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eÿeka's creative community intentions for 2019

As we were preparing to enter the new year, we asked our creative community to share with us their aspirations and intentions for 2019. We have been humbled by their response coming from all over the world. This presentation features some highlights, as they were submitted by our community members.

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eÿeka's creative community intentions for 2019

  1. 1. thechulun Indonesia « A small stone asked its mother: “Mom, what can we do for the world? We are small and neglected." Its mother replied: “Yes, you are right, son. We are small, invisible and often neglected. We are also different from one another. But when we are united, we can form a building that is big, majestic, beautiful and useful. People will admire it and take shelter below to protect themselves from the weather." So are our ideas. They are small, but when they are united, they can create a big creative innovation that is useful for human life. »
  2. 2. msalomon Spain « Every year we celebrate Earth Day, during which we are particularly careful about electricity consumption, animals and nature around us... But this only happens during one day. 2019 should be Earth Year when we think of our planet every day for 365 days. In 2019, we should use creativity to find new ways to develop products that do not harm the environment, new means of transport and new ways to move towards a more sustainable future. »
  3. 3. phartye_89 Nigeria « For me, 2019 will be the year of action. Rather than saying, why not #JustDoIt? #NoProcrastination to do more creative things. Sharing positive and creative ideas, to make the world a better place. »
  4. 4. jamesdesign United Kingdom « In 2019, I suggest we take inspiration from some of the great people in the world. Whether that is John Lennon or Martin Luther King, let’s take inspiration from them and actually put it into practice. They had great things to say and we should celebrate that. »
  5. 5. Reamix France «The world is full of surprises. We keep finding new ways to be creative, with inventions that we never imagined possible. My hope for the world in 2019 is to embrace the milestones of the past to gain new inspiration. »
  6. 6. gi_leiva Argentina « In 2019, I want to toast to a greater equality of opportunities – where we can all dream and make our dreams come true, without any condition other than Being Human. »
  7. 7. YaDy84 Cameroon « Confucius said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” In 2019 I aspire to share my creativity with people and inspire them. »
  8. 8. essaddikaziz Morocco « Think about it: we learned how to regulate the temperature in our houses, cars and offices, but we are still unable to do that for the planet. 2019 should be the year of global mobilization against climate change and global warming. »
  9. 9. mhfrois Brazil « My wish for the world in 2019 is to be more present in the here and now! Let everyone look more at the rain and sunset and less at the screen of the cell phone. I wish for happiness to be a priority in each one's heart, for more smiles for children and dogs than for social networks, and that people are grateful for the simple fact that they exist. »
  10. 10. thechulun Russian Federation « Here at eÿeka we are a large creative community that changes this world for the better. We are ideas that create the Future! In 2019 I will continue to improve. Only by changing yourself can you change the world. »
  11. 11. Key-Glad Russian federation « Money, technology, even knowledge and information are not the most valuable things anymore. It is human communication that affects quality of life, work efficiency and longevity. My goal for 2019 is to help improve communications between people. »
  12. 12. AdaWong China « I hope that in 2019 my design can contribute more to solving social issues and serving people. Today there are too many things to change, battles to wage and designers, more than ever, have the responsibility to let words and images play their power. Design is no longer a set of techniques and tools, it has become the way to reach a better life for everyone. »
  13. 13. giannopoulos_panos Greece « My aspiration for 2019 is for everybody to be inspired by the people around them. Through our creativity and ideas, we can inspire people to be more creative themselves, more sustainable, and to appreciate what life has given them, even if it is not much. »
  14. 14. Samira-Rafi Morocco « I hope for a more sustainable life in 2019! The creative process could take into consideration the environment, the climate and the well-being of everyone on this Earth. We should all think & act responsibly for the Earth & the Universe.”
  15. 15. nameravi India « Every single person in this universe is unique. As a matter of fact, no single inspiration could be applied to everyone. What might inspire one person might not inspire another. The year 2019 could be the year where we celebrate these unique differences together. »
  16. 16. nedvaabn Belarus « In 2019, I plan to continue participating actively on eyeka. This is a unique creative platform where you can meet creative people of any age from all countries of the world. Our creative ideas materialize in events and objects, they spread across the planet ... Our Ideas Change the WORLD! I hope to make a small contribution for a good cause! »
  17. 17. antonio_85 Spain « A year is short, and I don’t want to waste time in 2019. My shortlist is: With technology and science, we have overcome many discomforts and diseases. Today, more than ever, we know about nearly everything, we are more connected than ever. Let us use this advantage to learn from each other. We must consider our successes more than our failures. Let us sincerely think about the common good. Let us reward honesty, generosity and respect... We are free, as Art is free. »