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From: Mark Savage [mailto:msavage@jobsamerica.co]
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 11:01 AM
To: Netoguerrero1@hotmail.com
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Professional Reference E-Mail Letter-Mark Savage

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Professional Reference E-Mail Letter-Mark Savage

  1. 1. From: Mark Savage [mailto:msavage@jobsamerica.co] Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 11:01 AM To: Netoguerrero1@hotmail.com Subject: Reference on Ernesto Guerrero Good Morning Human Resources professional, It would be my pleasure to provide you with my professional experiences with Ernesto Guerrero: A few years ago (June of 2013), Jobs America launched an El Paso based call center to handle medical claims and billing inquires for members and providers of a Fortune 100 healthcare provider. The healthcare provider was new to the El Paso market and required very specific criteria for the agents who were going to service International and Domestic based customers. To provide some details, all agents were required to speak both English and Spanish and needed to have several years of medical and/or healthcare call center experience. These requirements coupled with many other specific confidential details were all the responsibility of Ernesto Guerrero who led a team of Human Resources efforts. Since Jobs America was new to El Paso, we relied heavily on the expertise of Ernesto. The hiring timetable was extremely tight and Ernesto demonstrated a high level of organization as he developed a ten step hiring strategy to ensure we met the client’s requirements. These steps included numerous behavior and computerized skills assessments along with personal one on one English and Spanish proficiency test. The most notable attributes demonstrated by Ernesto is his very strong command of mechanics of the human resources profession and his ability to advise an organization on the potential risk areas that may impact an entity legally in the public domain and/or financially. He has the ability to interact with Executive management strategically as well as the Operational staff from an implementation level. Ernesto successfully lead our staffing efforts and as a result we continue to build our organization in El Paso for the healthcare client. Ernesto has advised us on techniques to control employee attrition as well as strategic recommendations related to employee compensation. Ernesto personally advised my organization through two possible legal actions which have ultimately improved our organizations bottom line results. He will unquestionably serve as an exceptionally valuable asset to any organization based on his demonstrated performance in any leadership role related to Human Resources. Best regards, Mark Savage CEO, Jobs America 202.870.4458