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Discover 6 things about contemporary architecture.

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Contemporary Architecture is something that everyone likes. But there are some lesser-known facts about contemporary architecture that you should know before going for it. Check out the presentation by Evolve Design+build, a luxury home designer in Edmond.

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Discover 6 things about contemporary architecture.

  2. 2. Contemporary architecture is based upon a principle which says that it is shared by those who practice it. Contemporary architecture is innovative and it is not an architecture movement, thus It does not have such constraints. It means contemporary architecture can offer a variety of architectural choices but it has to stand out from what is normally done. What Is Contemporary Architecture?
  3. 3. Forms Of Contemporary Architecture Contemporary architectures are more often than not distances itself from the curved lines. All we can find by looking at the architecture is that the dominant line is a straight line. In some cases, though we can see a whole building is constructed around curve lines or in some cases one building is constructed around both the curved and straight lines.
  4. 4. Volume Composition In contemporary architecture, it is possible to create spaces other than cubes. If anyone sees any contemporary design, he/she can find out that most of the buildings are in rounded shape. Whenever a contemporary architect is looking to use straight lines that means the unit of volume will be a cube. The architecture will assemble these cubes in various surprising ways to create distinctive volume composition.
  5. 5. New Materials Another distinctive feature of the contemporary architecture is the use of new construction material in both the interior and exterior. Traditional materials such as wood, glass, brick, and metals are there but some unconventional materials such as plants may find a place in contemporary architecture also. In contemporary architecture, one can grow his/her own vertical garden if she/he wants.
  6. 6. Eco-Housing Eco housing is a concept which is not restricted just to contemporary architecture. Even some buildings built conventionally has incorporated some pro-environment materials or at least they are energy efficient. In contemporary architecture use of eco-friendly materials are a must. Materials such as photovoltaic cells, geothermal heating, heat pumps etc are considered during construction.
  7. 7. Animated Architecture The term animated architecture is basically used to describe another characteristic of contemporary architecture that exists in various forms. For example sophisticated lights, projection on wall facades which can interact with people or water in form of fountain or waterfall. The basic idea is to make the building come across as more alive.
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