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  1. 1. Page 1 of 2 REF. NO: 07/PBSSB/TMB/LOI DATE :20th October 2016 To. THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE THAI GOVERNMENT Att:To MR. APISAK TANTIVORAWONG Minister of Finance LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) I Sir Dr. Ir Feroz Bin Musa Malaysian passport. : A325895236 under signed, as President of Pengiran Budi Service Sdn. Bhd.(Reg. No.1041626) address at P.O Box 115, No. 15, Tingkat Atas, PerindustrianPerdana, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA, hereby confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility and under penalty of perjury that we are ready, willing and able to enter into a contract for the take over of TMB Bank Public Company Limited Thailand. Also, hereby we introduce our exclusive representative as specified below for this take over TMB Thailand by which any negotiations by the Minister Of Finance must be handled and finalized; Bank to be takeover as underlined below:- Bank Name : TMB Bank Public Company Limited Location : 2nd Floor 3000 PhahonyothinRoad ,ChomPhonChatuchak Bangkok 10900 Our Company Information:- 1. Company Name: Budi Service Sdn. Bhd.(Reg. No.1041626) 2. Company Origin: Malaysia 3. Company Address:P.O Box 115, No. 15, Tingkat Atas, PerindustrianPerdana, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Seremban, Negeri. Sembilan, Our Representative for Above Take Over Bank: 1. Company Name : AEC World Trade Center Holding Co.,Ltd. 2. Company Address : 214 Rattitee Road, Vachirapayapal Dusit. Bangkok, Thailand 3. Bank Name : TMB BANK PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED 4. Bank Address : 2nd Floor 3000 Phahonyothin Road ,Chom Phon Chatuchak Bangkok 10900 5. Account Number : 631074689 6. Bank Officer : Ms. WililuckPrommani 7. Bank Officer Tel. : +662 574 0203-5 Mobile +668 4166 5465 8. Bank E-mail : tmbbank.com , wililuck.pro@tmbbank.com 9. Directors in Charge : Mrs. Somthawin Klinasakko and Mr. Feroz Bin Musa , MsWandeeMadueasuan 10.Country of Origin : Thailand 11. Company Telephone : +(662) 584 5610 12. Company Fax : +(662) 584 5611
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 Our objectives for Take Over TMB as underlined below :- 1. Funding Thai government Project and GLC. 2. Funding Private Project. 3. Investment in Thailand. Our Company In Thailand : 1. Company Name :PANGIRAN BUDI SERVICE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.. 2. Directors : Mr. Feroz Bin Musa , Ms Wandee Madueasuan 3. Country of Origin : Thailand 4. Company Address : 52/143 Soi Ramintra 34 Tharang, Bangkhen Bangkok. Thailand.10230 5. Company Telephone : +(668) 96 616 5351 6. Fax : +(662) 362 4854 7. Email : chairman@pangiranbudiservice.info, m.wandee@pangiranbudiservice.info We understand that any and all offer and/or contracts are subject to successful “Take Over Bank” party verification of funds availability. We hereby will give our written permission for the to conduct a soft probe of our account and “Proof of Funds” upon receiving the official reply from The Ministry of Finance. Thank you, Signature Sincerely, ……………………………………………… Name : Sir Dr IrFeroz Bin Musa Malaysian passport. : A325895236 Nationality: Malaysian