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Fab mob prez#3_va

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Fab mob prez#3_va

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Fab mob prez#3_va

  1. 1. Innovative Open Ecosystems NOVEMBRE 2017
  2. 2. Description1 02 An open environment innovation that develop collaboration between stakeholders in order to produce and manage useful and mutualised resources. It’s also a space for shared actions, feedbacks and lessons learned experimentation and consensus. By rethinking mutualized R&D process and strategic convergence, it encourages modern Open innovation. In general specialized by business sectors, open ecosystems are also connected to each others. → users/consumers/citizens → people/companies → public/private → partners/competitors DIFFERENT STAKEHOLDERS → referentiel → standards → software, hardware → data MUTUALISED AND OPEN RESOURCES → charts → Open licences → contributive deal → partnerships INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE AND OPERATIONAL RULES
  3. 3. Why joining FabMob ecosystem ?2 03 → Improve value, competitivity & attractivity of the ecosystem → Develop public- private relations → Accelerate innovation AS PART OF A GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM development & connexion → Involve and align all stakeholders of the value chain → Mutualized costs and developments → Support new technologies implementation AS AN ECONOMIC ACTOR innovation & productivity → Leverage its digital transformation using ecosystem mutation → Empower its skills → Increase its productivity, attract consumers AS AN ORGANISATION Simplify & accelerate its digital transformation
  4. 4. Principles of an efficient ecosystem build on trust 3 04 → An Action Tank supporting short iteration cycles with experimentations. Users are involved at each steps of the process in an holistic approach based on horizontal connexions. → Inclusive and transparent relationships with consensus on objectives and governance. All informations, success and failures, are shared without barriers. → Decentralisation to improve horizontal connexion with a network architecture. Associated with a better resources allocation and skills aknowledge, decentralization improves agility and empowerement for all. With a validated process and strong juridical background, open source models are the heart of this collaborative dynamic : • Open source (software and hardware), • Open data • Open content Bringing a non-proprietary principle, they accelerate shared and open resources production by taking out these assets from competition.
  5. 5. Open Innovative ecosystems4 05 More and more open ecosystems are developing in many industrial sectors. The most famous are : Calypso Network Association, Eclipse Foundation, HyperLedger, Linux Foundation, Open Lab, Open Law, Open Automotive Alliance, Openstack, OW2, Polarsys, Tizen. More recently, Baidu launches Apollo.auto in the field of autonomous vehicle with an open source full stack approach. Different by their nature, their organization modes, these ecosystems are transforming their innovation process while creating openness. In 2017, Baidu and Tecent initiated alliances to accelerate the growth of the autonomous vehicle market by structuring in an ecosystem that shares information, software, hardware and data. → Initiated by Baidu, the Open Source program Apollo. auto already brings together 53 companies, including Microsoft, Ford, Bosch. → Tencent announced the creation of a new alliance, which among its founders Audi, BAIC Sebastian Thrun (creator of the Google car).
  6. 6. Open Innovative ecosystems4 06 Eclipse Foundation (Applications métiers) Fabrique des mobilités (Mobilités) Genivi (Infodivertissement automobile) HyperLedger (Blockchain) The Linux Foundation Open Lab Open Law (Droit) Open Automotive Alliance (Mobilités) Openstack (Cloud) OW2 Polarsys Tizen Apollo.auto Alliance Tencent
  7. 7. Open Innovative ecosystems4 07 → Openstack : 649 → Eclipse : 271 → HyperLedger : 131 → Calypso Network Association : 60 → Apollo.auto (créé en 2017) : 53 PROJECTS FUNDED BY MANY ACTORS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE → The Open Stack Summit brings together more than 5,000 visitors, 1,000 companies, from more than 60 countries → Calypso Network Association coordinates 31 working groups and participates in about thirty events a year. → OW2 is involved in more than 20 annual events and organizes its own convention. → Open Lab coordinates 20 working groups and is at the heart of the Summit International Movin'on, awarded by Michelin for 20 years. COMMUNITIES OF INTERNATIONAL CONTRIBUTORS → 68 837 individual contributors → 649 organizations support the project → + 180 countries represented → Annual growth rate : + 30 % → Projected budget in 2020 : $5 billion OPEN STACK, THE # 1 CLOUD SOLUTION IN THE MARKETS → + 340 individual contributors and 440 people registered on Slack → 69 partners legal persons → A very heterogeneous community, combining public and private sector → 270 referenced "commons" FABMOB, A GROWING ECOSYSTEM FOR MOBILITY TRANSFORMATIONS Between 2016 and 2017, the number of Open Stack deployments increased by 44%. IBM has made the choice to be deeply involved in the HyperLedger ecosystem to develop and promote its blockchain technology by having it adopted by a large community. In order to make the Law market more accessible, Open Law has enabled the creation of a database of data open data drive algorithms, open and ethical. The Libre Office software, supported by The Document Foundation, is available in 171 languages and accumulates nearly 130 million downloads. AN EVER-INCREASING IMPACT Founded 13 years ago, the Eclipse Foundation continues to attract businesses : 36 new members joined the project between 2016 and 2017. In 2002, OW2 won 2 projects funded by the European Union. RESILIENT ECOSYSTEMS
  8. 8. CONTACT info@lafabriquedesmobilites.fr This document is reusable under the terms of licence CC By-SA 4.0 You have to quote: “FabMob, Inno3 - Innovative Open Ecosystems”