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Join Our Team!

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Learn who we are, our culture, and benefits to you!

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Join Our Team!

  1. 1. Join Our Team! Chicago • Bannockburn
  2. 2. Who We Are HOW WE WORK WHAT WE BELIEVE We believe that the people who do the best work are the ones who are most engaged. This is why FGMK has created an environment where people see their work as part of a bigger picture. We believe engaged workers invest more of themselves into everything they do. This translates into amazing work for our clients. OUR CULTURE Our belief in engagement begins with offering an abundance of opportunities for our team to grow and develop professionally and personally. It’s from this foundation that the rest of our cultural ideals flow. Our teams’ passion, experience, and knowledge is what enables FGMK to deliver intelligent professional service solutions. We are a company built on highly specialized talent and FGMK encourages continuous professional development through education, training and support. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU By promoting individual growth and collaboration within our numerous evolving practice areas, FGMK clients benefit from a unique and highly evolved set of capabilities. Our professionals adhere to the firm’s belief in extensive continuing professional education and lead seminars, conferences, and other training programs throughout the year.
  3. 3. Our Culture 7 PILLARS
  4. 4. Our Culture ACTION COMMITTEES
  5. 5. Benefits TO YOU Our benefits include:  401(k) Profit Sharing Plan  Health Plan  Dental Plan  Vision Plan  Term Life and Accidental Death Coverage  Long Term Disability  Short Term Disability  Cafeteria Plan  Continuing Professional Education  Tuition Reimbursement  Vacation/Sick Pay/Personal Days/Holidays  Work/Life Balance
  6. 6. Grow with Us! FGMK.COM Join an exciting, growing, fast-paced company with the opportunity to create your own future and grow with us! Become part of the FGMK family.