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Finpro Growth MarketProgram Latin America
Myths and Facts about Latin America                                                                                 Only t...
Target countries – Basic economic informationPopulation*           Million             GDP (PPP)*            USD          ...
Finnish Business in Latin America 2011             •   Economical growth considerably higher than in the USA or EU.       ...
Target Countries - Free Trade Countries                    Where Doing Business is Easy                                   ...
Target Countries - Fast Risings StarsFast developing and industrializing countries.                                       ...
Target Countries –                Large Protected Internal Markets                                                        ...
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Finpro Growth Market Program Latin America

Presentation material from Finpro Growth Market seminar in Helsinki October 23 2012.

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Finpro Growth Market Program Latin America

  1. 1. Finpro Growth MarketProgram Latin America
  2. 2. Myths and Facts about Latin America Only two main languages, Spanish Difficult to find In Mexico and Portuguese, a partner… English widely Finnish companies have a used as a business 1,100 Billion€ language turnover Networking… ASIA is the 6th (Mexico)I don’t have time center and 11th for that. of the global (Brazil) business economies in now. the world Today the In Brazil Finnish reality is companies different for have a 3 billion Too difficult market € turnover and the Finnish 20000 - too much bureaucracy.. companies employees Chilean import from Finland 220 M€ Mañana … Poor countries Culturethings will be never done. similar to Europe24.10.2012 © Finpro 2
  3. 3. Target countries – Basic economic informationPopulation* Million GDP (PPP)* USD GDP /inhabitant* USD / inhabitants personBrazil 205 Brazil 2.282 bilj. Argentina 17,400Mexico 112 Mexico 1.657 bilj. Chile 16,100Colombia 45 Argentina 709 miljardia Uruguay 15,400Argentina 42 Colombia 470 miljardia Mexico 15,100Peru 29 Peru 299 miljardia Brazil 11,600Chile 17 Chile 281 miljardia Colombia 10,100Uruguay 3 Uruguay 52 miljardia Peru 10,000 GDP growth* % in 2011 Inflation 2011* % Ease of doing Ranking business** Argentina 8,0 Argentina 22 (2010) Chile 39 / 183 Chile 6,5 Uruguay 7,8 Peru 41 / 183 Peru 6,2 Brazil 6,5 Colombia 42 / 183 Uruguay 6,0 Colombia 3,7 Mexico 53 / 183 Colombia 5,7 Mexico 3,5 Uruguay 90 / 183 Mexico 3,5 Chile 3,3 Argentina 113 / 183 Brazil 2,7 Peru 3,0 Brazil 126 / 183 © Finpro 3Source: *CIA World Factbook** World Bank Doing Business survey 2011
  4. 4. Finnish Business in Latin America 2011 • Economical growth considerably higher than in the USA or EU. • Very important market of Finnish technology for Forest Industry, Mining, Telecom and Energy sectors. • Market Potential for competitive niche suppliers of almost any sector and any size • Over 100 subsidiaries of Finnish companies established in LA, employing approximately 30 000 persons and invoicing more than 5 Billion EUR per year • Some 500 Finnish companies are exporting to LA countries • Improving but partly still challenging business environment • Mexico and Chile have Free Trade Agreements with the EU (no import Duties). Colombia and Peru already finalized negotiations. Central America is negotiating.24.10.2012 © Finpro 4
  5. 5. Target Countries - Free Trade Countries Where Doing Business is Easy Mexico and Chile are strong industrialized export economies open to trade THE BAHAMAS MEXICO DOMINICAN CUBA REPUBLIC HAITI PUERTO MEXICO BELIZE JAMAICA RICO MARTINIQUE HONDURAS ST. LUCIA • Little known market in Finland; world´s 11th largest GRENADA GUATEMALA NICARAGUA economy (PPP) TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOCHILE EL SALVADOR PANAMA • 15th largest exporting nation (11 FTAs that cover in VENEZUELA GUYANA•Open and liberal trade policy with COSTA RICA FRENCH GUIANA total 43 countries)59 foreign trade agreements e.g. COLOMBIA • FDI in 2011 was 19,4 Billion USD (2nd in Latin America)European Union. • 112 million consumers, 60% form part of the growing middle SURINAME•Politically and economically stable ECUADOR and upper class with significant purchasing power,democratic country with very low attractive luxury items marketcorruption index. PERU • Mexico has a growing offshore sector and Pemex,•Member of the OECD since 2010 BRAZIL state-owned oil & gas company, is investing $ 30 billion / yr• FDI 2010: 15 billion USD. • The automotive industry is ranked 9th worldwide by volume,•Traditionally good market for BOLIVIA and 6th by value.Finnish mining and forest • Mexico is currently the 2nd largest supplier of electronicstechnology companies. PARAGUAY to the US•Domestic and foreign companiesinvest 50 billion USD in the Chilean • Mexico is also investing in infrastructure building, renewable CHILEmining industry during the next 4-5 energies and environmental solutionsyears ARGENTINA • Mexico is currently worlds ninth largest mining country and•Chile is investing 8 billion USD in Mexican mining companies have invested also in other URUGUAYpublic infrastructure in 2011-2014: countries.ports , metro etc. • The following sectors are of particular interest to Finnish•Hospital and health care sector companies: energy and environment, offshore, mining andinvestments are 1,3 billion USD in metallurgy, water, waste management, infrastructure, forest2011-2014. and paper industry, ICT, education, wellbeing and FALKLAND ISLANDS•Energy and environmental healthcare, pharmaceutical industry.technologies and solutions are ofhigh importance. 24.10.2012 © Finpro 5
  6. 6. Target Countries - Fast Risings StarsFast developing and industrializing countries. COLOMBIALarge investments in infrastructure, road networks, harbors and airports • Colombia is one of the rising stars in Latin America. GDP growth in 2011 was 6% and FDI was 13 Billion USD. THE BAHAMAS • FTA with European Union signed in 2011 MEXICO CUBA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC • Infrastructure projects will total 14 Billion in HAITI PUERTO 2014-2016 related to airports, ports and BELIZE JAMAICA RICO MARTINIQUEPERU HONDURAS ST. LUCIA roads. GRENADA• FTA with European Union signed in 2011 GUATEMALA NICARAGUA • Most important sectors are oil & gas, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO• Peru has been one of the fastest EL SALVADOR PANAMA infrastructure, ICT, healthcare, education, VENEZUELA GUYANA growing economies in the world COSTA RICA FRENCH GUIANA forestry, environment. in 2002-2011. FDI rose to 10 Billion USD in 2011. COLOMBIA • World’s 5th largest exporter of coal• Peru has major infrastructure projects SURINAME • Ecopetrol invests 80 Billion USD in 2012- ECUADOR related to road, airports, water and ports. 2020 in the oil & gas sector.• Most important sectors are mining, • Colombia is promoting itself as top destination PERU infrastructure, environment, offshore, for healthcare tourism. education, forestry. BRAZIL • Forestry sector is developing rapidly and•5 th country world-wide in mining exploration there are aggressive incentives for the sector. investments. Total mining investment portfolio is BOLIVIA • Highly developed sugar cane & palm oil 51 Billion USD in the next few years. production• Peru offers attractive opportunities in water PARAGUAY • Fast developing IT hardware and services treatment, waste handling and energy efficiency. sector CHILE• 6 Billion USD investment in petrochemical sector development ARGENTINA URUGUAY• Rising culinary market: Lima promotes to be world URUGUAY • A dynamic and open economy, attracting large foreign gastronomy capital for 2021 investment in forest and agricultural sector. Domestic• 1st producer of fish oil and fishmeal investment and foreign direct investment (FDI), increased• Highly developed textile sector significantly in recent years: 2,5 billion USD in 2011. • Investments in infrastructure expenditures in railways, ports, energy and telecommunications FALKLAND ISLANDS 24.10.2012 © Finpro •Other areas of opportunities are tourism, education 6 and mining
  7. 7. Target Countries – Large Protected Internal Markets BRAZIL THEARGENTINA BAHAMAS • World’s 6th largest economy. MEXICO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Growth of 3,5 % per year. Economy•Economy has been growing at a 6- CUBA HAITI PUERTO is based on strong internal demand, BELIZE JAMAICA RICO MARTINIQUE8% with domestic market HONDURAS ST. LUCIA exports of commodities anddevelopment and income GUATEMALA NICARAGUA GRENADA massive 900 billion USD investment TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOredistribution. EL SALVADOR PANAMA boom 2011-2014 in industry, VENEZUELA GUYANA• Agricultural sector is the most COSTA RICA FRENCH GUIANA infrastructure and civil construction.dominant, local metal mechanic COLOMBIA • Major opportunities for Finnishand automobile industry are strong ECUADOR SURINAME technology exports to mining, pulp,•Argentine mining sector has been forest, energy, bioeconomy anddeveloping strongly in last years . PERU ICT.By 2011 the investment in mining BRAZIL • New major opportunities inwas about 25 billion dollars. infrastructure investments of 210 BI•Opportunities can be found except BOLIVIA USD in 2011-2014 for electricalin mining, also in transport, and energy generation and distribution ,public utilities sectors, PARAGUAY sanitation, ports and airports.environmental management, CHILE • One of most challenging businessconstruction and building materials environment in LA countries ARGENTINAand high-tech machinery. specially in tax and labor laws•Forest sector resources are URUGUAYmature. There is strong interest inindustry development.•Well trained work force in the ICTsector and a developed consumer FALKLAND ISLANDSmarket for health care24.10.2012 © Finpro 7