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Social Media Analytics

A how-to guide to analytics for social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, for more effective community management. Use of these free analytics will provide insights about the preference of our audience with regards to content, and help determine the factors that are influencing it.

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Social Media Analytics

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics Analyzing Tools Across Social Media
  2. 2. Facebook
  3. 3. Page Insights • Facebook Page Analytics provide comprehensive insights: • A page admin can find out and use the following: – Break up of page fans’ demographics & location – Break up of our reach in terms of demographics & location – Our total reach, unique users & their frequency (Organic & Viral)* – People talking about our page (on our page, or in their own posts) – Page views, unique visitors, external referrers *Organic: Posts seen by page fans Viral: When friends/followers of page subscriber see posts.
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Useful Insights • Various tools available to provide account insights • SocialBro, a chrome app on Chrome Web Store, is easy-to-use, useful tool • Provides insights and statistics on: – Time zones of our community – What topics followers & friends are talking about – Best time to tweet to reach maximum audience • Tells us changes overtime in: – Friends and followers – Influence – Audience – Activity
  6. 6. Pinterest
  7. 7. Analyzing Pins • Pinreach is a useful tool for Pinterest insights • Sign in with company twitter account to find out: – Popular pins and boards – Number of followers, likes for each pin board – Most popular pins – Most influential followers • Also identifies – ‘trending’ pins – users with highest reach – Pins repinned by these, can get pins a very large audience
  8. 8. Quora
  9. 9. Quora • A continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. • Your topic discussion page has the potential to become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about company/product/service. • Delivers answers and content from people who have first-hand knowledge -- like real doctors, economists, technology experts, brand managers. • Users have been on the rise. Dominated by technology influencers. • By answering to questions accurately, create authority in community. • No company accounts allowed. Recommended for senior management.
  10. 10. Appendix Screenshots from Analytics
  11. 11. People Who Like Page: Demographics, Location
  12. 12. Reach Organic: Posts by page seen by page fans Viral: When someone interacts with your Page and that interaction is published in their feed and ultimately their friends/followers seeing it. Chart shows no. of people seeing page content 1, 2 or more times.
  13. 13. People Are Talking About Talking about this: Total number of unique people who created a story of any kind about your page or on your page.
  14. 14. SocialBro: Signing Up
  15. 15. Followers’ Interests • Topics our followers are talking about: • Bigger font signifies frequency
  16. 16. Our Community
  17. 17. Pin History • Each pins popularity based on number of times repinned:
  18. 18. Quora Snapshots