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MMF and crowdfunding

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Præsentation af Markedsmodningsfondens initiativ med Crowdfunding som medfinansiering under fondens ansøgningsmodul.

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MMF and crowdfunding

  1. 1. Market Development Fund & Crowdfunding Rune Scharff Andreasen
  2. 2. Consumer products with big market potentials •How to prove and validate market interest in consumer products? •Crowdfunding
  3. 3. Matchfunding with crowdfunding Benefits for you: Establish customer base Attention for your product Cover cost of first production Test and adjustment of product
  4. 4. The activities covered by the fund Prototype Product readyA potential customer tests the product The product is adjusted to fit the market needs for sale
  5. 5. This is how we match the crowd Budget for overall project 500.000 – 1.000.000 DKK > 1.000.000 DKK Crowdfunding Min. 250.000 DKK Min. 500.000 DKK Market Development Fund 250.000 – 750.000 DKK 500.000 – 1.461.000 DKK • 39.000 DKK in lump sum for preparing your campaign with a certified consultant
  6. 6. Three examples Overall project budget 800.000 DKK 1.200.000 DKK 2.100.000 DKK Crowdfunding 250.000 DKK 500.000 DKK 500.000 DKK Market Development Fund 550.000 DKK 700.000 DKK 1.461.000 DKK Other - - 139.000 DKK
  7. 7. 19th of March 12:00 •Follow us @markedsmodning and LinkedIn for news and tips about projects achieving grants. •Markedsmodningsfonden.dk