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Search Engine Ranking Factors

Website ranking is determined by some factors that are established by Google. One way to determine the ranking is through SEO .SEO includes White Hat and Black Hat SEO Services.

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Search Engine Ranking Factors

  1. 1. Search Engine Ranking Factors
  2. 2. Websites are displayed in search engine result list according to the ranking. Google has established many guidelines in ranking websites. There are many ways by which high ranking can be achieved. SEO is the best way in do so. Mainly there are two types of SEO, Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is done outside the Google guidelines and the result achieved from this is not long lasting, whereas White Hat SEO is just the opposite.
  3. 3. Black hat SEO refers to the use of techniques that try to trick the search engines into thinking that a website deserves to be ranked higher for particular keywords. These are the techniques that search engines strongly disapprove. As a result, they ruthlessly punish websites utilising black hat SEO when they discover that they have been manipulated. And sooner or later they do. In order to protect themselves from unscrupulous SEO providers and webmasters and continue to deliver quality results to their users, search engines change their algorithms on a virtually daily basis. In year 2010, Google made as many as 500 algorithm changes which equals 1.5 per day. As a result, manipulations and deceptions don’t remain undetected for long. Black Hat SEO
  4. 4. Things that are done in Black Hat SEO Use of frames Over use of Bold and Italic Tags Keyword stuffing Single pixel links Text presented in graphics form only not actual body text on the page Redirect through refresh metatags Gateway doorway page Buying links and traffic Bad neighbourhood Automated content Generation
  5. 5. Things that are done in Black Hat SEO Excessive cross-linking Dynamic pages Duplicate content Frequency of content change
  6. 6. Unlike black hat SEO, white hat SEO involves the use of tools and techniques that are explicitly approved by the search engines. Google for instance offers guidelines to follow to make a website more Google friendly and subsequently, achieve better rankings. White hat SEO works by encouraging natural backlinks by giving the website’s visitors a reason to leave a link to it on other websites with relevant content, typically by providing unique and valuable content, improving user-friendliness and making website’s design more attractive. White Hat SEO
  7. 7. Things that are done in White Hat SEO Site listed in other directories Link from expert site Links from Authority sites Directory submission Article submission Age of link Anchor text of inbound link to you Keyword in URL Keyword in domain name Keyword in title tag Keyword in the links to site pages Outgoing link anchor text
  8. 8. Things that are done in White Hat SEO Freshness of the page Social book marking Press release Submission Keyword in description meta tag Keyword font size & style Keyword proximity Keyword prominence Keyword in alt text Keyword in Keyword metatag Keyword density in body text Individual keyword density
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