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Event Marketing using Social Media Channels

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Social media can help you boost event attendance and increase the revenue of your event. Have a look at this amazing social media channels to promote your event with the help of event marketing websites.

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Event Marketing using Social Media Channels

  1. 1. Event Marketing using Social Media Channels
  2. 2. Overview If you are using social media in your event business or event marketing you actually might have a chance to recover damages done by bad comments or at least you give your happy customers a chance to add their two cents of support. The keys: Be Aware, Be Fast and Be Honest. Having one or more social media outlets and an event marketing websites let attendees connect before,during and after your event to discuss meeting themes, presentations, location, sponsors and even allow folks to connect with each other. This amazing connectivity can even be exploited to generate online events for periodic webinars, presentations, face-to-face gatherings and more.
  3. 3. Facebook  Facebook is the king of all things social networking due to ease of use and addicted users.  Facebook is where you need to start if you’re interested in marketing a social for any public event.  The way that Facebook lets it’s members connect via friends of friends and lets you start groups and create online events is amazing. 
  4. 4. Linkedin  The largest business and professional site for connectivity.  Through privacy and group functions you can have the group open to all or have it set to Moderate which will let the group be public but require you to manually accept each new group request.  This moderate function is a great way to let you personally welcome each new member and screen out Group Applicants that might not meet your group’s profile.
  5. 5. Twitter  The key to Twitter – Followers.  You need to attract or build an audience that will be there to listen when you Tweet your precious news.  Set up an account and search for organizations or events similar to yours and see who follows their accounts.  Find the “Followers” button on those accounts and you will get a birds-eye view of the people and organizations who are interested in that account.
  6. 6. YouTube  If you have the time to shoot and edit your own video, putting material on YouTube can be very rewarding too.  Second largest search engine next to Google.  Great help to promote your event by using Event Registration System.  If the event is annual you can even go into your YouTube account and remove or edit the video to promote the next years event with details and web link.
  7. 7. Promote Your Event Today Click Here: https://www.eventry.com/en/Event/Event-Registration