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Yana Online - Cloud Dealer Management System

We are building the next generation global dealer management solution (DMS) in the cloud, called Yana Online. It's designed to enable car dealerships to achieve high performance.

The Technosoft Yana DMS solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and incorporates innovative features and capabilities to help automakers and their dealers gain control of their business. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamless integrated with Dynamics ERP in the Azure cloud will blend dealer management, CRM, and social collaboration tools, aimed at helping Automakers to increase dealer sales and develop a stronger relationship with its customers.


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Yana Online - Cloud Dealer Management System

  1. 1. tech nosoft Ya nal YANA ONLINE DELIVERS ESSENTIAL DMS FEATURES WITH PAY-AS-YOU-CO CONVENIENCE IN THE CLOUD. ALL-IN-ONE SIMPLICITY YANA Online brings together everything you need to get started with DMS. Each YANA Online License packs in 3 elements: Cloud Infrastructure + YANA DMS license + Support. The simplicity of YANA Online frees you to focus on transforming your automotive SIMPLICITY IN ONE PACKAGE CLOUD DEALER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM YANA Online packs all the essential features you need in one integrated solution. From New Vehicle Sales, Service, Inventory and Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, to PAY PER USE Powered by Microsoft Azure, our Yana Online pay per use service allows you to only pay according to your required usage. Benefit from the agility, scalability, and adaptability of Cloud - without excessive price tag. Dashboard and Reporting. Now, you can do more with less. RAPID IMPLEMENTATION Get to market faster with minimal or no customization. YANA Online delivers a flexible DMS that meets your current business requirements and adapts to market changes. Be assured of accelerated, high - qualityimplementation. On-time. 0n—budget. business. Lu 2 _i Z 3 < Z < > YANA ONLINE FUNCTIONAL FEATURES NEW INVENTORY El DASHBOARD “BM 5E"""iE VEHICLE PROCUREMENT AND REPORT Reservation SSLES Mdlidgeiiieill Quotation Marketing Managcmcnt Business Intelligence Dashboard Warehouse Management Work Order Management Lead and Opportunity Management Sales Order Dashboard by Role Purchase Management / I‘I'll(‘lC‘ Allocation Service Customer Monitoring and Vehicle Management Vchidp Registration Parts Retail Sales Management Stock Quick Report Management Creation TECHNOSOFT CUSTOMER CENTRIC SOLUTION Transform your automotive OEM and dealership by Enhanced Customer PD‘ & U L Service iecyc 9 History DEIIVSIY Inquiry Configurable Enhmmd Vmidp Management Charts Lilecycte Invoicing & Payment Invoicing & enhancing its engagement capabilities across each Payment customers' journey. From initial contact, engagement with your dealership, automotive brand and people, to the AVAILABLE FOR I: I DESKTOP D TABLET D PHONE building of a long term relationship. Every step is precious. Technosoft [SEA] Pte Ltd 3 Tampines Centratl Abacus Plaza, #0203 Singapore 529540 % www. technosoft. com. sg Contact Us saIesTdtechnosoft. com. sg +65 6592 9538 n fb. com/ technosoftdms tedhnosoft fl tinkedin. com/ company/ technosoftdms