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Evangelism Strategy for 2012

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What is your church's evangelism strategy for 2012? EvangelismCoach looks at three possible strategic directions.

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Evangelism Strategy for 2012

  1. 1. Evangelism Strategies for 2012 EvangelismCoach.org
  2. 2. Where we are going today• I promise I’ll give you good stuff.• I will show you possible steps to start moving.• And all in about 60 minutes?1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 2
  3. 3. What to Expect• I’ll make an offer at the end• I don’t want you to invest in it unless I fulfill my promise today – to give you implementable strategies.• Sound fair?1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 3
  4. 4. What Could Happen?• One church plant – Miserable results with expensive direct mail. – Under 20 people.• Changed strategy – 3 baptisms in 6 months. – New members.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 4
  5. 5. What Could Happen?• My church – No financial backing – Parachute church planter. – No worship team.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 5
  6. 6. What Could Happen• Results of intentional strategy – Grew from 4 to nearly 70 in two years – 18 Baptisms last year – Still no worship team.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 6
  7. 7. Strategies I Have Used• Direct Mail • Open Air Evangelism• Servant Evangelism • Tract Distribution• Launch a new service • New Member Classes• Church Planting • Alpha• Relationship Evangelism • Door to Door• Block Parties / VBS • Dramas and Mimes1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 7
  8. 8. Caveats• People need Jesus• God’s sovereign• No strategy template• One size doesn’t fit all.• Best ways may not work elsewhere.• Specific callings lead to ministry expressions1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 8
  9. 9. ARE YOU READY TO TALK STRATEGY?1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 9
  10. 10. Evangelism Goals• Matthew 9:35-10:20• Acts 1:8• Set direction for planning• Measurable – “About 3000 were added that day”• Flexible – “The Spirit of Jesus would not let them”1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 10
  11. 11. Personal Evangelism Worship Experience Community Engagement1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 11
  12. 12. Area 1: Personal Evangelism
  13. 13. Preparing Evangelists• Equip people to share their faith 1-1 in the course of their life.• Intentional training• Practical experience.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 13
  14. 14. Prepare EvangelistsStyle Curriculum Examples• Confrontational • WOTM / EE / Tracts• Analytical • Jesus Among Other Gods• StoryTelling • 3 Story / The Net• Relational • Just Walk Across The Room• Invitational • Sermon Series / Events• Servant • Overflow1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 14
  15. 15. My own Curriculum• Fear Free Evangelism 5 CD Set – www.FearFreeEvangelism.com• Hybrid – Relational / Contact / Missional – Conversational1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 15
  16. 16. Strategy Steps• Research and Pick a curriculum• Form a group and do it.• Debrief your experiences.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 16
  17. 17. Example of Relational Evangelism• Quit going to bible studies all the time.• Build at least 3 new relationships this year.• Pray for at least 6 names of people I want to know the Lord.• Learn a gospel presentation.• Learn about cooperation with Holy Spirit.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 17
  18. 18. Example: Personal Goals• Read at least 3 books on personal evangelism• Participate in a evangelism group• Pray daily for those who do not know Christ.• Learn a basic evangelism gospel script.• Spend time “doing life” with people• Look for the daily opportunities to have 1 conversation• Review your day to see if you missed an opportunity• Journal your evangelism conversations to reflect and learn.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 18
  19. 19. Pastor and Personal Evangelism• Grow in personal evangelism skills• Lead staff and other leaders in their growth.• Pray for the community and the lost• Build your own authentic relationships• Include the gospel in more sermons.• Personal Coaching1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 19
  20. 20. Check-in• Is this the kind of information you are looking for? If so, say something in the Q&A box or comment box. . .1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 20
  21. 21. Personal Evangelism Worship Experience Community Engagement1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 21
  22. 22. Area 2: Worship Experience Come and See
  23. 23. Worship Centered• Getting people into your church• Connecting people to your fellowship• Freeing people to serve – In the church – In the community – In their place of work1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 23
  24. 24. Ways to Measure• Numbers of Conversions• Number of Adult baptisms.• Members having conversations with unchurched people.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 24
  25. 25. Ways to Measure• People bringing others / First time guests• % increase in small group / class attendance• X Evangelistic Outreaches• Praying for unchurched• X new Volunteers joyfully serving1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 25
  26. 26. Possible Measurable Goals• 10 adult Baptisms• 20 new people connected and serving• 20% increase in worship attendance1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 26
  27. 27. Support Implications• Training in Personal Evangelism• Hospitality Ministry• Children’s Ministry• Facilities1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 27
  28. 28. Connection Implications• Getting that repeat visit• New member receptions• New member classes• Where can a newcomer plug in quickly?• Emotional Engagement – a place to serve1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 28
  29. 29. Marketing Implications• Marketing• Facebook pages• Website and communications• Positive word of mouth in social networks1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 29
  30. 30. Worship Implications• Sermon Series Planning.• Connected to life and community needs• Regular gospel sharing during sermons.• Comeback events.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 30
  31. 31. Example: 10 Baptisms and Easter• Easter Sermon Planning• Post Easter Sermon Series• How will we find those people to come?• How will we motivate invitations?• Are we ready to welcome and receive visitors?• Do we have places for newcomers to connect within a few weeks?1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 31
  32. 32. Possible Hospitality Strategy Steps• Conduct a Hospitality Review• Launch a Greeters Ministry• Setup a welcome center• Hold new greeter training• Get 75% of connection cards.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 32
  33. 33. Check-in• Is this the kind of information you are looking for? If so, say something in the Q&A box or comment box. . .1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 33
  34. 34. Personal Evangelism Worship Experience Community Engagement1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 34
  35. 35. Area 3: Community Engagement Go
  36. 36. Community Engagement• Finding the heart for the community• Launching ministries to engage the community.• Conversations while serving1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 36
  37. 37. Possible Strategy Steps• Come and see – Vacation Bible Schools – Block Parties – Special Events – Prayer Stations1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 37
  38. 38. Possible Strategy Steps• Go and tell – Prayer Walks – Missional Communities – Issue oriented ministries1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 38
  39. 39. Sample Putting it TogetherUnder 100 Members 100-300 Members• Two outreach events • Four outreach events• Two evangelism trainings • Qtrly evangelism training• Launch a prayer ministry • Community Outreach • Evangelism Teams Over 300 Members • Six outreach events • Qtrly evangelism trainings • Community Ministries • Evangelistic Teams1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 39
  40. 40. Have I delivered• 3 areas of focus to start planning• 6 different styles and matching studies• Possible strategy steps in each area1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 40
  41. 41. A possible next step• 4 month coaching program for your church – Monthly phone call with me for your team – Personal evangelism or hospitality teams – Handouts and resources – MP3s of each phone call for reference.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 41
  42. 42. Personal Evangelism Over 4 months• A usable strategy for a small group• Accountable to implementing evangelism• Grow in personal skills• Based on my conversational model1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 42
  43. 43. Church Hospitality over 4 months• Identify unnecessary barriers to visitors• Find and recruit volunteers• 12 months of suggested actions• Conduct an audit• Discuss and plan your own implementation1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 43
  44. 44. Limited Offer• Limit of 10 before I create a waiting list.• Not sure when I’ll offer this again.• Great time to start getting your strategy in gear.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 44
  45. 45. Why?• Develop action plan over the next 4 months.• Focus on particular evangelism practices• Develop next step lists• Short term – enough to get going.• Changes you can see.• I’m available to your team, 1-1.• Books are strong on theory, not on steps.1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 45
  46. 46. If you want this 4 month program http://www.EvangelismCoach.org/deal1/18/2012 EvangelismCoach.org 46