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Fixing the Leaky Bucket at Oregon State

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Fixing the Leaky Bucket at Oregon State

  1. 1. Fixing the Leaky Bucket at Oregon State
  2. 2. Kevin Massimino Manager, Digital Advancement Programs EverTrue Jake Mendenhall Assistant Director, Pipeline Development Oregon State University Foundation @EverTrue #OSUFoundation #CASED8
  3. 3. Oregon State University is public land-grant institution with over 230,000 alumni. The OSU Foundation partners with the University to engage our community, inspire investment, and steward resources to enhance the university’s excellence and impact.
  4. 4. Our mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world.
  5. 5. #1 Highest-rated advancement software 500+ Higher Ed Partners 51 Of the Top 100 US News & World Report Universities
  6. 6. Today, we’ll cover: The Issue: The Leaky Bucket - Donor Churn The Solution: Rethinking the Donor Experience Questions
  7. 7. Learn More: The Giving Funnel Playbook Just open your camera, point it here, and tap the link
  8. 8. Selfie time
  9. 9. Customer expectations have changed.
  10. 10. Winning companies treat you like they know you.
  11. 11. This Is The Era of The Subscription Economy
  12. 12. Those who didn’t act were left behind
  13. 13. Those who don’t act will be left behind Colleges
  14. 14. Trustees and Presidents demanding higher alumni participation Call center Return On Investment is declining and often measured in Loss On Investment Multi-channel engagement not integrated with call center/outreach The Status Quo Mass outreach & minimal stewardship for <$10k annual fund supporters
  15. 15. HIGHEST totals in history $47 billion in FY18 3.7% YOY increase Fundraising Revenues at All-Time Highs
  16. 16. FY19 Results $144.5MM raised beating goal of $142MM $28.5MM For student success initiative beating goal of $25MM $117M in cash from outright gifts Best year ever! Record-setting year for the OSU Foundation, College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
  17. 17. Fundraising is flat $ in Millions, donors labeled alumni in EverTrue, Giving <$10,000 per year
  18. 18. Donor count & participation are decreasing Donors labeled alumni in EverTrue, Giving <$10,000 per year
  19. 19. Trailing three year average alumni retention rate A common challenge OSU 69%
  20. 20. It’s hard to fill a leaky bucket 3.7k 4.4k 2015 2.8k 4.1k 2016 2.0k 4.4k 2017
  21. 21. Donor counts have dropped by 33% in the last 15 years YOY donor retention is ~65% Old-school tactics miss the mark The Problem Other tactics create short-term spikes, not long-term loyalty
  22. 22. Bottom 98% 2% The Old Model Telefund and Direct Marketing - Mass marketing - Minimal personalized outreach - Sporadic, inconsistent volunteer outreach - “Hail Mary” year-end messaging - Minimal post-engagement “closing” activities Frontline fundraising - Clear vision and personal outreach unlocks major donor potential
  23. 23. “Donor Experience Program” - Focus on the “Next 10%” - Renew Leadership/Annual Fund Donors - Reactivate Key Lapsed Donors - Upgrade donors into BLC range The new model 2% Middle Bottom Frontline fundraising Telefund and direct marketing
  24. 24. The Investor/Donor gives with her heart, and wants to... ● know the ROI ● be involved ● be joined by others ● know they’ve helped solve a problem
  25. 25. Build 1:1 personal relationships with 3,000 more donors Customize every donors’ journey Connect with donors where they are from the office Proactively engage, speak to interests and add value Turn engagement into referrals, and referrals into pipeline for major gifts What if We Could...
  26. 26. People TechnologyStrategy The DXO Program Solution
  27. 27. Provide Tangible value Cadence of timely, informed 1:1 conversations that offer value to donors Focus on retention Defined 90% retention target within designated portfolio Reactivate lapsed donors Defined 33% reactivation target for recently- lapsed donors Build major gift pipeline Surface qualified and engaged major giving prospects Strategy - Personalized Outreach at Scale
  28. 28. Who needs to be warmed up before an appeal? Who’s recently raised their hand via social media? Prioritizing Outreach Who’s made a recent gift and needs some love?
  29. 29. Technology
  30. 30. Technology Rapid qualification Improved insights: Interests, Wealth, Engagement Scalable outreach
  31. 31. Meet the Donor Experience Officer (DXO) ✔ Provide a “customer service” type experience for donors. Their personal liaison back to the Foundation ✔ Diverse set of professionals with sales and/or fundraising experience or aspirations ✔ Able to utilize technology (Zoom, EverTrue, others) to develop 1-1 relationships at scale ✔ Manage hand-selected portfolios of prioritized unmanaged current and lapsed donors ✔ Integrated with Development, Alumni Relations, Athletics, etc. People
  32. 32. Program Goals
  33. 33. Target specific amount of touches per day Maintain high-level personalization Manage engagement cadence The DXO approach Share relevant, interest-based content
  34. 34. Reactivated donors Revenue retention rate The DXO metrics 90% Donor retention rate 100% 33%
  35. 35. Early Lessons & Returns
  36. 36. Day 1, First Call
  37. 37. Personalized emails = 65% open rate Improved 151%
  38. 38. What’s next?
  39. 39. Creating a talent pipeline Today: Donor Experience Officers Tomorrow: Seasoned advancement professionals
  40. 40. Engage Qualify Assign Solicit Target 2-3 institutional priorities that align with prospect's demonstrated interests. Identify potential donor interests based on engagement insights and assign for annual fund or major gift outreach. Monitor digital engagement with targeted content and research prospect capacity and inclination. Produce compelling video and social content that aligns with institutional priorities. Provide targeted, tangible, ongoing value to build strength of relationship and grow philanthropic support over time. Retain The Giving Funnel
  41. 41. Thank you!
  42. 42. Q & A kevin@evertrue.com jacob.mendenhall@osufoundation.org
  43. 43. Learn More: The Giving Funnel Playbook Just open your camera, point it here, and tap the link