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AR mobile app development

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Mobile app experience will change with apps upgrading to AR based apps.
For More Details: http://bit.ly/2Fk9C6i

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AR mobile app development

  1. 1. How to Develop an AR app
  2. 2. What is an AR ●Augmented Reality is the 3D view of your 2D view already existing of everything around us ●Augment itself means to enhance something and reality is everything around us ●So AR is the enhancement of the existing reality
  3. 3. Examples of AR apps ●Ikea App Ikea App an iOS app development lets you place furniture and other home design accessories through your handset to choose the right furniture for your house.
  4. 4. ●IBM App This application lets you have all the information for the product in the shop and bring the item to life by having all the information on your mobile app
  5. 5. Check list for developing an AR app AR can be used for a wide range of activities from a simple drawing view in school to a surgical operation in the hospital Before learning the tools for AR mobile app development put some efforts in the researching the following
  6. 6. 1. Is AR app idea is of any good to the users? 2. Is your project solving any problems small or big? 3. What kind of user interface are you thinking to have? 4. Will your idea reflect clear and do justice to the mobile screen size? 5. Will there be any revenue generated by the development of growing the app into business?
  7. 7. Tools for Development There are plenty of AR software development kits its the choice of the ios or android app developer to choose the tool fulfilling its requirements for the app development Some of them can be listed as:
  8. 8. Easy AR ●Easy AR is free and compatible with all platform tool which can support the following features for your AR app ●3D object recognition ●Environment Perception ●Cloud-based recognition ●Smart glass solutions
  9. 9. Wikitude This tool is suitable if you are planning on building an app that can read labels and improve the information perceiving experience for users. It includes ●3D Tracking ●Cloud recognition for data ●Geodata positioning ●Advanced camera feature
  10. 10. List of other Tools for reference ●AR toolkit ●Unity ●Unreal Engine (for games) ●Xzimg ●Maxst ●Kudan ●Vuforia( to mix AR and VR)
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