Baseball,[object Object],1st strike,,[object Object],2ndstrike,,[object Object],3rd strike,,[object Object],And you’re out!,[object Object]
Introduction ,[object Object],Baseball is one of world’s most popular sports.,[object Object],Teams throughout the world play it.,[object Object],Our  talk, I hope, will teach you more about the wonderful sport, teams, and players.,[object Object],HERE WE GO!  ,[object Object]
The Basic Rules,[object Object],There are nine innings per game in baseball (extra innings are played if the game is tied).,[object Object],During each innings each team gets a turn at bat.,[object Object],During each turn at bat the team keeps batting until 3 outs are made.,[object Object],3 strikes and the batter is out.,[object Object],4 balls and the batter walks to first base.,[object Object],If the ball is caught the batter is out. ,[object Object],If the batter successfully hits the ball and reaches a base it is called a hit.  All runners on base can advance.,[object Object],If the runner is tagged with the ball while running the bases he/she is out. ,[object Object],A run is scored for each player who safely crosses home plate. ,[object Object],The team that score the most runs wins!,[object Object]
The Baseball Field,[object Object],Center Field,[object Object],Left Field,[object Object],Right field,[object Object],Second Base,[object Object],Short stop,[object Object],First,[object Object],base,[object Object],Third,[object Object],base,[object Object],Pitcher’s mound,[object Object],Infield,[object Object],Foul,[object Object],territory,[object Object],Home plate,[object Object]
The Strike Zone,[object Object],A strike is called if the Umpire judges that the ball passes through an imaginary box above the home plate.,[object Object],A strike is also called when the batter swings and misses the ball, regardless of the location of the pitch.,[object Object]
History of Baseball,[object Object],Who invented baseball?,[object Object],Baseball is suspected to come from the same origins as softball, cricket, and rounders.,[object Object],Alexander Cartwright published the first rules of the sport in 1845. ,[object Object],Famous players from the past,[object Object],Babe Ruth-A big hitter who won the Yankees a World Series.,[object Object],Jackie Robinson-The first black player ever to play Major league baseball. He played for the Dodgers and proved that race does not matter.,[object Object]
Babe Performs his Magic,[object Object]
MLB-MajorLeague Baseball,[object Object],The MLB is the most advanced baseball league in the United States(and Canada).,[object Object],Players that are not American are able to play in the MLB. (E.g. Johan Santana) ,[object Object],The league is divided in two- The American league and the National league.  They play by slightly different rules.,[object Object],The teams play in their own league most of the time but sometimes they play teams in the other league.  ,[object Object]
W     M      E,[object Object],WINNERS ,[object Object],WINNERS,[object Object],WINNERS,[object Object]
The MLB Process ,[object Object],MLB Champions,[object Object],National,[object Object],League,[object Object],Champions,[object Object],American League ,[object Object],Champions,[object Object],WORLD SERIES,[object Object],National,[object Object],League,[object Object],Finals,[object Object],American,[object Object],League,[object Object],Finals,[object Object],PLAY OFFS,[object Object]
International Baseball,[object Object],In international baseball countries play against each other.,[object Object],Since 1998 playersfrom minor leagues were allowed to play in these events.,[object Object],In 2006 Major League players were allowed to play in the international events and it started to be called The Baseball World Cup.,[object Object],There have been 38 of these events from the first one in 1938 to the last one in 2009 which USA won.,[object Object],This table shows how many times each team has won it. ,[object Object]
The Caribbean Series  ,[object Object],The Caribbean series is an international baseball tournament played by countries in the Caribbean.,[object Object],This is a table shows who has won it lately. ,[object Object]
SOME BIG HIT TEAMS,[object Object],The Los Angeles Dodgers,[object Object],The Boston Red Sox,[object Object],The New York Yankees,[object Object],The Philadelphia Phillies ,[object Object]
The Ancient Rivals,[object Object],The New York Yankees,[object Object],The Boston Red Sox,[object Object],VS,[object Object]
BIG Pitchers ,[object Object],Johan Santana,[object Object],Jake Peavy,[object Object],Team: New York Mets,[object Object],Old Team: Minnesota Twins,[object Object],Position: Pitcher,[object Object],Team: San Diego Padres,[object Object],Position: Pitcher,[object Object]
Santana VS Red Sox,[object Object]
BIG HITTERS,[object Object],David Ortiz ,[object Object],Manny Ramirez,[object Object],Team: Boston Red Sox,[object Object],Old Team: Minnesota Twins,[object Object],Position: 1st Base ,[object Object],Nickname: Big Papi,[object Object],Team: LA Dodgers,[object Object],Old Team: Boston Red Sox,[object Object],Position: Out field,[object Object],Nickname:--------- ,[object Object]
Manny Hits a Grand Slam,[object Object]
The End,[object Object],Thank you for coming,[object Object],I hope you like baseball more now,[object Object],By Sebastian R and Casey R,[object Object]
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