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How Change has Changed-From Change Management to Insights

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Aimed for consultants, this program dispenses with some myths while providing insights into how performance happens, showing the leverage points to help companies adapt. Traditionally the consulting approach has been 'change management' as if dynamic change were controllable. With the need for speed companies are wondering what to do with a hierarchical structure that slows decision-making and blocks engagement. Luckily, it isn't about dismantling a hierarchy. It is about using it differently. This slide show demonstrates how performance really happens and how consultants can help managers adjust their role while paying attention to the underlying cultural assumptions.

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  • Practical insights . Thanks Dawna. I had been a part of quite a few change management initiatives. The key consideration is to first realize and accept there is a change. Only then your mind and body will react to the change and prepare for the next steps.

    I would like to share my notes on this topic:

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  • Ben!!! Great to hear from you! Yes, Anne did some outstanding work way ahead of the curve as usual. Thanks for the feedback and so good to see your face again. I'm just finishing Decision Making for Dummies. After that we should catch up!
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  • Really GRREEEAT Dawna. Your interview with Anne of HP - she said it is not the network but the environment because networks are 'naturally occurring'. Shift from command and control - GRRREEEAAAAT! Drucker focuses on profit - BAD! Autonomy? Teeerrrrrific!

    Best regards, Ben
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How Change has Changed-From Change Management to Insights

  1. 1.  “How  Change  has  Changed  -­‐  What   Consultants  Need  to  Know”   with  Dawna  Jones www.FromInsightToAcAon.com Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  2. 2. Seeing the Big Picture; Practise High level overview How performance really happens Implications: management style & manager’s role Why traditional business thinking creates boiled frogs Ways to Leverage Accelerated Change Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  3. 3. Evolution >Facilitating change, team performance; >Developing Inner Leadership Skills; >Decision-making for Dummies (Business) >Global Business Innovation Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  4. 4. Change- Why the cultural undertow? Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  5. 5. Current: Stressed - No choice Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  6. 6. Running hard yet going nowhere Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  7. 7. Traditional Management Belief: Top down Centralized DM Authority-based Command & Control Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  8. 8. Reality Performance runs on networks Personal- Professional Customer-Community Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  9. 9. Connecting personal decisions to planetary stewardship. Networks of High Performance — Social biology research in Hewlett Packard: http:// www.management- issues.com/2010/2/8/ podcast/how-to-deliver- phenomenal-results.asp — Shared Goal and Goal Oriented — Most of network outside the company’s boundaries — True for many organizations - management style Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  10. 10. Shift #1: Away from Command and Control decision-making to decentralized & shared accountability Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  11. 11. Shift #2-From Commanding employees (disengagement) to Working Collaboratively- Engaging Employees Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  12. 12. Implications: Manager’s Role Changes People naturally collaborate - get out of way Find resources-Participative DM Clear barriers: systemic, procedures Instil healthy workplace relationships>better decisions Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  13. 13. Manager’s Leadership Challenges Replace control over staff to gaining power by working with team Switch to a Facilitative style - participative DM = Engage creativity Redefining identity from being in charge to serving employees Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  14. 14. Shift #3: From focus solely on profit to a higher purpose & service-financial security Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  15. 15. “Profit is like oxygen, without it you are out of the game. If you think your purpose is to breathe, you are missing something.” -Peter Drucker Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  16. 16. Focusing Solely on Profit is High Risk Decision-making focus: too narrow, short,internal. Can’t see what is going on inside company or social/ environmental changes outside Puts Companies in Boiled Frog Mode - waiting for a crisis Selective Attention & Invisible Gorilla http://youtu.be/ vJG698U2Mvo Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  17. 17. Shift #4: From Capital Assets Focused (Assuming Predictable conditions-unlimited resources) to Care for people + Planet Living system (Given unpredictable + complex conditions) Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  18. 18. Two management paradigms: Traditional (profit driven) & Stewardship (values- driven) Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  19. 19. Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  20. 20. Survive at Any Cost Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  21. 21. Stick to Traditional Not able to adapt: Keep running Leaving a lot of money on the table>distrust Highly stressful decision-making environments=lousy decisions=gerbils Narrow focus ignores key information decision-making Disengaged employees Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  22. 22. Shared Value-Trust Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  23. 23. In Transition Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  24. 24. Companies That Mimic Nature - “Profit for Life -J. Bragdon” www.lampindex.com Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  25. 25. >Highly Networked >Decentralized decision-making >Open information flow +feedback >Self-organizing >Self-renewing=Learn >Leaders @ Levels Resilient & Agile Principles Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  26. 26. Why? Uncertainty- ComplexityWednesday, 14 May, 14
  27. 27. Change by Crisis or Choice Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  28. 28. Using Uncertainty Creative + Iterative = Agile & Resilient Restore trust & confidence “The way things are done around here”= Exceptionally High Risk Doing Nothing=Fear-based Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  29. 29. Expose Traditional Beliefs “Self organized teams are out of control” “That will only work there; we’re different” (OK..So what will work?) “Collaborate, or else....!” Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  30. 30. Leverage Points Deepen trust - self + team leadership Transparency + Flow of information - Real-time DM Expose cultural beliefs - behaviour + decisions Emotionally engage employees-shared vision+ higher purpose + Autonomy Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  31. 31. You-Changing how change is used >Incremental- too slow >Radical=Crisis + Creative >Inspired=gentler transformation Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  32. 32. Questions? - Learning Resources Business Podcast - www.Management-Issues.com/ eprovoc www.StoosSparks.com - Business Innovation Ideas www.FromInsightToAction.com -Thinking Global;Acting Locally Wednesday, 14 May, 14
  33. 33. Contact Dawna Jones ~ www.FromInsightToAction.com When Doing What Works Isn’t Working FOLLOW on... Twitter @EPDawna_Jones www.FB.com/ FromInsightToAction http://ca.linkedin.com/ in/dawnahjones/ Wednesday, 14 May, 14