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Euro Consulting iGaming Solutions & White Label Casino Consultancy

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Euro Consulting iGaming Solutions & White Label Casino Consultancy

  1. 1. “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand” Euro Consulting EMEA iGaming • Business & IT Solutions White Label Casino ConsultancyUnited Kingdom Netherlands MaltaEuro Consulting EMEA Head Office, Euro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein Euro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old College23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UK 101, 144HZ, Purmerend, Holland Street, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU
  2. 2. iGaming Business Consultancy • Audit Services • License Compliancy • Gaming License Application Assistance Euro Consulting EMEA Contents • iGaming Business Planning • Affiliate Management Consultancy • CRM Business Consultancy • CRM Project Management iGaming solutions • Marketing Business Consultancy • Marketing Project Management • Euro Consulting EMEA “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand” • Cashier/ Payment System Consultancy • Online Casino Opportunity 1 • Multi Language Contact Centre • White Label Consultancy 3 Customer Service Support 24/7 • Contact Us 5 • Executive Placement • Business Staffing Support • White Label iGaming Setup “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand” • Risk Management • Payroll Services • Accountancy 5% Fixed Corporation Tax Model • Company Set up • Staffing/Payroll Services “IT” iGaming Consultancy • CRM “Igaming On Demand ” Platform For Sales & Customer Service “Oracle Right Now” “Oracle Fusion CRM” “Oracle CRM On Demand” • Integrated Marketing “iGaming On Demand” Platform • Website Design & Hosting Services • iGaming Business Intelligence Platform “Oracle OBIEE” • iGaming ERP Platform “ Oracle Fusion Applications” “Oracle Financials” • CRM and Marketing Project Management • On Demand iGaming Technical Professional & Expert Services • Mobile Igaming Development For OSX & Android • Smart TV Igaming Development • Infrastructure Consultancy • Cisco “Plug and Play” VOIP International Telephony System • CRM Live Chat Solution “Oracle RightNow” Euro Consulting EMEA, White Label Casino • i • SMS Worldwide Marketing all Networks.
  3. 3. “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand” Euro Consulting EMEA Online Casino Opportunity iGaming solutionsAre You The Next Entrepreneur?White Label Consultancy - One of the more lucrative business opportunities on the Internet can befound in the online casino industry. As an incentive for individuals to initiate their own some of the largeronline gaming casino enterprises are offering individual white label casinos for ease of entry into theindustry.These gaming sites entitle the owner to exclusive gaming rights on that site, and the sites are set up in thisway. An established online casino will sell his new “partner” his online gaming software for casino gamedownloads, as well as offering his partner a choice of brand name and logo.The larger casino will set up all aspects of the online casino business for the white label casino, includingsoftware customization and design, customer service, web design and maintenance and internal market-ing. This leaves the white label partner with no pressing issues and, in return, the partner pays the over-sight company generally can pay just up ot 100k. Various engagement models vary in price. Euro Consulting EMEA, White Label Casino • 1
  4. 4. “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand”Euro Consulting EMEAOnline Casino Opportunity iGaming solutions Advantages of White Label Casinos White label casinos can be up and in operational order within a relatively short period of time. They are smaller branches of larger online casino enterprises that can be developed under an independent name and banner. They are also a great way for online casino software developers to garner new customers. The oversight online casino company benefits from the arrangement, due to the money it receives from the newly-formed white label casino. Additionally, the entrepreneur investing in the ownership of the white label casino profits from the moderate charge to set up the casino and bring it into its operational phase. For his time and money, the entrepreneur can start raking in profits from the operation of his own online casino. White label casinos are springing up all over the Internet, and some of the larger plan to expand their white label casino development over the next two years. It is obvious that white label casinos pres- ent a real growth potential for the online casino industry in the very near future. Euro Consulting EMEA, White Label Casino • 2
  5. 5. “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand” Euro Consulting EMEA White Label Consultancy iGaming solutionsEuro Consulting EMEA offers end to end white label consultancy and set up for entrepreneurs , we prideourselves as being the most efficient companies in European and US Markets, focusing on Customer Sat-isfaction, Security and most importantly ROI.We can offer some of the best iGaming platforms, Skins and the best available games available in todaysvery competitive market for Casino, Skill Games, Bingo, Poker and Sports Betting. At Euro ConsultingEMEA we give you the consultancy to make the correct decision based on our years of experience in theiGaming industry, we can guarantee the best possible deal for your investment, ensuring your time is notwasted speaking to multiple White Label Companies.With over 10 years WORLDWIDE CRM and Marketing Experience, our business consultants ensure youhave the correct Marketing Strategy and brand that stands out from the competition. At Euro ConsultingEMEA we have the best in breed marketing applications to ensure your company will grow from day one.Within our business team our experts can advise on all other iGaming business needs such as AffiliationManagement, Marketing Consultancy, IGaming Training Services and Ongoing Support. Euro Consulting EMEA, White Label Casino • 3
  6. 6. “Total iGaming Business & IT Solutions On Demand”Euro Consulting EMEAWhite Label Consultancy iGaming solutions Euro Consulting EMEA can find a suitable solution for every individual or companies budget, most im- portantly we are your partners, we ensure success we share your ambition. Our consultancy work have Many success story’s ranging from the small iGaming companies to some of the largest in the world with turnovers of around €2BILLION per year. Contact us for a free initial discussion. Euro Consulting EMEA “Total igaming business Solutions” Euro Consulting EMEA, White Label Casino • 4
  7. 7. Contact Us Euro Consulting EMEA Roy Iwaniec - Oracle/EAM Practice Director - EMEA t: +44(0) 131 220 2820 m: +44(0)7789007533 Head Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820 e: roy.i@euroconsulting-emea.eu Malta Office: +356 2778 0717 w: www.euroconsulting-emea.eu© copyright Euro Consulting EMEA www.facebook.com/euroconsultingemea www.twitter.com/eu_consultingProduced in Malta, EU, 2013All Rights ReservedEuro Consulting EMEA and the Euro Consulting EMEA logo are trademarks or “Total iGaming IT Solutions On Demand”registered trademarks of International Business.Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or servicemarks of others. Oracle RightNow Specifiactions are of Oracle.References in this publication to Euro Consulting EMEA productsor servicesdo not imply that Euro Consulting EMEA intends to make them available in allcountries in which Euro Consulting EMEA operates.