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Design Thinking : HR Hiring Strategy

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This is my initial assumptions, interview and definition of the problems with hiring students right out of college

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Design Thinking : HR Hiring Strategy

  1. 1. First Draft
  2. 2. Say Do think Feel * Baby Boomers retiring * New graduates are very quick to learn technology * New graduates are generally not professional and lack experience * New graduates are not dependable and can’t manage time * Working with school organizations usually yields more motivated and responsible workers * As an employer we dont use career sites and focus more on social media like LinkedIn * Working with a intermediate person working with the school and companies is preferred * Agencies are not preferred because of their focus on contract work * Hiring younger people means fresher ideas and cheaper salaries * Clients require an adult mindset that many new graduates don’t have * School organizations provide more quality candidates * Career sites are a waste of new graduates time * Working with a intermediate person working with the school and companies is preferred * New graduates can’t be trusted with client facing or time senitive work * Candidates generation explain atttitude and work ethic * Hiring younger candidates cannot handle most of the work handed to them * Hiring younger candiates saves the company money * School organizations, linkedin, & school intermediates yield the best younger crop of candidates * Career sites provide little value * Important work is best left to the experienced employees Hiring Students Right from School: Interview with HR Manager Hiring Managers need growth seeking and responsible hires because many more experienced employees are retiring or moving on