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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Fakhar Mustafa Mobile: +92-300-7330879 Email: maher_fakhar@yahoo.com Career Summary Total Work Experience: 5 Years. Availability : In 30 Days. Key Skills : Goodcommunicationskills,Confident, Flexible,MultitaskingAbility,QuickLearner. Career Objective To join a reputedorganization on a suitable positionwhere my knowledge andexperience couldbe fullyutilized, good team playerwith willingnesstolearn and grow. Professional Experience Organization: IbraheemAnd Company. Designation: SalesOperation Manager. Workingduration: from June 2013 to Present Responsibilities: Finical Accounting,HR, Logistic and Response to Stakeholder  Payments and verification, checking of all types of claims received from the distributors and from various parts of the country.  To MaintainAccountsPayable andreceivable.  To Maintainparty Ledgeron dailybases.  To Maintainall Typesof voucher“CPV,SV,PV,SRV,PPA,PRV”ETC...  Write and designall typesof company’scircularsonneedbasis.  To update and informcompetitors’activityreports.  Responsible for the company’s correspondence with sales / distributors etc. The correspondence should be clear andreadable; alsothe Reply.  Analyze, read, understand and inform all regarding market feedback received from the field staff from time to time.  All correspondencesrelatedtobusinesswillbe managedintime.  Target and itsachievedbyareas/territory’s/regions  Prepare salesstatistical reports/brandcomparedwithtarget/previousyear.  Preparingthe presentationforthe territories/zones/national formonthlymeetings.  To Maintainand PreparedEmployeeDatai.e.Attendance,Salaries,andAlsoMonthlyExpanse.  To MaintainDispatches,logisticandsupplychain.
  2. 2. Organization: Al-MuraadEnterprises Designation: OperationManager. Workingduration: Jan 2010 – June 2013 Responsibilities: HandlingFinancial Accounting.  To MaintainAccountPayable andReceivable onpartyLedger.  Data collectionandcompiling.  To findoutthe anydiscrepancyrelatedwithdocumentsandInvoices.  To analyze policydeviationandreportingthe same tothe management.  Preparationof Auditreportandpresentationof thistomanagement.  Verifyingof invoicesandclearingemployeesbills  To MaintainSupplyChain andLogistic.  To MaintainAccountPayable andReceivable onpartyLedger. Academic Activity M.B.A (Finance): NUML (ISD) 2009-2011 B.Com: B.Z.U (Multan) 2005-2007 D.I.T: Govt. Collage Multan 2004-2005 Intermediate: B.I.S.E (Multan) 2002-2004 I.T Credential ProficientinOperating System:(95/98/XP/2000/2003/2007/2008) ProficientinMS office (MS Excel,MS Word,MS PowerPoint,Outlook Express) Industrial Training To know about the working capital of organization and their management Organization: Artistic milliners(Fabrics Company),“Karachi” Duration: 4 month Personal Details Date of Birth: 15th August 1982 Father’sname: GhulamMustafa C.I.N.C: 36302-4618528-3 Material Status: Single Nationality: Pakistani Base Town: Multan Language: Urdu,English,Punjabi.