiatives like generating fewer emissions and reducing plastic consumption. This has influenced lots of people and we are now more careful how the products we buy could impact our planet.
  12. Veganism One of the biggest trends developed over the last five years with more and more people switching to a plant-based diet. This is because we are more conscious about what we eat, the suffering we cause to animals, and how this could impact our health and our planet. Following this trend today today many shops, bars, and restaurants sell vegan products.
  13. Summary ‘‘ If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business’’ (Bill Gates,n.d.) There is no doubt that the internet is one of the most important creations in history and the above quote perfectly describes how important it has become in today’s world. Nowadays to start a business people don’t need a huge amount of money but just the right idea and a website. The Internet has positively impacted many aspects of our life as with just a click we can access all the information we need, connect with someone on the other side of the world, and access the most innovative technologies. The Internet has enlightened the future which has never looked brighter and we excitedly look forward to new amazing innovations. The date when Universal internet should be made available. (The Guardian, 2019) Very soon Drones will be delivering online products allowing deliveries to be competed within 30 minutes.(CNBC,2020) 10G is the broadband platform of the future that will deliver residential internet speeds of 10 gigabits per second – 10 times faster than today's networks. (NCTA, n.d.)
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