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Digitalization at Fingrid - CEO Jukka Ruusunen 13.09.2016 (id 15768)

In 2008, Fingrid launched a project, the aim of which was to build a new information system that supported asset and operation management and was based on product-based solutions. This new data system that supports asset and operation management goes by the name of ELVIS (an acronym for ELectricity Verkko Information System).

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Digitalization at Fingrid - CEO Jukka Ruusunen 13.09.2016 (id 15768)

  1. 1. Digitalization at Fingrid Jukka Ruusunen President and CEO
  2. 2. About us Our vision is to be a forerunner in the transmission system operation business. Reliable and responsible Unbiased service both for our customers and the whole of society Open Dynamic and effective Courageous
  3. 3. Numbers 75% of our customers recommend our way of working to others
  4. 4. Megatrends Globalization Climate change Energy security and dependency on reliable electricity Digitalization Responsibility
  5. 5. Changing electricity landscape source: flex project
  6. 6. Consumer at the centre! Access to competitive electricity markets Quick and simple switch of supplier Access to information on consumption and costs Incentives to become active energy players Local energy generation as an option Technology that supports consumer activities"I want to make decisions concerning pricing, services, quality of delivery,..."
  7. 7. Role of digitalization Improve productivity Improve reliabilty Enhance relationships with customers and service providers Facilitate more efficient markets
  8. 8. Better system efficiency and reliability Efficient real- time electricity market Improved productivity Combine technology and information into new innovative services Enhanced relationship with customers and service providers
  9. 9. Digitalization cases at Fingrid Predictive maintenance through IoT and analytics Transparent market information for new services with Open Data Real-time visualizations for situational picture
  10. 10. From our vision 2020 "We are a forerunner in utilizing digitalization in transmission business. We have improved our customer service and efficiency by using new digital solutions. We have managed to defend succesfully against cyber threats, but they are still a big headache for us."
  11. 11. Our strategic agenda Full scale utilization of digitalization Responding to the revolution of the Nordic electricity system Improvement of the reliability of cross- border connections Implementation of European network rules Renewal of corporate culture Digitalization of businesses Development of smart grids to support retail markets and security of supply Keep lights on and markets running. Carry out investments safely and efficiently
  12. 12. Building the future together Ecosystem of established and new players New business models Best partners and technologies Seamless interfaces Effective and agile ways of working together
  13. 13. Fingrid Oyj Läkkisepäntie 21 FI-00620 Helsinki P.O.Box 530 FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 30 395 5000 Fax. +358 30 395 5196 Thank you!