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What's Next for Social Media

  1. What’s Next for Social Media? @FalconIO
  2. Your Presenter. Dino Kuckovic Director of Community & Events @FalconIO #FalconEd #growwithsocial @dinokuckovic MIA. CPH.
  3. #Falconeers 1. Webinar PM & co-host 2. Event management 3. DACH regional specialist I’m Hiring. Community Marketing Coordinator - Berlin
  4. Welcome & intro The current situation Moving into 2022 Audience Q&A Today’s Agenda.
  5. SETTING THE SCENE What’s next (right now)?
  6. Social media is no longer just a trend.
  7. What it all means for brands. Marketers on the digital frontlines. Source: Statista 3.6B of global population use social media 2.4 hrs average time spent on social media in USA 1.4 hrs average time spent on social media in Germany
  8. Happening now. What are we (supposed to be) working on? • The return of traditional channels • Ad spending across new platforms • A refocus from short-term reaction to long-term planning • Holistic measurement and agile planning are key @FalconIO #FalconEd #growwithsocial
  9. MOVEMENTS What could social media look like in 2022 and beyond?
  10. Decentralized Platforms The name of the game. • Skepticism in era of mass centralization • In need of more democracy on user level • Back to the roots? Freer space 1 Source: Apple
  11. Investing in Brands & In fl uencers Monetize in fl uence on social media. • Brand equity no longer a foreign concept • Average folks with equity investment • Fans invest in what/whom they believe in @trinidad1967 eye cream show & tell on TikTok Why it worked? Raw, authentic, trusted, brand relevant, advocate, in fl uence. The best micro in fl uencer campaign that could have happened to (brand) Peter Thomas Roth. 2
  12. Cast your vote on-screen. Q: What do you think about these first two movements?
  13. YouTube Most Popular Downloads don't tell the full story. • Attention spans not impacted by quality • Lengthier product reviews • Educate and inform • Connect with the consumer • Repurpose 3 81% of US & German population say they use YouTube @FalconIO #FalconEd #growwithsocial Sources: Statista July 2021 & AppAnnie
  14. FB & IG Still Important Sales through social media. • Social as a sales channel • Inspiration from reviews & social proof • Simpli fi ed shopping experience 43M number of Facebook users in Germany 26M number of Instagram users in Germany Source: Statista July 2021 CLUSE video response in Facebook DMs Why it worked? Personalized, quick win, special occasion, good replacement for in-person shopping experience. 4
  15. Pinterest Still Here Don’t underestimate its power. • 14.1 million people use Pinterest • Generate tra ffi c, leads & revenue • Set it up as a search engine 5 Source; Statista July 2021
  16. Professional LinkedIn Target building professionals. • Algorithm on our side: • LinkedIn groups • LinkedIn video • LinkedIn UGC 6 2021 Trends Virtual Summit Why it worked? RSVPs show up in-feed pushing this event to a larger audience pool.
  17. Undercover Boomer A generation ignored by marketers booms on social. • Older audiences getting involved • Generational crossover and interaction 7 Source: Poundland Facebook Why it worked? Casual UGC call to action which was reciprocated with proud picture sharing in-thread.
  18. Nostalgia Marketing Remember the good old times when…? • Getting (or getting back) the audience’s attention • Features always work • Digital promotions are cheaper 8 Source: Pizza Hut & Burger King
  19. Cast your vote on-screen. Q: Which of these eight movements will dominate the scene?
  20. 1. Adopt a data driven approach to decisioning 2. Identify drivers and barriers to commercial success from marketing activities 3. Set targets for commercial success and simulate how you can achieve those targets 4. Plan for the future and make changes to your media budget allocation 5. Execute revised marketing plans do try this at home Key Takeaways.
  21. @FalconIO #FalconEd #growwithsocial
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