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Genivi paris open source summit 2016 intro

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présentation de GENIVI

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Genivi paris open source summit 2016 intro

  1. 1. A l ti C t d C D l tAccelerating Connected Car Development 17 November, 2016 Philippe Robin Program Manager GENIVI Alliance GENIVI is a registered trademark of the GENIVI Alliance in the USA and other countries. Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016. Program Manager, GENIVI Alliance
  2. 2. ContentContent • About GENIVIAbout GENIVI • Beyond IVI: Essentials for the Connected Car Wh GENIVI?• Why GENIVI? 2Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016, |
  3. 3. About GENIVI 3
  4. 4. Our MissionOur Mission To provide standards and open sourceTo provide standards and open source software that accelerate innovationsoftware that accelerate innovation allowing the vehicle and its occupants to fully participate in the highly connected worldconnected world 4Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016, |
  5. 5. An Open, Connected Car CommunityAn Open, Connected Car Community Operating SystemAutomakers d S li • Nonprofit industry alliance • More than 140 members from Vendors and Integration Providers and Suppliers across global automotive ecosystem • Delivering open software for Providers Start-ups and Academia • Delivering open software for the connected car to reduce costs and accelerate i tiHardware and Independent Software Vendors and Academia innovation • 25+ products deployed on five continents Hardware and Silicon Suppliers Vendors and Specialty Softwarefive continents 5 Providers Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016,|
  6. 6. OEMs GENIVI Alliance Membership First Tiers OSV, Middleware, Hardware, and Services Suppliers Silicon
  7. 7. Beyond IVI: Essentials for the Connected Car 7
  8. 8. Essential Tool: GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)(GDP) • Allows a GENIVI Development Platform broader base of developers to participate i Reference Architecture in open source development St d d I t fI di id l S ft Pre-integrated IVI Platform (Baselines) ools • Delivered & enhanced by GENIVI Standard Interfaces & APIs Individual Software Components To GENIVI community Specification 8Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016|
  9. 9. Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) -- A O C ti it Pl tf f thAn Open Connectivity Platform for the Transportation Industryp y Specify, standardize, and implement core connectivity protocols and services between the in-car system andPlatform remote entities. Use proven open source technologies to ensure that allOpen p p g protocols and services can be implemented securely and robustly. Open Work with existing organizations (W3C, OCF, etc.) to ensure broad adoption and acceptance, and to avoid duplication and competition. Collaborative 9 p p Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016 |
  10. 10. Consisting of Three Main FunctionsConsisting of Three Main Functions trol Data TA Cont BigD SOT B RVI 10Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016,|
  11. 11. Rapid Delivery and Adoption of RVIRapid Delivery and Adoption of RVI • Proofs of concept (code) complete for:Proofs of concept (code) complete for: – Car control from (remote) smartphone – Transferring car data to the cloud (big data uses)Transferring car data to the cloud (big data uses) – Software updates over-the-air (SOTA) • Integrated into the GENIVI Development PlatformIntegrated into the GENIVI Development Platform • Demonstrations of connecting a car and a home (with Open Connectivity Foundation)Open Connectivity Foundation) • Exploring other “smart connections” (cities, vehicles, etc.) 11Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016,|
  12. 12. Accelerating InnovationAccelerating Innovation • Start-up Associate Member ProgramStart up Associate Member Program – 14 Start-up organizations involved • Carfit examplep – Wide variety of contexts (parking, metrics, etc.) • Student Internship Programp g – In pilot with Portland State University (and hoping to expand) • Pilot programsp g – Learn by doing – Smart home demo 12Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016,|
  13. 13. Self-diagnostic & Preventive Maintenance Platform for Cars October, 2016
  14. 14. 8 Partners & Collaboration Copyright CARFIT CORPORATION. - 2016
  15. 15. know your car sales@car.fit - +1(360) 922 7388 – www.car.fit
  16. 16. Opportunity: The Highly Connected CityOpportunity: The Highly Connected City 13Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016 , 2016 |
  17. 17. Wh GENIVI?Why GENIVI? A global collaborative community of more than 140 automakers andg y their suppliers with the shared goal of providing open technology for the connected vehicle Equipping developers with the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) to deliver open software and expand connected car capabilities with RVI An organization accelerating innovation within the automotive ecosystem through start-ups, academia and pilots to rapidly deliver the features consumers want in vehicles 14Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016 |
  18. 18. How to Get InvolvedHow to Get Involved • Technical: – Engage in GENIVI’s Open Software Projects & Dialogs (mailto: genivi-projects@lists.genivi.org) – Learn about GENIVI Development Platform (https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/3JWw , look at 15th AMM hands on Session_ introduction.pdf ) – Download and experiment with GENIVI Development Platform (https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/aoCw )p p ( p p j g g ) – Send future connected car use cases to GENIVI for consideration (mailto: genivi-projects@lists.genivi.org) • Business:Business: – Encourage start-ups and others to expand our innovation network (http://www.genivi.org/start-associate- member-sam-program) – Establish productive partnerships with GENIVI and its members Join and/or encourage others to join the GENIVI community (http://www genivi org/join)– Join and/or encourage others to join the GENIVI community (http://www.genivi.org/join) We can learn a lot from each other! 15Copyright © GENIVI Alliance 2016 | November 2016|
  19. 19. Thank you! Visit GENIVI at http://www.genivi.org or https://github.com/GENIVI Contact us: scrumb@genivi.org (Steve Crumb, Executive Director)