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Enhance Your Color Palette: More About Natural and Artificial Food Colors

Read on to learn more about this diverse and colorful palette of natural and artificial food colors and what types of foods are enhanced by these food colors!

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Enhance Your Color Palette: More About Natural and Artificial Food Colors

  1. 1. CARAMEL COLOR ∙ Carbonated beverages ∙ Sauces FD&C BLUE NO. 1 ∙ Beverages ∙ Frozen dairy desserts ∙ Frostings and icings FD&C BLUE NO. 2 ∙ Ice cream ∙ Yogurt ∙ Cereals palette! Enhance your COLOR Food colors, both natural and artificial, help to maintain or improve appearance of many foods and beverages that our families have enjoyed for generations. Food colors are safe and continued to be studied and regulated to ensure their safety. Correct for color loss Correct natural variations in color Enhance existing natural colors in food Provide color to colorless and “fun” foods WHATTHEYDO? WHATDOESFD&CMEAN? FD&C GREEN NO. 3 ∙ Sherbet ∙ Drink mixers ∙ Baked goods SPIRULINA ∙ Baked goods ∙ Beverages FD&C YELLOW NO. 5 ∙ Confections ∙ Cereals ∙ Condiments FD&C YELLOW NO. 6 ∙ Baked goods ∙ Crackers ∙ Sauces ANNATTO EXTRACT ∙ Cheese ORANGE B ∙ Hot dogs ∙ Sausage casings FD&C RED NO. 40 ∙ Cereals ∙ Beverages ∙ Confections BETA-CAROTENE ∙ Yogurt COCHINEAL EXTRACT OR CARMINE ∙ Yogurt ∙ Cereals FD&C stands for the FDA’s Food, Drug & Cosmetic approved food colors For more information on food colors, visit www.foodinsight.org References: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Overview of Food Ingredients, Additives and Colors BLUE BLUE GREENGREEN ORANGE ORANGE REDRED YELLOWYELLOW BROWN BROWN FROZEN DAIRY DESSERTS BAKED GOODS BEVERAGE BEVERAGE BEVERAGE MUFFIN BAKED GOODS ICE CREAM CEREAL CEREAL CEREAL Belowareafewexamplesofcommonfoodcolorsusedinsomefoodsandbeverages YOGURT YOGURT SODA SAUCE SAUCE ICING HOT DOGS CHEESE