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Enabling Communication For All

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We believe that connectivity is the starting point for economic growth and increased quality of life. Find out more about how we try and enable communication for all here: http://www.ericsson.com/thecompany/sustainability_corporateresponsibility/enabling_communication_for_all

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Enabling Communication For All

  1. 1. Communicationsfor allWe believe that connectivity is astarting point for economic growthand improved quality of life. Connectivity is improving livelihoods… For every 10% increase in broadband penetration, GDP increases by one percentage point Source: Ericsson and Arthur D. Little, 2010-2011 To date Connect To Learn has brought 21st-century education to 33 schools …by making around the world education available to everyone… About 2.5 billion people worldwide are unbanked …by bridging the – yet 1.7 billion of them digital divide… have mobile phones with the potential to access m-commerce servicesSource: World Bank There are 43 million refugees worldwide …by fostering peace and 185,000 people have registered on the reconnecting Refugees United mobile platform families… Source: Refugees United and UNHCR …and by supporting Ericsson Response disaster-relief volunteers have assisted in more than 40 relief efforts. efforts in 30 countries over the past 12 years Source: Ericsson