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157050592089 falgunshah

  1. 1. PMT MACHINE LIMITED BUILD TO LAST “A Study on Awareness and Lead Generation” For “PMT Machines Limited” UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Faculty Guide Company Guide Dr. Kerav Pandya Mr. Umesh Trivedi Professor at CKSVIM Marketing Manager Submitted by (FALGUN SHAH) Enrolment No.:157050592089
  2. 2. Over view Company Introduction Objective & Research methodology Problem statement Data analysis Findings & Conclusion Practical learning & Benefits to Company
  3. 3. Company Introduction PMT machines falls in machining tools industry, which was established in 1961 as Traub India a subsidiary of Traub Germany . In 2007, PMT acquired Elb India at Halol to manufacture high precision Surface Grinding Machines in India. The company now is in the business of providing complete solution to its customers machining challenges rather than just stand-alone machine tool.
  4. 4. PR0DUCTS Automats CNC Turning CNC Internal Grinding CNC Cylindrical Grinding  CNC Surface Grinding Machines and  Special purpose machines in Turning and Grinding In Halol they manufacture only Surface grinding machine. Other than this all are manufactured in Pune.
  5. 5. Objective & Research Methodology To create more awareness amongst different GIDC’S of Vadodara and to generate leads by approaching companies who are in the machining tools industries as well as getting feedback from existing customers. Descriptive research design Personal Interviewing Method Non probability Convenience Sampling Method Sample size is 75
  6. 6. Problem Statement: MANAGEMENT PROBLEM: How to boost up the brand awareness and increase the new leads.  MARKETING RESEACH PROBLEM: To determine the awareness level and future growth of PMT Machines Ltd.
  7. 7. Data Analysis and Interpretation Awareness:
  8. 8. Familiarity
  9. 9. Companies interested in machines are:
  10. 10. Important Factors:
  11. 11. Interested in buying and in what duration
  12. 12. Factor Analysis Total Variance Explained: Component Initial Eigenvalues Extraction Sums of Squared Loadings Rotation Sums of Squared Loadings Total % of Variance Cumulative % Total % of Variance Cumulative % Total % of Variance Cumulative % 1 2.981 29.808 29.808 2.981 29.808 29.808 2.854 28.536 28.536 2 1.545 15.446 45.254 1.545 15.446 45.254 1.511 15.112 43.648 3 1.225 12.247 57.501 1.225 12.247 57.501 1.258 12.576 56.225 4 1.052 10.523 68.024 1.052 10.523 68.024 1.180 11.800 68.024 5 .917 9.170 77.194 6 .742 7.425 84.619 7 .618 6.179 90.798 8 .375 3.747 94.545 9 .304 3.038 97.584 10 .242 2.416 100.000 Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis.
  13. 13. Factor Analysis Further table shows the extraction sum of square loadings for the scale for measuring the percentage of awareness and lead generated for PMT machine.  Careful look at table shows that 68.024% variance is uniformly distributed across all components range from 29.808% - 10.523% And KMO test is near to 70%
  14. 14. Grouping of Key Statements Based on Factor Loadings Statement 1 2 3 4 After Sales Service 0.844 Price 0.835 Availability 0.792 Resale Value 0.766 Life time of Machine 0.397 Quality 0.691 Efficiency 0.395 Level of Customization 0.74 Response time 0.689 Overall Customer service level 0.791
  15. 15. Naming of the factors: Service and Price Product Time and Physical Relationship
  16. 16. Findings 66% of the machining tools companies are aware about the PMT machine. 57% us the CNC machine on regular basis. 68% and 45% are interested in buying Turning machine and Automate lathe respectively. From this survey it has been found the characteristics which are extremely important for the companies are follow: •After sales service •Quality •Price •Efficiency
  17. 17. Conclusion: I would like conclude that there is still lack of awareness about PMT machine Many companies have mindset that PMT is only manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. There is absence of trust in existing customers mind which results in negative word of mouth. And consequences of it, conversion ratio of prospect to customer is low
  18. 18. Practical learning & Benefits to Company  Learned how to make effective questionnaire How to get genuine feedback from the existing customer And how to interact with new prospects in B2B market PMT machines got leads on which they can work on and awareness has increased in GIDC’s of Vadodara As well as valuable feedbacks from the existing customer.