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Building the Future of E-commerce: 'E-commerce Distribution'

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How will you continue to reach customers?

We work with the leading brands to unite their products with influential online stores. This new paradigm in online sales is called ‘e-commerce distribution’.

Our network of stores influences hundreds of millions of customers on a daily basis. These stores establish a targeted customer base and are desperately looking for more quality products to offer their audience. We unite brands with this network of established online retailers and watch the synergies grow both businesses.

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Building the Future of E-commerce: 'E-commerce Distribution'

  1. 1. How will you continue to reach customers?
  2. 2. Traditional distribution sales channels are valuable because they connect products with stores that have established customer bases But there are long payment terms and a declining number of stores Distributor Brick & Mortar Established Customers Sales Channel - Brick & Mortar Your Brand Products
  3. 3. Online Marketplace Millions of Potential CustomersYour Brand Products Online marketplaces like Amazon are valuable because they allow you to reach millions of potential customers with a single listing Controlling your brand and product listings can become burdensome Sales Channel - Online Marketplace
  4. 4. Brand Webstore CustomersYour Brand Products Selling direct through your website usually means higher margins and more control over the end-to-end experience Driving traffic to your website through advertising can be expensive and challenging to manage Sales Channel - Website B2C
  5. 5. Today, there are millions of influential online stores selling product to their loyal and established customer bases Finding, connecting and managing relationships with these online retailers is difficult and time-consuming Sales Channel - Online Retailers
  6. 6. CEO, Juiceboxx “Managing order information across many different e-commerce sites is time consuming and not scalable for us
  7. 7. Upload your product listings to F13 Works Influential online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store Take advantage of the online retailer’s loyal customer base & marketing efforts New Sales Channel - eCommerce Distribution
  8. 8. Loyal, established customer bases Single product listing to reach millions of customers High margins, control of brand & product details Brick & Mortar Online Marketplaces Your Brand Store F13 Works + Online Retailers F13 - Your New Sales Channel
  9. 9. COO, Current Apparel Customer Our goal was to double sales in 2016 and after 6 months of using F13 Works we had increased sales by 2.5x“
  10. 10. Your Revenue Mix With F13 Works Brick & Mortar Online Marketplaces Your Brand Website F13 + Online Retailers 20172016 2018 2019 Revenue
  11. 11. We’re building the future of eCommerce and we’d love for you to join us
  12. 12. Michael Sentz 415.851.0845 Michael@F13Works.com