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Grocery Delivery For Older Americans

Older consumers who shop for groceries online are far more inclined to read food labels than other people their age, but paradoxically it’s much more difficult for them to find that information on the Internet than shopping in person.

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Grocery Delivery For Older Americans

  1. 1. In-Person Shopping Types Of Traditional Stores 90% 71% 46% Supermarket Super-Store Warehouse/discount club GROCERY DELIVERY FOR OLDER AMERICANS Top 5 Online Purchases 89% 88% 86% 82% 79% Cleaning products Household paper products Canned foods Packaged pantry items Bottled water @Foodinsight / @FACTSfollowers@foodinsight Foodinsight.org 16% Order for delivery 17% Order prepared meal delivery service 10% Order meal-kit delivery service 17% Order groceries for store pickup Online Food Delivery 50+ years www www www International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation study in collaboration with AARP Foundation www.foodinsight.org/older-online-shoppers $$ www Online In-person 18% 51% 15% 50% 15% 48% $$ General 50+ seeking food labels 50+ online shoppers seeking food labels 74% 59% More find it difficult to access this information online Looking At Labels % Reporting Difficulty Finding Nutrition facts Ingredients lists Calorie and other nutrition information $ $ 35,000 Of those earning less than 30% Two groups stand out: Shoppers with higher income Shoppers with mobility issues 1 2 The Typical Online Shopper An older adult online grocery shopper is likely in their 50s, from the Northeast, college-educated, working full-time and white. $ 75,000+ 7% have mobility issues have mobility issues Of those earning Google Express Restaurants Others 58% 24% 18% 17% Schwann’s Freshly 63% 10% 42% 37% 12%16% Blue ApronAmazon Fresh Peapod Fresh Direct Hello Fresh Top Online Food Delivery Companies www www or less Meal-kit delivery Grocery delivery Prepared meal delivery Motivators VS. Barriers Consumers 65+ are more likely to report barriers High delivery/service fees 89% Purchasing items in bad condition 88% Desire to see/touch groceries in person 88% Difficult to return a product 88% Receiving wrong or incomplete orders 84% 82% They don’t have to travel to the store 78% Place order when they have time 73% Access to wide variety of products 73% Can take time to shop 72% No physical burden/not carrying groceries Use a delivery service less than once a month Frequency of Online Purchases 55% 41% 40% 34% Those ordering less than once a month include 60% Delivery Prepared meal delivery service Meal-kit delivery service Pick up in-person