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Intandem app -

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linguistic tandem is learning language in informal way.
Download the app for Android and iPhone.
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Intandem app -

  1. 1. Tandem Language Learning A linguistic tandem is learning language in the informal way WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  3. 3. He loves to meet new people so he decides to look for a linguistic tandem using inTandem Mario is an Italian student who wants to learn Japanese… How inTandem works WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  4. 4. He is studying at the university and can go out and meet people only in the evening How inTandem works WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  5. 5. He loves to talk about cooking… …and always posts photos of his recipes on his Facebook and Instagram page How inTandem works WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  6. 6. inTandem is able to look at Mario’s profiles on Social Networks and retrieve all information… …and listen to other users’ profiles to find interesting activities and events they are talking about in his area! How inTandem works WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  7. 7. With inTandem Mario can find the best linguistic tandem matching his skills, interests and calendar… Without spending a minute writing boring descriptions, searching people with the same interests or arranging meetings! How inTandem works WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  8. 8. 1 Let inTandem find a partner who speaks a language you want to learn, then meet, speak and have fun together WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  9. 9. InTandem is under construction WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM We call for your help to make the App growing by getting your functionality into it
  10. 10. Take a flyer and get inTandem from the stores WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  11. 11. Scan the QR code using the built in scanner WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  12. 12. …unlock your free Premium app! Fill in the form or register logging to Facebook… WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  13. 13. Set the trend with us! Keep inTandem on your devices Answer our surveys See the app growing Get your functionality into it The first fully flagged version will be available by the end of 2015 WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM
  14. 14. Who is behind inTandem WWW.INTANDEMAPP.COM Secure trusted cloud Supported by Andrea Pozzetti Lorenzo Onofrio Marco Balduini Christian Marazzi Emanuele Della Valle