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3 keys to Digital transformation


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3 keys to Digital transformation

  1. 1. 3 Keys to Digital Transformation - Speed, Volume & Gravity Pragnesh Panchal, Principal Solutions Architect TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certified Architect Associate AWS certified Solutions Architect Professional
  2. 2. © 2018  equinix.com Equinix has been the home of digital ecosystems for 20 years… PATTERN ADJACENCIES TYPE TOPOLOGY NETWORKS INTERNET Network to Network 1:M E-COMMERCE & CONTENT WEB Network to Network 1:M Front Ends EXCHANGES ELECTRONIC TRADING Finance to Finance M:M Systems CLOUDS CLOUD Provider to Business M:M Controls ENTERPRISES DIGITAL ECOSYSTEMS Business to Business M:M Controls & Systems 1:M – One to Many M:M – Many to Many 2 SINCE Late ‘90s + 2000 + 2005 + 2010 + 2015 +
  3. 3. © 2018  equinix.com Equinix + Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Interconnection to OCI FastConnect Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric provides private, on-demand connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s suite of PaaS/IaaS cloud services even in metro’s with no local FastConnect presence ECX Fabric + FastConnect ECX Fabric expands Oracle cloud Connectivity from SEVEN markets to 30+ cities around the world EQUINIX DATA CENTER Metro without FastConnect ECX Fabric Enterprise Cage Network Service Providers Enterprise On-Premises Data Center EQUINIX DATA CENTER Metro with FastConnect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect ECX Fabric
  4. 4. © 2018  Equinix.com Empirical Insights of Digital Transformation 5
  5. 5. © 2018  Equinix.com Equinix has studied over a thousand IT Transformations, validated by analysts Customer deployments studied Example customers studied 400+ 800+ IT use cases identified 4 10 35+ 1200+ Network hubs Multicloud connectivity Digital Integration 2016 2017 2018 7 © 2018  equinix.com
  6. 6. © 2018  Equinix.com e=mC2 Speed of light – a constant Design for Physics Traditional IT architectures limit the Digital Enterprise In longer term, ignoring physics can be costly Building enterprise class hybrid cloud over Internet Internet Public Cloud Private Cloud Ignoring possible changes in future New clouds New Networks Enterprise IT New Partners New customers / employees New locations Serving global users with centralized architecture 8 8 Because…You are confined by thresholds imposed by physics
  7. 7. © 2018  Equinix.com Enterprises leverage interconnection to re-architect for Digital Enterprise… …within proximity of employees, customers and partners. #1 Physics Drives proximity, density & gravity #2 Volumes of increasing velocity & workload variety #3 Regulations change security and control, with privacy and compliance Shift from centralized to distributed … … build hybrid / multicloud deployments … APP DATASET KEY MANAGEMENT CACHE IMAGES IDENTITY SERVICES MESSAGE GATEWAY Distribute & colocate data & security Connect to multiple clouds Integrate third-party connections 1 3 Why? 9 Because... “Slow” is the new “Down”
  8. 8. © 2018  Equinix.com IOA® Strategy (Interconnection Oriented Architecture) 10
  9. 9. © 2018  Equinix.com11 AMERICAS EMEA ASIA-PACIFIC Step 1 “Place Network Hubs” close to users, data & clouds– to solve for latency • Firewall, load balancer • VPN, Proxy, DNS 1-4 cabinets • 2+ Connections to NSPs & ISPs Deployment Functions ConnectionsComponents • Routers and switches • Network and IT appliances Strategy: Localize and optimize traffic in 1-2 hubs 2 Hybrid / Multicloud1 Network optimization 3 Deploy security controls 4 Distributed data
  10. 10. © 2018  Equinix.com12 AMERICAS EMEA ASIA-PACIFIC Step 2 “Connect Clouds” over private Interconnection – to solve for volume & agility Deployment Functions ConnectionsComponents • IP address management • Monitoring and logging +0–2 Cabinets • 2+ Interconnected clouds• Incremental switches • Traffic segmentation Strategy: Add direct connectivity between public and private clouds, to the hubs 2 Hybrid / Multicloud1 Network optimization 3 Deploy security controls 4 Distributed data
  11. 11. © 2018  Equinix.com13 AMERICAS EMEA ASIA-PACIFIC Step 3 “Deploy Controls” - to solve for compliance & horizontal concerns Deployment Functions ConnectionsComponents • Identity, key and policy management • Virtual Network Functions • OT functions +2–4 Cabinets • 2+ Interconnected clouds• Equinix SmartKey • Mobile, Malware, WAF • DDoS, IDS, DLP • Operational Technology (OT) Strategy: Expand the hubs with security components and security ecosystem connectivity 2 Hybrid / Multicloud1 Network optimization 3 Deploy security controls 4 Distributed data
  12. 12. © 2018  Equinix.com14 AMERICAS EMEA ASIA-PACIFIC Step 4 “Integrate Data” - to solve for cloud adjacency / data residency Deployment Functions ConnectionsComponents • Third party and IoT data management • Event processing and AI +10-60 Cabinets • 8+ Interconnections to business partners • Oracle hardware - Exadata / Sparc (Enterprise systems) • 3rd party hardware (ex. AS400) • Cloud at Customer Strategy: Grow the hub to support data exchange, analytics and compliant hosting 2 Hybrid / Multicloud1 Network optimization 3 Deploy security controls 4 Distributed data
  13. 13. Let’s Talk! E-mail: Info.Oracle@equinix.com www.equinix.com/partners/oracle-cloud
  14. 14. 16

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Welcome!

    How many understand the word “Digital Transformation”

    In this presentation, I will try to Bridge the gap between fluffy Marketing jargons – “Digital transformation” to a more earthly “Technical world” that I live in…
    In the process I will cover some architecture best practices to help you futureproof your nextgen....

    Now lets start with a fun trivia – What is the name of Super Bowl trophy??
    Yes, Its named after the The unassuming coach Vince Lombardi who started every football season by saying – “Gentlemen, this is a football”

    In the same vein, even though some of you are Equinix pros or pros generally in your career, I will go back to basics and cover History, Geography, Physics, and tie it back technology, cloud and digital transformation…

    So lets get started…

    Ready for it???
  • First a little background - Who is Equinix??

    For its entire history, Equinix has been all about building digital Ecosystems

    The Network ecosystem was our very first ecosystem. And it made us home of the internet. Wherein today, 90% of Internet traffic flows through Equinix at some point.
    Thereafter we gradually built ecosystems of Web, Financial and Cloud providers as all of them were heavily interdependent on each other
    Now, Fast forward to today – Enterprises from every industry, are deploying their edges to become part of digital ecosystems at Equinix.
    In summary, Think of Equinix as a company that has the “center of gravity” of the new “digital economy”
    …and reason enterprises are literally Flocking! to Equinix is --- to get in closer proximity of this “center of Gravity”.
  • With that history, it would be natural to ask - What is our secret sauce??

    Well, Its an award winning platform called Equinix Cloud Exchange - ECX fabric, and it has become default Software defined Interconnection platform for Digital Enterprise.

    This is currently available within a given continent, and by end of this quarter, it will be inter-continental.

  • Your question would be: How does this solve your connectivity needs to Oracle cloud?

    Right Now, anyone physically connected to our fabric - lets say and Enterprise in Chicago will be able to privately connect with a click of a button to Oracle cloud in lets say Ashburn in about - 5 minutes!!!.
    By end of this quarter when this is Global, you can do the same from lets say in Singapore.

    But wait, it gets better, you can connect to any other clouds, or your ecosystem partners or even yourself.

    And you can do it using APIs or our portal.

    In essence, ECX Fabric expands Oracle’s reach from current 7 markets to 30+ cities around the world.

  • Let’s now shift to insights that Equinix has gathered around Digital Transformation
  • First, What does Digital transformation mean anyways??

    Per IDC - The answer is simple – Its all about Improved Business Outcomes.

    And in essence, it all comes down for the Enterprises to become nimble, agile and deliver superior performance to your target user base – customers, employees or partners… Instantly!!!
  • What is Equinix’s role here??
    Over last 3 years we have worked on over thousand Digital transformations across various industries and generated common use cases / architecture blueprints that have been since validated by Analysts.
  • During this study we have learned that most Enterprises ignore fundamental laws of Physics in their traditional IT architectures.

    Why is this important, because we can solve technology problems but the laws of Physics are immutable.

    I will explain this with some Self defeating habits (or anti-patterns) I have observed so far:

    In technology, we have solved a lot of problems but we have still not solved speed of light problem – that manifests as latency
    Top self-defeating habit I see is, Enterprises ignore this latency and try to serve global users with centralized architecture. In Oracle terms, this could be Siebel or E-Business Suite or Oracle Apps hosted at HQ and you wonder why users on the other side of the world experience “kill me now!!!” performance.
    Another common habit is like trying to hammer a square peg in the round hole wherein one tries to build an enterprise class hybrid cloud architecture over unpredictable foundation of Internet.
    Recently I saw an example of an Enterprise trying to transfer 1 PB of data over 100 Mbps of flaky Internet. Its going to take them 3 years to complete the transfer!!!
    Last Example,
    As we all know, whenever conditions change, Center of gravity changes.
    For the digital Enterprise it is best to align your center of gravity a.k.a control point with overall center of gravity of your Digital ecosystem.
    Now a trick question - where is this center of Gravity of Digital Economy .... you guessed it... Its Equinix, as covered at the very beginning.
    Now if you do not place your control points at Equinix then you are up for a rough ride. Because as your business grows, it will demand new clouds...
    and it will become almost impossible to react in time and you wonder why there is stress in IT
    Lastly, It is extremely costly to work against laws of physics. Just ask Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos how much they spend on SpaceX / Blue Origin just to fight gravity.
  • In summary, To be successful at digital transformation, Enterprises leverage Interconnection to do 3 things
    Shift from centralized to distributed
    Build hybrid / multicloud hubs
    Move closer to their customers
    Why? Simply because today - "slow is the new down”.
    Have you ever seen a kid’s reaction!!! When a game or an app does not load…
  • So, At Equinix we have codified digital transformation into a repeatable process as part of the framework - we call – Interconnection Oriented architecture – in short - IOA.

    So, Here are the 4 simple steps of this framework.
  • To start, place strategic control hubs near target population centers (people - customers, employees and partners).
    Why?? You do this to solve for latency while keeping in mind geo-political boundaries

  • At these network hubs you privately connect to the clouds and avoid internet wherever possible

    Why? You do this to solve for volume.
  • At these hubs, Since you can see all the traffic, multi-cloud and multi-business, on/off the public / private networks - it’s the logical place to deploy controls. These are now your inspection zones. Similar to x-ray machines at airport security
    You do this to solve for industry specific compliance controls.
    as well as your cross-cutting or horizontal concerns like network security in form of - DDoS mitigation, IDS, IPS, WAF, Key management, Identity, etc…
    Now you may ask can’t I deploy these controls in the cloud itself? Answer is – yes. You can surely implement these controls in 1 cloud if that is your strategy.
    But keep in mind that, when you expand to other clouds you will start duplicating or worse multiplying these controls, causing sprawl and create governance nightmare for yourself.
    Hence it is efficient to keep the controls at these strategic hubs at Equinix.
  • As enterprises move their data to cloud, not everything will move to cloud.
    And this where you will need to solve for Cloud adjacency / data residency
    So What kind of hardware will host this data that will go adjacent to the clouds?
    Purpose built hardware - Oracle hardware – Exadata, Sparc, Oracle Database appliance etc…
    3rd party hardware – Netapp Storage, IBM AIX or AS-400, mainframe that do not go in the public cloud for technical or commercial reasons
    Private cloud hardware in an Opex model – “Oracle Cloud at Customer”

  • I will have Q&A now.

    Also if you have more questions please visit our Kiosk at Innovation showcase

    Or you can reach us on our website