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What are Advanced AEPS Features of Ezulix AEPS Portal

Check out all the advanced features of the Ezulix AEPS portal which can be useful to enhance your AEPS business all over India. Learn more about AEPS business & software. Call: +91 72300-86664

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What are Advanced AEPS Features of Ezulix AEPS Portal

  1. 1. Advanced Features of Ezulix AEPS Portal
  2. 2. Video KYC- Recently we have launched a video KYC feature through which all details of members will be authenticated by reliable resources. It will help you to check your customer’s authenticity with all the essential information. This process also eliminates fraud. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  3. 3. Member Plan- This is feature is especially useful for admin. Now Admin can assign number of member IDs to their down line. This will help to create an effective and efficient working down line. Also it improves the working and hence, customer gets genuine AEPS services. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  4. 4. Manage Service- By using this feature, admin can offer all desired service into down line. Under this feature, admin offer services as per the requirement of down line. If any member doesn’t want any of the service than admin can provides that particular service to the down line. For instance, if any member wants only multi recharge, BBPS and pan card then admin can only active these service. In this case, members will enable to use another service which is not activated by admin. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  5. 5. Employment Management- This is another important feature for admin. By using this feature, admin can assign work and active feature for employees. Now employee will see only active features to work which is assigned by admin. This ensures effective working as a AEPS portal service provider. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  6. 6. Multiple Banks- AEPS service provider can use different banks i.e. FINO bank, YES bank and ICICI bank to provide AEPS service. In case a bank is not responding, retailer can switch go any of the two banks in order to complete the transaction? +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  7. 7. Earn best Commission - On each and every successful transaction, an AEPS service provider will earn a particular amount of commission. This is the best opportunity to start a business and earn high commission. There is low investment along with zero technical knowledge. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  8. 8. Fastest Portal- Ezulix provides advanced AEPS portal which is faster and reliable. Our updated AEPS Portal is loaded with a lot of new features to provide seamless service to the customers. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  9. 9. Easy navigation- Easy navigation facility is also available by using hard coding. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  10. 10. Create unlimited members- You can create unlimited members all over India and can earn more commission. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  11. 11. Real time settlement- You will get the real-time settlement through Xpress payout and AEPS payout services. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  12. 12. Lifetime free technical support- We provide you lifetime free technical support. Our support team is always available to serve their customer. You can contact us regarding any query related to AEPS. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  13. 13. Instant complain resolve- We Instantly resolve customers complain through Ticket method. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  14. 14. Latest Technology- It is fully customized panel based on the latest technology. Our professional team of experts knows which technology is to be used on which software. +91-7230086664 | www.ezulix.com
  15. 15. These are all the Hi-Tech Features which make us best AEPS service provider company in India. If you want to start your own AEPS business in India, Please visit our blog or apply for a free live demo. www.ezulix.com +91 72300-86664