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1 References will be furnished upon request
Objective June 2005 – Dec 2009
Sales and MarketingManager – Talent Modeling
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Fahed Kanaan - Cv

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Fahed Kanaan - Cv

  1. 1. 1 References will be furnished upon request Objective June 2005 – Dec 2009 Sales and MarketingManager – Talent Modeling Agency Amman, Jordan Main Duties and Responsibilities  Manage the marketing budgets to raise the companyprofile and achieve sales objectives.  Oversee media relations and implement PR campaigns to achieve media coverage for companyclients  Identify and secure new clients,and client manage relationships.  Recruitmentresponsibilities included hiring staff, models and ushers for various events and campaigns.  Events planning and managementfor several companies and clients. Sep 2003 – Sep 2005 Sales and MarketingManager – Arab Asia Paper Converting Amman, Jordan Main Duties and Responsibilities  Securing contracts with distribution companies, freelancers and shops.  Setting up the distribution channels, commission schemes,rules of engagement, and security, as well as the increasing the profiling the distributors through marketing efforts.  Provide training to distributors on products,pricing schemes and sales tools. I would like to use my skills and experience as a marketing and communications professional, managing multiple projects in a fast paced environment,to supporta demanding marketing team in its objectives.As a Creative thinker with a strong work ethic, I believe I can assist in the broader business to drive sales, using a combination of the above, as well as above and below the line communication elements. Employment History November 2015 – till now Senior executive communications – Finance House P.J.S.G UAE, Abu Dhabi Main Duties and Responsibilities  Plan and execute the promotional & marketing campaigns  Develop communication plans  Creation of marketing & collaterals  Ensuring the maintenance ofthe FH brand look via implementation of brand guidelines  Value House deals & benefits planning and execution  Internal & external communication planning and execution  Managing in coordination and supervision over corporate events  Assistthe Group Communications Manager in routine duties  Planning,supervising and implementation ofcampaigns Feb 2014 – October 2015 Senior marketingexecutive– Arab Creations Media & Events UAE, Dubai Main Duties and Responsibilities  Oversee the execution of integrated marketing programs across multiple channels for a sub-setof our core offerings (Operations Excellence and Performance Services)  Supportthe execution of our firm’s Public Relations and Analyst Relations programs  Manage and facilitate collateral developmentto assistwith go-to- marketcampaigns from conceptthrough execution  Promote brand awareness through social media initiatives  Manage promotion ofcorporate brand nationallyand within our marketWork closelywith the line and relevant business developers to supportmarketing campaigns – lead and manage campaign throughoutsales cycle  Develop new and existing client communication programs – including newsletters,brochures,sales collateral,presentations – to enhance touch points with clients throughoutthe clientlifecycle Support BD and Alliance campaign logistics and execution. Jan 2009 – Dec 2013 Marketing& Communications senior officer – Wi-tribe Amman, Jordan Main Duties and Responsibilities  Maintain the corporate communication strategy,and increase awareness ofits brand & services.  Work in liaison with other departments to plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales.  Build and maintain strong relationships with the media and other stakeholders to optimise the companyprofile.  Brief and work with designers to produce visually-imp active materials, within brand guidelines. Skills Language Skills:  Arabic, Fluent (mother tongue).  English, Excellent Competences:  Advertising | Media (Planning & Buying) | Branding & Communication | Developing Marketing Materials & Collaterals| Marketing Management| Client Servicing | Planning Computer Skills:  Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Power Point and Microsoft Project. Education Petra University – B.A. Marketing Fahed Kanaan Marketing & Communications Professional United Arab Emirates - Dubai Phone: +971 55 404 1222 fahed.kanaan@hotmail.com Nationality:Jordanian