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4 Steps to Business Success on Facebook

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Learn the 4 steps to business success on Facebook: Build, Connect, Engage, Influence.

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4 Steps to Business Success on Facebook

  1. 1. Facebook’s Steps to Business Success Build your Facebook Page Create a Page to build lasting relationships with your existing customers and to promote your business. Pages allow you to: Express your identity with features like cover photos and your business’s key milestones To build your Page, simply: Visit www.facebook.com/ads/page to create your Page Get your vanity URL at www.facebook.com/username and promote it on all your marketing material Click here for more information on Pages: ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Pages_Overview.pdf Connect with new fans with multiple well-targeted Facebook Ads Facebook Ads allow you to: To crea www.facebook.com/ads/create www.facebook.com/ads/manage Engage your fans with quality content Develop a posting strategy to engage with your fans on an ongoing basis and increase your posts’ visibility. Your posting strategy allows you to: To develop your posting strategy, simply: Create a conversational calendar to help plan the timing and themes of your posts (we suggest 2–3 posts per week) most important stories to the top of your Page for up to 7 days www.facebook.com/ads/manage/adscreator Influence the friends of fans by promoting social activity from your Page Promoting your Page’s social activity allows you to: To promote social activity from your Page, simply: www.facebook.com/ads/manage/adscreator when people Like a post on your Page 100 fans so you have enough reach for your campaign www.facebook.com/ads/manage