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All about elephants and cedar lake woods

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All about Elephants is an Elephant Retirement Home in the North Central part of Florida! See an Itinerary at www.dayawaytravelclub.com

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All about elephants and cedar lake woods

  1. 1. All about Elephants and Cedar Lake Woods
  2. 2. Elephant Riding at Two Tails Ranch
  3. 3. All about Elephants at Two Tails Ranch
  4. 4. Elephant Feeding (They don’t really like peanuts unless mixed with Marshmellows)
  5. 5. Elephant and Elephant Skull!
  6. 6. Williston
  7. 7. Lunch at the Ivy House!
  8. 8. Cedar Lake Woods This is an off the beaten track oasis of a garden setting. It has well maintained higher and lower level short trails and it is privately owned. It also used for special parties and functions. The location is just next door to Devil’s Den which is known for it’s wonderful diving in the fresh water springs. Devil’s Den also has rental cabins and a RV campground. The photo shows the very relaxed lazy tour guide from Dayaway Travel Club enjoying the solitude on the property hammock.