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Advanced Pricing Toolbox - Training

A profound pricing strategy in your company is necessary, but only using the classic methods can
restrain you from exploiting your profit margins to the fullest. A lot of research and discoveries have
been done on this subject, resulting in soundly based and ready-to-use theories. During Advanced
Pricing Toolbox, you convey insights that go beyond the classical assumptions and tools of price
research and strategy.

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Advanced Pricing Toolbox - Training

  1. 1. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox “Pricing as a main topic presented by well- prepared speakers, each with a well-defined approach to the main subject followed by an open and interactive exchange of experiences and suggestions. A day well spent acquiring clear and practical tools to better your pricing policy.” Andrea Daubercy - Pricing Strategy Executive - Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe NV France
  2. 2. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox - The Essential and Advanced Methods - A profound pricing strategy in your company is necessary, but only using the classic methods can restrain you from exploiting your profit margins to the fullest. A lot of research and discoveries have been done on this subject, resulting in soundly based and ready-to-use theories. During Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox, you convey insights that go beyond the classical assumptions and tools of price research and strategy. As always at the EPP, the top-expert trainer focuses on interactivity by stimulating the attendees to share and discuss their experiences in the pricing field. Discuss your day-to-day challenges with your peers from all over Europe and throughout many different industries. So take that one important step to pricing and profit optimisation and register for the Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox. “The Pricing Toolbox was very interesting, driven by a very professional speaker. We got a lot of insights and we will definitely succeed in applying the lessons learned to better position our prices in the future.” Hermine Viaene - Senior Pricing Administrator - Samsonite Europe Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox Introduction
  3. 3. What will you learn • Understand the process leading to a value based price; • Understand and conduct segmentation analysis; • Build your value proposition; • Understand price elasticity; • Understand WTP; • Check this with revenue, profit and market share goals, • Bring the whole picture together and set your value based price with confidence. Is this training for me? Members of the management team, as well as marketing, market research, product managers and pricing analysts - in short, anyone who deals with pricing and its associated problems within a company Previous attendees Location Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox Practical At the beautiful locations, carefully picked out by the EPP, you get inspired to put into action the new insights and methods you’ve just seen during the intensive, interactive sessions.
  4. 4. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox Practical Trainers Ellen Lueb Senior Analyst at SKIM Ellen Lueb is Senior Analyst at SKIM, where she specializes in pricing research in FMCG markets across the world. Starting her market research career in 2008 in San Diego, California, she joined SKIM in February 2012. After spending her first year with SKIM in the Geneva office, she is now based in the Rotterdam office. She’s currently (co-)leading SKIM’s Pricing & Portfolio Practice. Maureen Arink Senior Director at SKIM Maureen Arink is Senior Director and brings over 18 years’ experience in market research, out of which she has spent more than 16 years at SKIM. At SKIM, she has conducted over 200 conjoint-based studies, many of which are focused on pricing research in the FMCG markets in various countries. She is currently based in SKIM’s Geneva office in Swit- zerland. Paolo Cordella Senior Analyst at SKIM Paolo Cordella is a Senior Analyst at SKIM’s Research Services & Soft- ware division since 2010. In his current position he provides consulting on complex conjoint applications and projects in a vast array of industries and subjects. He joined SKIM in 2010 and he specialized in Menu-Based Choice modeling and pricing studies. He is based in the Rotterdam office. Thiemo Theunissen Research Manager at SKIM Thiemo Theunissen is a Research Manager at SKIM, where he has pro- vided leading telecom, technology and energy companies with research insights for over 5 years. Thiemo is specialized in portfolio optimization and innovation and is (co-)leading SKIM’s Pricing & Portfolio Practice. His passion is ”creating tailored advanced research solutions and translating these into understandable, concrete and actionable insights”. Thiemo is based in the Rotterdam office.
  5. 5. Duration 2 days Fee: € 1495* * EPP Participants receive 10% reduction (and only pay € 1345) ; Click here for more information about EPP Participation. Register Follow this link and fill out the registration form or contact nicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu Language Language of the training depends on the language of the attendees. In case of international participants, the training is in English. All training documents are provided in English. Important conditions* • Registration is only completed after full payment; • Cancellations must always be made in writing; • All registrations carry a 50% cancellation policy, immediately after the online registration form is completed. The training fee will not be refunded, but can be credited to a future training; • No refunds will be made for cancellations made later than 20 working days before the programme start day; • EPP is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alternation or cancellation/postponement of an event. EPP shall assure no liability whatsoever in the event this training is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, force majeure, or any other (unforeseen) circumstances that make it impossible for the event to take place; • We recommend to take cancellation insurance when booking transportation or accommodation, in case your training changes location or is postponed; • Please note that payment must be completed before the start of the training. * Visit www.pricingplatform.eu for a complete overview of our Terms & Conditions Questions Please contact nicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu or call +32(0)51 32 03 72 if you have any practical or content related questions. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox Practical
  6. 6. introduction: the strategy of pricing 1. General overview of pricing strategy; 2. Price as the most important lever; 3. Willingness-to-pay and segmentation; 4. Other forms of price differentiation; 5. Relevant market characteristics (e.g. B2B & B2C) 6. Innovative price strategies; 7. Pricing issues. the pricing toolbox: pricing tools 1. Purchase and sales date; 2. Quantative market research tools; • Van Westendorp/PSM & Gabor Granger; • BPTO (Brand Price Trade Off) • Conjoint Analysis; • Experimental Designs. 3. Qualitative market research tools; 4. Price elasticity; 5. Value based and cost based pricing. Schedule Day 2 - The Art of Pricing elements of the pricing toolbox 1. Applying the toolbox tools; 2. Combining existing techniques and new techniques; 3. Psychological elements of pricing; 4. Case studies; 5. Pricing 2.0 approaches. Lessons learned: putting it into practice 1. Real life case studies; 2. Transferring the insights to participants individual pricing issues; 3. Sharing learnings points and reflection; 4. How are you going to use the lessons learned. Schedule Day 1 - The Essentials Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox Programme overview Each Trainer offers a slightly different programme, please contactnicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu for a detailed overview of the training you will be attending
  7. 7. Who are we? European Pricing Platform® is the leading knowledge sharing platform, serving thousands of Euro- pean pricing and profit optimisation managers. On pricingplatform.eu, you can find and share pricing knowledge, best practices and useful tools. Wether you have years of experience, or you are making your first steps in pricing and profit optimisation, the extensive pricing knowledge database and interactive events will become an indispensable tool in overcoming your day-to-day pricing challenges. Why you should join the EPP • Access to the largest European pricing knowledge database Articles, white papers, presentations of past EPP Events, you can find and download them all at pricingplatform.eu. • Receive 10% on all EPP Open Trainings Benefit from our trainings, master classes and industry-focused trainings to network with pricing peers and improve your pricing know-how. • Significant discounts on EPP industry-focused Forums With an interactive 2-day format, combining real-life case studties, informal debates and practical workshops, participants will gain the inside knowledge and industry insights in order to bench- mark their pricing strategies, maintain critical competitive advantage and ensure maximum value. • Save €300 on the Certified Pricing Manager® programme The Certified Pricing Manager (CPM®) programme is the European standard for experienced pricing practitioners. The EPP CPM® programme is an intensive learning opportunity, designed on skill sets that pricing experts need at the different pricing maturity levels. • Post free pricing jobs and see all current job opportunities Find for new talent or a new challenge in the pricing job module! Follow this link for more information on becoming an EPP Participant. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox European Pricing Platform (EPP)
  8. 8. Prime Structural Partners Structural Partners Visit our website for more information on our structural partners. Advanced Pricing Research Toolbox EPP Partners
  9. 9. There’s no other organisation in Europe so dedicated to help develop and share pricing and profit optimisation skills of tomorrow’s business leaders. Version: July 2014 Your contact European Pricing Platform Izegemsestraat 7 | 3.01 8860 Lendelede Belgium +32/ nicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu