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Public Relation

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Public relation

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Public Relation

  1. 1. Public Relation Public Relation Falguni Singh MMS-II (46) Advertising and Promotion.
  2. 2. Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion
  3. 3. Public Relation What is PR ? A basic definition of public relations is to shape and maintain the image of a company, organization or individual in the eyes of the client's various “publics”. Or PR, is the art and science of making people, governments and organizations look good . ???? ???
  4. 4. Public Relation Responsibilities of PR PR professionals work behind the scenes -- sending press releases, courting journalists, researching public opinion -- to position their clients as positive role models, ethical businessmen, concerned public officials, or at the very least, not criminals. .
  5. 5. Public Relation Importance of PR •Community Relations •Employee Relations •Product Public Relations •Financial Relations. •Political and Government Relations. •Crisis Communications. . hmmm
  6. 6. Public Relation Tools useful for PR •Press Kits •Audio/video Releases •Media Tour •Newsletters •Functions/events. •Employee interactions on a regular basis •CSR .
  7. 7. Public Relation . Advantages •It is highly targeted way of reaching the desired audience. •It breaks through advertising clutter. •More cost effective than advertising
  8. 8. Public Relation . Advantages •Very effective in product launch •It helps in image building. Disadvantage •No control over media
  9. 9. Public Relation . Difference between PR and Advertising •Advertisers strive to sell a product or service, and public relations focuses on shaping an image. • Company pays for Ad and it knows when and where it will be aired or published. PR’s job is to get free publicity for company. Oh!
  10. 10. Public Relation . Difference between PR and Advertising •Advertisement can be played as per your budget (because you pay for your space)in case of PR you can submit press release only once. •If a company sponsors an event it can not spread a news about it this is where your PR dept steps in Oh! Okay!
  11. 11. Thank You