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Uber Mobility Summit - Dec 2016


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Uber Mobility Summit - Dec 2016

  1. 1. Urban Mobility Summit 2 December 2016
  2. 2. Welcome from Uber Pierre-Dmitri Gore-Coty
  3. 3. The story of POOL Cory Kendrick
  4. 4. The Night Tube + Uber Santosh Rao Danda
  5. 5. The Night Tube • A new weekend late-night service on the London Underground • Started on August 19, 2016 • Along two popular tube lines -- Central and Victoria
  6. 6. Extending the Night Tube Decreased Pickups Increased Pickups
  7. 7. Isolating the ‘Night Tube’ effect During weekday late nights when the Night Tube was not operational Uber pickups at Night Tube stations remained flat During weekend late nights when the Night Tube was operational Uber pickups at Night Tube stations soared
  8. 8. The Night Tube + Uber • Start of the service gave us a unique opportunity to study how Uber helps public transport users • Provided Londoners with a safe and reliable late night option • Excited to be part of this new late night option • As more lines open in the coming months, we will be keeping an eye on how we can this option can cover almost all of the city
  9. 9. Transit Partnerships Paige Tsai
  10. 10. DALLAS, TX: DART API integration with the DART app - call a ride after buying a ticket ATLANTA, GA: MARTA Free first rides to/from MARTA stations BOSTON, MA: MBTA PARATRANSIT $13 subsidy from the MBTA for eligible paratransit riders US Transit Agency Partnerships We have learnings from partnerships across the country and now know what works for improving first mile / last mile logistics SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALTRAIN Partnership promoting uberPOOL to/from Caltrain during Super Bowl 50 MINNEAPOLIS, MN: METRO TRANSIT City-sponsored free rides when needed most CENTRAL FL: CITY PLANNING 5 Cities subsidizing 20%- 25% off of rides. TAMPA BAY, FL: PINELLAS SUNCOAST TRANSIT $3 subsidies for Uber rides during outages, discounts all trips for low-income riders. LOS ANGELES, CA: METRO Exclusive partnership promoting uberPOOL to/from new stations SAN DIEGO, CA: MTS $5 off all uberPOOL trips to/from stations
  11. 11. Subsidizing trips to transit stations Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (Pinellas Park, FL) “Once we make it easy for someone to get to the bus stop, riding the bus becomes a real transportation alternative” – Brad Miller, CEO for the PSTA. Partnership details: ● PSTA will pay half the cost of any trip costing up to $6 to and from designated transit stops
  12. 12. Providing an alternative to building a parking lot City of Summit, New Jersey Partnership details ● During commuting hours, residents enrolled in the existing parking program, can ride Uber to a NJ Transit hub for FREE! ○ Residents who aren’t enrolled, are charged a flat $2. "As an alternative transportation option, ridesharing is not new. But our program is the first of its kind in the United States to use ridesharing technology as a parking solution. Our innovation has the potential to shape how municipalities think about and implement parking options in the future.” - Summit Mayor Nora Radest
  13. 13. On-demand transportation for paratransit users Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Partnership details: ● Rider covers first $2 of each trip; MBTA covers up to an additional $13 of each fare “Partnering with Uber is an excellent opportunity to bring cutting edge services to our customers. Uber’s customized app and willingness to provide smartphones to those who would otherwise be without access demonstrates the power of their platform. We are excited to partner with such an innovative company.” -MBTA General Manager Brian Shortsleeve
  14. 14. Encouraging car-free city living San Francisco, California Partnership details ● New residents are eligible for a $100 monthly stipend toward multimodal transportation, including Uber and public transit. ● uberPOOL fares to and from nearby public transit stations are capped at $5. “I am excited to see Uber enter into this creative partnership to enhance urban mobility, recognizing their role in completing first and last mile trips while allowing transit to focus on what they do best. It is great to see business and public interests aligning so that city dwellers can truly take advantage of a suite of mobility services, weaning people off of personal cars, and allowing cities to rethink parking needs.” –Dan Sperling, Founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis
  15. 15. Uber’s First Park(ing) Day Less Parking, More City
  16. 16. Uber’s approach to safety Guy Levin
  17. 17. Safety is built into every trip We are committed to the safety of everyone using Uber. Our technology ensures safety for riders and drivers before, during, and after every ride in ways that were not possible before smartphones and the Internet.
  18. 18. Safety is built into every trip
  19. 19. Safety is built into every trip
  20. 20. Safety is built into every trip
  21. 21. More Options. Shifting Mindsets. Driving Better Choices:Helping to make roads safer - for everyone
  22. 22. Smooth Driving Stats Daily report to drivers about how their driving patterns compare to city averages with tips on how to provide a smoother, safer ride
  23. 23. Phone Movement Reminders in the driver app after the trip encouraging them to mount their phone on their dashboard ● Reminders show up only if we detect they were holding their phone while driving. ● 5% reduction in phone movement in 20 cities where this was tested.
  24. 24. Speeding Alert Pilot Speed display in the app that shows when drivers are driving excessively fast—particularly on highways.
  25. 25. Recharge Reminder Reminders to drivers that’s important to recharge and rest. ● Pilot launching in 20 cities in US, Asia and Europe.
  26. 26. The future of urban mobility Paige Tsai
  27. 27. Private car ownership has a public cost
  28. 28. In Delhi 2.2M children have irreversible lung damage because of poor air quality
  29. 29. Cars are responsible for 20% of the carbon emissions that are destroying our planet
  30. 30. The rise of ride sharing
  31. 31. 10% of millennial Uber riders in U.S. say they have either given up a car or not bought one
  32. 32. Today ride-hailing accounts for 4% of all miles driven globally. By 2030 it will be 25%
  33. 33. If every ride was a shared ride we’d only need 10% of cars today
  34. 34. Self driving
  35. 35. Last year in the U.S., 38K+ people died and 4.4M were seriously injured due to motorized transport
  36. 36. Thank you Proprietary and confidential © 2016 Uber Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval systems, without permission in writing from Uber. This document is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and contains information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. All recipients of this document are notified that the information contained herein includes proprietary and confidential information of Uber, and recipient may not make use of, disseminate, or in any way disclose this document or any of the enclosed information to any person other than employees of addressee to the extent necessary for consultations with authorized personnel of Uber.