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Malawi (Desideri)

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AfriLAB: Regional Soil Laboratory Network for Africa | First meeting. 21 - 24 May 2019 | Nairobi, Kenya

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Malawi (Desideri)

  1. 1. Laboratory name: Farming and Engineering Services Limited (FES) – Agricultural Laboratory Country: Malawi Name of the presenter: Luca Desideri – Group Agronomist
  2. 2. Soil analysis in your country We will be Malawi’s first private sector agricultural laboratory NIR and MIR technologies are being commercialized in Malawi and they are widely utilized by fertilizer companies Sample Collection Sample Transport Sample Analysis Results Analysis Agri-services
  3. 3. Strength/weakness FES Agricultural Laboratory Strengths: •Cutting edge technology and highly qualified staff •Ambition and motivation to thrive as a startup •Independence •Strong relationship and reputation with commercial agricultural producers on all scales •Able as a company to provide comprehensive precision agriculture services to our costumers What do you think it could be improved? •We are not yet operational •Our client base and the nature of our work
  4. 4. What are your expectations out of this meeting and GLOSOLAN? -Recognition -Network -Opportunities